Battle Master Achievement

  • Battle Master



    Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.

    Get an A ranking with both Claires, Steve, Chris and Wesker in the Battle Game to unlock the Linear Launcher.

    To unlock Alt. Claire, beat Battle Mode once as Claire.

    To unlock Steve, obtain the Gold Luger Replica as Chris.

    To unlock Wesker, beat Battle Mode as Chris.

  • this will be a hard one to get, you had to A rank the battle mode with everyone to get it in the PS2 one to get it and wesker only had a knife if i remember right!
  • Good, at least one of these achievements will be a challenge. Easy 1000s don't really do it for me.
  • Oohh, i remember this. I guess it may not be the easiest 1000. Word what RE4 has for us :D
  • Whats Battle Game??
  • Battle game is kinda like Extreme Battle from RE2, but different, it is unlocked when you beat the game. (Unless it will be unlocked from the start or the other way around in this version.) The way how Battle Mode works is to kill all enemies and you'll fight a boss whithin a specific character, and you have to beat it as quickly as you can.
  • CV does have the most powerful knife in the series though. I remember only using the knife in RE1/RE2/RE3 for like the first 10 zombies then boxing it for the rest of the game. You can carry it around for this one up until the harder enemies start making regular appearances.
  • i can't remember exactly where but im sure you pick up a magnum in weskers battle somewhere
  • wesker can pick up a magnum in the room with slot machines (can't remember when this room is accessible, somewhere nearing the end and I think it has no enemies in it) this will be valuable in the fight against Alexia cause I'm not even sure if you can knife the bitch when she insta-kills in close quarters. fuck I look like?
  • God the hunters always fucking screwed me in this in the original game :P
  • this will not be an easy achievement... but doable. did it for my dreamcast version
  • hay guys is A rank 5 mins and under? I forget it been a few year since i've played
  • The time is different for each character. For the two different variations of Clair, it's around 7 or 6 minutes. For Wesker, it's around 20 minutes because all he has for a weapon is a knife. Near the end of Weskers play, you will have an option between going through a brown door (near a vending machine)or a metal door (to your immediate right) go through the metal door and you will enter into a casino. Use the slot machine and pray that it gives you a magnum. If not, well... Veronica has an insta kill if she grabs you and the chances that she grabs you are pretty high if you only have a knife. For those of you wondering how to unlock Steve in battle mode: The easiest way (In my opinion) is to grab the Golden Luger in the military facility basement on the island when you are playing as
  • Chris. The Golden Luger is located inside a cabinet in the basement safe room. (The one that had the cut scene of two giant spiders coming out of the vents in the hallway right outside of it) The puzzle is simple. The correct drawer sequence is red, green, blue, and whatever the bottom one is again. You MUST place the luger in the Item Box and leave it there! Otherwise you did it for nothing because if it's not in the item box when you have beaten the game you don't get Steve as a playable character in battle mode, which you will need for this achievement.
  • There actually may be no time limit for Weskers play through. I'm not 100% sure, I completed his play through in the 18 - 25 minute range various times. Now that I think of it, i've never gotten less than an A with him. It's very possible that all you need to do to get an A grade with Wesker, is survive... Anyone know?
  • Just got the achievement, here are the Rank A Time Requirements: Clair - 6:10 Clair (Shorts) - 8:00 Chris - 6:30 Steve - 10:00 Wesker - 60:00 - I finished with a 30min so I think there might be no time limit for Wesker actually.
  • what weapons would be best for each one?
  • how do you get different characters i just unlocked battle mode and only have claire chris and steve
  • playing with Wesker in the magnum place i got only a diary. i have to do something special for get the magnum? :/
  • I'm stuck on this one, any tips for chirs's only one I haven't got since the last battle with Veronica is a [email protected]%^!
  • I think I just encountered a benificial glitch, I got an A rank with both Claires, Chris, and just now Steve, but the weird part I didn't yet complete it yet with Wesker, but when I got the A rank with Steve it said I got the linear launcher and the achievment.
  • scratch that last one I ran through it with Wesker last night and appearently I complete it with Wesker, my completion time was 18'25'45
  • is this one hard or?
  • is there a strategy for the hunters they are the only things that kill me
  • i made it to alexia in DANGER with the .357 last week died
  • I really with people were more articulate on here and learned how to spell it's Claire not "Clair" get it right and another thing quit griping about easy achievements if you don't like it don't play the game it's that simple jeez people
  • Wish not with my apologies for the autocorrect mistake
  • for the hunters, use the knife and aim down at their feet. I beat it with Wesker but I can't A rank everyone else D: I only had a B with Steve...does the ranking depend on how hurt to get or really on the time? *me thoughts towards the game* "You've really become quite an inconvenience for me."*wesker voice* x D
  • u can only use the Linear Launcher in battle game!

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