Duty and Humanity Achievement

  • Duty and Humanity



    Deliver some medicine to a man in need.

    Refer to Weapon Crazy.

  • As I remember this one could be missable. If you played it you know what I mean . Allthrough there is another person who will need medicine. It depends on one of the boss fights
  • I thought he died so I never went back for him.
  • It's been awhile but I think it was necessary to give the medicine to someone to continue the story. Then again, it was years ago and I can't really remember.
  • This achievement is technically missable. Near the end playing as Claire before her and Steve board the plane you will acquire serum. Take the serum back to the very start of the game in the prison cell's and give the wounded guard the serum. He give's you a lockpick in exchange for your lighter. Once Claire's sequence is over and you start your game as Chris from the first few corner's you'll see a pair of locked up Uzi's in a mechanism in the wall. Exit out and fight the Rock Worm and it will spit out the wounded prisoner guard and before he die's he will mention your sister.(Claire) And give you her lighter. Take the lighter back to the Uzi's and use the lighter to ignite the mechanism and bam! Dual 100% Uzi's are your's!
  • It's not serum. The name's actually medicine. And yes, is missable.
  • they're talking about saving the guy at the beginning; give Rodrigo the hemostatic medicene and in return you recieve an item and an alternate cutscene at the beginning of chris before the giant fight
  • @#5 God man I am so totally sorry for calling tha medicine serum. Haha it's such a big deal glad you chimed in to correct me haha.
  • this is easy when you now what to do ;)
  • @5 TWAT!!!
  • #9 who still says twat anymore good god ur like my father hes stuck in the 80s and 90s i dont want another father figure:(

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