From The Young Lady Achievement

  • From The Young Lady



    Receive encouragement from a young lady.

    After you gain control of Steve Burnside, backtrack to Claire for this achievement. It unlocks when Steve goes back through the door. This one is missable.

  • I will get this just for this achievement. I have a long term, unhealthy obsession with Claire. To the point I had my wife put her hair in a ponytail with sideburns, lol.
  • "To the point I had my wife put her hair in a ponytail with sideburns, lol" lmfao
  • PMSL
  • I have beat the game from the beginning to the end, but this achievement do not pop up. Anyone knows why.
  • When playing as Steve in the Military Training Facility, go back to the door which you entered in the first room, Claire will encourage you and the achievement pop up.
  • @5 how did you play this game for the 360 when it dont come out till 9/27
  • @7 if he has a japanese console or is from japan or a jtag console then he culd very easily of played weeks ago as it came out on the 8th in japan
  • #1 do u....... fanticise about her giggity.
  • Wonder what this one requires...
  • I believe it is when you play as Steve for the first time, when he tests out his new sub machine guns, once you play as him, go back into the door you came from and Claire will motivate you to go on, I believe the achievement should unlock.
  • Well i sure wish ide read this before i played through!! Looks like another play through for me!! At least till that point anyway!
  • I happened the same thing to me -_-
  • oops i missed it

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