- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 44 (1000)
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100020-30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 6 (Five if you speed-run first playthrough).
- Missable achievements: 13 See initial playthrough section.
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes 
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None.
Special Thanks!
  • SnakeyBoy for Resident Evil font (Check him out Here)
  • Nintendo and CAPCOM for this remake in 2002.
  • Extended Play for introducing me to this game in 2002 and the series as a whole.
  • CAPCOM again for re-releasing this as a Remaster!
  • Teh_Paralyzer (New_Paralyzer)
  • Cradle2Grave37 for CQC FTW Videos.

Resident Evil is an HD Remaster of the 2002 Gamecube Remake (dubbed "REmake" by the fans) of the original game from 1996 on PS1. As the first in the series, the game introduces you to series protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, as well as other major characters including Albert Wesker and Barry Burton (who will have a starring role in the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2).

The game returns with updated character models and enhanced visual backgrounds, as well as leader boards and other bonuses not featured in the original. The pre-rendered backdrop has been thoroughly spruced up, transitioning well into the HD environment of this generation. It manages now, more than ever, to appear significantly life-like as you travel through the mansion with Chris and Jill.

The game released early in Japan (November 27th of 2014) while the worldwide release is set for January 20th, 2015. In addition, the Xbox One release was also held off until January rather than be released with the last-gen counterparts. It was possible to buy the Japanese release early. There is no region-lock, you simply needed a Japanese tag and address then use whatever credit card you wish (Visa can cause issues). Aside from a Japanese rating warning at the start, the entire game is in English with options for other languages.

Resident Evil has a total of 44 achievements, all of which can be earned offline through various playthroughs. Unlike a majority of the other installments of this franchise, Resident Evil uses the original "tank controls" (with an alternative control scheme, similar to Resident Evil 2 on N64's option) and emphasizes survival as opposed to action. There are limited ammo, health items and inventory, requiring trips to item boxes and even leaving items where they lay to pick up later (or ignore entirely). If you have played Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X HD, you should be familiar with the gameplay here.

Quick FAQ

Question 1: Does the Infinite Grenade Launcher Trick still work on the Xbox 360 and/or One release?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. This trick was patched as early as the PAL Gamecube release back in 2002 and has been removed from all subsequent releases (including the Wii version) as well as this generation's. One of the first things I tested but like many others, could not get it to work.

Question 2: Do the Infinite Rocket Launcher and Samurai Edge work on Invisible Enemy/Real Survival?

Answer: Again, an unfortunate no. These special weapons are unique to "Once Again," which allows you to choose the game modes very easy through hard instead of the questions you get the first time you play (Mountain Climbing, Hiking, etc.). Invisible Enemy and real survival are separate from Once Again, with removed auto-aim and thus the special weapons are not available. (Note: Invisible enemy has difficulty modes very easy through hard but still, not apart of the Once Again sub-menu)

Question 3: Does pausing add time to the in-game clock?

Answer: Yes it does. Anything adds time to the clock (clicking the dashboard, sitting on the typewriter save screen). If you need to take a break, head to the nearest save-room and make a save there. Mentioned later on in the guide, you can take as much time as you want after the save to plot out where you're going next then simply exit to the main menu and load up again so you won't lose any time.

Question 4: Where is Rebecca when you have to save her from the Hunter?

(Note: Only obtainable as Chris, Rebecca is not in Jill's story)

Answer: Directly above you. You'll hear this scream while in Spencer's Office (on your Return Trip to the Mansion, just before heading to the Caves). Exit the office and head to the door that originally had a weak handle (it's on the same wall, to the right of Spencer's office). Go up the stairs from here and make a right, then go all the way down the small hallway into the next U-shaped corridor. Immediately make a right and go to the door at the end of the hall here to encounter a Hunter. If you took too long (3-5 minutes), she'll be dead. This room is the Study where you obtained the Dog Whistle (and Lighter, in Jill's game) earlier in the game, if that helps.

Note: Anything dealing with Rebecca Chambers can only be obtained in Chris Redfield's story and visa versa for Barry Burton in Jill Valentine's. Therefore, just like the story achievements above, you can only obtain some of these achievements while playing as the respective character.
Playthrough Recommendation

Initial Playthrough - Normal Run, Jill Valentine:
I highly recommend starting the game as Jill. Chris's campaign is often considered harder due to the fact that he only has six Inventory slots, does not obtain the grenade launcher and has to fight Plant 42 even with V-Jolt used. In addition, he does not have the lock pick and must use Old Keys on doors Jill can otherwise unlock.

In order to start on Normal, when you select "New Game" it will ask you three questions. The answer that says "Like climbing a mountain." translates to normal, while the other two ("Like going on a hike." and "Like taking a walk.") equate to easy and very easy (a new gameplay mode exclusive to the remaster). Upon completing the game on any difficulty, the title screen will change and in order to start a new game you simply select "Once Again" which will tell you the proper names of each difficulty mode.

In Jill's game, you will be primarily focusing on learning the mansion's layout, item locations and how to solve the puzzles. You can spend as much time as you want in each area, explore and get a feel for how to best reach rooms through various pathways. Knowing the enemy locations is essential for future playthroughs, as you can better plan ahead on dealing with threats. Ammo is limited in Normal Mode, with there barely being enough to kill most of the monsters so instead you are going to want to focus on avoiding enemies. This is how you'll be playing most of the game. 

On this playthrough, you are guaranteed the following achievements through the story:
  • Grave Digger
  • Deep Sixed
  • The Key Master
  • Giant Snake Got Nothin'
  • Spider Sense
  • Where the Magic Happens
  • Alpha Team's Finest
  • Like Taking Candy from a Baby
  • Not in the Mood to Die
  • Take That, Zombies!

All of the following can also be obtained, with some being missable depending on the playthrough. For your first run, I highly recommend going for "Trust Him," "Sorry About the Wait" and "I'm a Member of S.T.A.R.S" so that your speed-run can net you the other achievement "Every Woman for Herself."
  • Get Used To It
  • First Kills Are Special
  • Not Taking Any Chances
  • Break Out the Marshmellows!
  • What a Great Guy
  • Seeing Red
  • Delaying the Inevitable
  • Not Waiting to Exhale
  • Who's the Hunter Now?
  • Trust Him
  • Sorry About the Wait
  • Every Nook and Cranny
  • I'm a Member of S.T.A.R.S
  • Ink is for Squids (not recommend for first time)

Second Playthrough - Speedrun on Normal, as Jill:
Now that you're familiar with the game, you're going to want to speed-run it. There are three achievements that require you do this being "Racing and Pacing," "Don't Stop Running" and "Starsenal." "Starsenal" cannot be unlocked this playthrough but unlocking the Infinite Rocket Launcher is a requirement for having all weapons. 

See the "Don't Stop Running" description for more info.

Third Playthrough - Hard Mode as Chris (with Infinite Rocket Launcher):
If you obtained the Rocket Launcher last playthrough, then you will be able to use it as either character in all "Once Again" difficulties (from very easy to hard). Starting up hard as Chris, you can blast any enemy once to kill it. Certain Crimsons may take two blasts simply based on if they're in the middle of a stand-up animation. I had to shoot one myself three times, getting scratched up a bit due to this. To be safe, shoot laying Crimsons while on the ground and keep a distance for further crimsons. The explosion from the rocket will NOT hurt you but unlike the rocket launcher in other RE games, there is no blast radius. It either has to hit the target directly or it won't do damage (hitting the wall next to an enemy won't damage it).

If you wish, you can avoid killing enemies however the zombie locations have changed slightly and they will be this way in real survival. In this playthrough, you will unlock all of the following through the story:
  • Not Just Any Object
  • Herbicide
  • Written Word is Dead
  • An End to a Poor Girl's Misery
  • You da Man, Chris
  • Oh, the Horror

There are a couple of missable achievements, just like the first playthrough as Jill you should go for the "best ending" where you save both Rebecca and Jill. Provided you obtained all weapons in Jill's game, including the Infinite Rocket Launcher (and by extension, the Samurai Edge) you should pop "Starsenal" this playthrough. Also, provided you beat Jill's game you will also get "We're in This Together."

You can do "Ink is For Squids" now if you desire. This will save you an additional playthrough and going through the other two modes (Real Survival and Invisible Enemy) without saving would be a pain. Since you're using the Infinite Rocket Launcher, little will cause you issues and you shouldn't die unless you get careless. 
  • Bravo, Rebecca
  • Starsenal
  • Sorry I Made You Wait
  • The Nightmare Ends
  • We're in This Together
  • Ink is For Squids

Fourth Playthrough - Real Survival, as Jill Valentine:
Having become familiar with Hard Mode, you'll be playing this again. The catch? No special weapons. They do not transfer over to this mode or Invisible Enemy. Real Survival is Hard Mode with some unique yet frustrating changes. For one, item boxes are NOT LINKED! Anything you leave in one item box will stay in just that item box, requiring you to travel back to that box for certain items. Because of this, playing as Jill is more beneficial as she has eight inventory slots rather than Chris's six. The downfall is that she can take less damage, but she also can get Barry's 44. Magnum.

See "The Survival Horror" for more info.

Fifth Playthrough - Knife-Only on Very Easy with Chris:
In going for "CQC FTW," it is highly recommend to play as Chris, due to his higher health. Some believe he is also more effective with the knife but honestly, you'll just be incorporating dodging techniques you used in your Speed Run and run passed most enemies. Because it's very easy, it takes six bites just to go from Fine to caution far less enemies, an over abundance of health items. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT EQUIP ANY SELF-DEFENSE ITEMS AS THIS VOIDS THE ACHIEVEMENT! You cannot burn zombies either or stomp on heads, though that requires knocking a zombie down in the first place which you shouldn't have to do if you just run. 

You may tackle the "Ink is for Squids" achievement as well but I recommend against it (maybe you already did it for Hard Mode) simply due to some of the boss fights (particularly Plant 42 and Tyrant). Yes, you will have to fight Plant 42 with the knife but it can be done. You also need to do the worst ending here, so you only fight Tyrant in the labs and not on the roof. I'm not sure if the Rocket Launcher (which is required to end that fight) voids the achievement but this is just to be safe. This means do not try to save Rebecca from the Hunter and don't free Jill with the M.O. discs. 

In this run through, you should also obtain "Passion for Fashion" as you will have played the game twice with both characters.

Sixth Playthrough - Invisible Enemy on Very Easy, Jill Valentine:
Invisible Enemy is exactly what the mode says - every zombie, Cerberus, Hunter even the bosses are invisible. But you'll be playing on very easy and in order to find enemies, you're going to want to look for shadows, listen for noises and the such. Plenty of health and ammo for Jill, avoid what zombies you remember being in a location and kill the ones you don't care about. 

You can also obtain "Ink is for Squids" now if you wish. However, there are sections where not knowing where the enemy is can cause you a death (particularly the fight with Lisa) and it would not be worth the hassle of going all the way through the game just to be killed by her. 

After you have done those six playthroughs (five if you do your speed-run first, maybe even four if you combine Knife-Only with one of the other modes), it's time to go after any achievements you left behind. Chances are if you played it safe and didn't want to risk frustration, you'll still need to grab "Ink is for Squids." Easiest time here would be starting up very easy with one of the characters and Infinite Rocket Launcher, but that's up to you.

Compared to the other Resident Evil titles available, this one could be easier or the most challenging due to some of the gameplay modes. I rated it a seven simply due to real survival, while you can save the difficulty can still be a pain. 

The controls may take getting used to, either playing with the original or alternative. Alternative allows quick movements in any direction and you can always be running rather than holding down a button. Unfortunately, this conflicts with the "camera angle" style of gameplay. As soon as you change a camera angle, you either keep holding the stick in the direction you were or readjust based on the angle. By example, if you're running up on a screen which suddenly changes the angle to facing the opposite direction, you now need to move your stick down to keep moving where you were.

It takes getting used to but eventually alternative could be better for newcomers and even old veterans. A doable 1000 by all means, there's challenge and it requires memorization of the game but anyone should be able to do it.

[XBA would like to thank TVthePunisher for this Roadmap]


Resident Evil Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.

    Please refer below to "Take That, Zombies!" for more information.

  • Finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.

    Please refer below to "Take That, Zombies!" for more information.

  • Finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher.

    When starting a new game, you are asked a question: "How do you like your games?" Choosing the first option "Like climbing a mountain. Fulfilling, but takes a lot of work." is actually the "Normal" game-mode. The other two questions ("Like going on a hike." and "Like taking a walk." represent easy and very easy, respectively). Upon completion of the game once, the title screen will change to reveal a Green Eye and in place of "New Game" is "Once Again." All difficulty modes will have their proper names at this point.

    Normal difficulty adds more zombies to the mix, a few more Cerberus and Hunters and all the enemies take more damage to kill. Chris or Jill can take less damage now, on Normal one bite from a zombie will send you into "Yellow Caution." Health is represented by the heart-rate machine in the inventory screen. Green or "Fine" is max health, "Caution" with a yellow tint is around 70%, "Caution" with an orange tint is less than 50% and "Danger" is less than 30%. As you take more damage, your character will begin to limp though unlike older RE's they will not drag their feet. Around Orange Caution is when they will start holding their side. Remember, about 3-4 bites from a zombie is all that's recommended before you definitely need to heal. Always check your health after an attack, some won't do much damage (like certain Hunter swipes and Cerberus bites) while others might put you straight down to danger.

    Health items, defensive items and ammunition are also more scarce. Unlike later Resident Evil titles, enemies will not drop health or ammunition upon death. It's all found around the Mansion and surrounding locations. In normal mode, there's just enough to likely kill most enemies in the game though it's recommended to save your ammo and use it sparingly. The more shotgun ammo you have by the end of the game the better, by example. 

    Combat, if you choose to engage (almost all situations outside of a few boss fights can be evaded), should be utilizing weak points on the enemies. For zombies, this is their heads and legs. With the shotgun, aiming up and firing at the right time could blow off their head in one shot. Other times it might not, and this usually occurs when you already dispatched an enemy with a decap earlier in the same area. If you kill a zombie and a pool of blood forms around them, they can return as a Crimson Head later (the only zombies incapable of this are found in the Umbrella Labs, the naked ones). Crimson Heads are faster, more dangerous foes and should only be confronted with high-power weapons. 

    A few more notes: Saving is done with Ink Ribbons, mostly located around typewriters (which are used to save, like in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X), items can be stored in item boxes (which link to all other item boxes, unless in Real Survival mode) and most give off a "flash" so you can spot them on screen. 

    Now, methods for completing this. Avoid as many enemies as possible, learn how to run passed them (see "Don't Stop Running" for more details) and learn the layout of the mansion. Save often, clear out rooms only if you absolutely need to and gather as much ammunition/health items as you can muster. A first run-through should take around 6-8 hours, maybe less. 

    The achievement will pop on the Results Screen at the end, along with preceding achievements "Like Taking Candy from a Baby" and "Not In the Mood to Die" (very easy and easy difficulty modes). 

  • Finish the game with Jill and Chris.

    As the achievement states, you must complete the story for both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. The achievement will pop on the Results Screen following completion of the second character's story.

  • Finish the game using Jill.

    Start the game as Jill Valentine (it does not matter which costume, either BSAA or regular S.T.A.R.S) and beat it. The achievement unlocks as Brad's helicopter arrives to pick you (and any survivors with you) up.

  • Die for the first time.

    It's actually harder to not get this achievement (unless you're a seasoned RE expert or you're comfortable enough with the game mechanics). 

    You can die on pretty much any enemy and there are various traps throughout the game which can one-hit kill you. In addition, at the end you are carrying a fuel capsule, run with that and bam, you are dead. Finally, if you don't die because of the final boss himself you can just let the time run out and achieve the same thing.

    I say use this achievement as a challenge to not unlock it early on if you do, you do. But if you can hold out, especially passed the harder difficulties, it will look better on your tag haha.

  • Defeat a zombie.

    The main enemy force in this game are the T-Virus infected zombies and you'll be seeing quite a lot of them. To unlock this achievement, you simply need to kill one of them. To clarify if a zombie has been defeated, either insure that their head has been decapitated (via shotgun or Chris's flashbang grenade, possibly headshot from magnum and handgun), leg removed (via shotgun), burned with an incendiary round or damaged enough until it falls to the floor with a pool of blood surrounding it. The achievement will unlock upon a successful kill.

    Be sure to keep an eye on enemies for a pool of blood, almost all of them have one and once it occurs the enemy is down for good. Enemies who have lost their heads will likely not have a pool of blood but will be counted as dead none-the-less. 

  • Burn up a zombie.

    An important feature in this game is having the Fuel Canteen, located in the East Wing save-room on the first floor. You need to fill the Canteen with Kerosene, where are large silver gas canisters. One is found in the save room with the canteen and you can load it up with "2" uses. 

    Next you will require a lighter, Chris automatically has this in his inventory (top right slot, not inteferring with the other six) but Jill needs to obtain it from the study above this save-room. In order to access the study, go up the stairs and towards the white door on the right, then run down the hallway to another door. Exit into a U-shaped hallway and head to Jill's right for the final door on this end. The Lighter is on the large receptionist styled desk near the Botany Book.

    Finally you will need a zombie. Insure that it is dead first as trying to light a downed zombie who hasn't bled out will simply force it to stand back up. Once a pool of blood has formed around their body or you had previously killed a zombie in another room, simply use the Canteen on them and you'll automatically light them up. 

    Note: If the zombie's flesh is red, this means they are already a Crimson Head. Trying to light them will only force it to stand up. There is no point in lighting a dead Crimson's body either. Second note is that there are several bodies laying about the mansion that never get up and even disappear through progression of the game. These include - one laying in the Crow-Cage hallway, one outside of the Serum Save Room and one lying in the basement kitchen next to the elevator.

  • Finish the game in three hours.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Pausing the game does NOT pause the timer. The clock will still run while paused. See "Quick FAQ" in first post for more info and read below.

    Completing this achievement will also unlock "Racing and Pacing" (complete game in under five hours).

    This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, however receiving the Infinite Rocket Launcher requires normal (Mountain Climbing if your first run) or higher. 

    To even consider tackling this achievement (especially on normal or higher) you need a pretty clear idea of what your objectives are and how to best reach them in a faster time, skipping all unimportant rooms. For me, I chose Jill's campaign because of several shortcuts to the situation.

    1. The V-Jolt. It works well on Plant 42 and there's no fight after, just a scene with Barry killing it.
    2. Barry's Magnum. This one-shots the Tyrant in the facility and in addition, you do NOT need to fight the Tyrant again on the helipad. As soon as you fire the signal flare, the helicopter comes to pick you up.
    3. The Grenade Launcher. This thing is a godsend on Yawn, the Crimson Elder and Hunters. Specifically on normal, it takes three shots for the Crimson Elder, and roughly 5-6 on Yawn's second battle (you do not need to defeat the snake first encounter). However, I rarely used it on the Hunters at all. In fact, it wasn't until the caves that I busted it out. Which comes to point four.
    4. The Assault Shotgun. Obtaining this weapon is optional if you have the regular shotgun, but I like it due to the 10 round clip and faster shooting (plus I feel like it's stronger than the regular, probably not true). Oh and the look. Anyways, I was picking up shotgun ammo and defense items like crazy so even with killing off a few zombies and Hunters in the mansion I ended up with around 40 shots left before the end of the game. BTW Chris can get it too but, Jill can get it sooner.


    Now with that out of the way, for newcomers to this game in particular I recommend running through a few times on Normal or whatever difficulty you wish to get a feel for where everything is in the game. If you want the rocket launcher, I recommend runs on normal. Get familiar with how to avoid combat (running around zombies instead of fighting them) as well as their locations. Remembering how many enemies are in each area is useful information when faced with your actual speed run.

    Once you know the game pretty well, you're going to want to practice paths (or jump straight to the speed run if you wish). For me, having never sped-run this game before but having played it many times since 2002, I would reach a location where I decided to save and then pulled up the map (or consulted an old strategy guide I have with a map in it) to plot out where I needed to head, how many enemies I might run into that I left alive and figure how long it would take to advance to the next part of the game. 

    Some rules of thumb from me:

    • Unequipping your guns will allow you to move slightly faster and be more agile. I'm in personal belief (though I might be wrong) that your "grab" box shrinks when you aren't carrying something like the shotgun or rocket launcher, making you a smaller more nimble target to grab.
    • Always take the time to save Richard with the Serum. If you want the assault shotgun that is.
    • Avoid rooms you do not have to enter. If you're playing as Jill, you won't need the magnum revolver in the Graveyard so avoid the room where you get the Windcrest entirely. That's just one of many.
    • Pick up shotgun and grenade launcher ammo as it becomes available in rooms you need to visit. If there's a room you know has this and it's not too far out of the way with little problems to your run, go in to grab the stuff.
    • Pick where you wish to save. Here are my personal saves:
      • A little around the time I grabbed the armor key.
      • Before facing Yawn the first time
      • Lisa Trevor's Cabin
      • The Residence
      • The save room under the library with the stairs and all those pictures... after returning from the residence (having killed the first hunter and the one outside that room).
      • The Caves
      • Area just before the Lisa Altar fight.
      • Labs upon entry.
      • Second save area in labs after picking up the empty fuel capsule.

      There was one more save somewhere in the middle of that but...here's my total for the game:

    • After you save, spend some time plotting out your next area of movement. If you have a map handy (either online or otherwise), use it to study an efficient route to complete this area s fast as possible. Remember, after the save you can spend as much time as you need plotting out inventory, what to do, and simply quit out of the game when you're ready and reload the save to get to running.
    • Manage your inventory in a wise fashion. Most speed-runners tend to avoid guns and ammo. My inventory mainly consisted of the following:
      • Assault Shotgun
      • Shotgun Ammo
      • One healing item (typically a green herb)
      • Key Item
      • Key Item
      • Key Item
      • Key Item
      • Key Item

      Sometimes those key item slots were empty, or swapped out for the grenade launcher where I needed it. Save your Acid Rounds for Hunters, use regular explosive rounds on Crimson Elder and Yawn then Incendiary rounds (should take about 2) for Black Tiger. I think I used some shots elsewhere but I forget with what. Oh right, the first Yawn fight. I'll get to bosses here in a second.
    • Always remember to get rid of the Ink Ribbons and unnecessary items after you reload a save. Just shove them in the item box, or if you've used them all up, even better. Get rid of the Square Crank after initially draining the pool, pull it out to fill the pool up after you're ready to go in the caves and ditch it again. Keep the Hexagonal crank until you grab the Cylinder and then get rid of it.

    Yawn - First Encounter - I highly recommend having a save before this fight simply due to the fact of how easily he can poison you. If you get poisoned, that's wasted time running back to the Serum room just to get cured. As soon as it starts, run forward and you should pass on the left hand side of him. From here I always ran straight to the Death Mask, then moved one screen to see where he was at. Yawn is rather tricky when he decides to attack, sometimes it's straight forward that you can dodge, other times he rears his head in a way to catch you off guard. Just try to learn his pattern and lure him around for a bit. I personally fired off two incendiary rounds into him and let Richard do the rest of the damage until the "fake death." After that you are going to want to run to the other end and lure Yawn away for enough time to grab that Assault Shotgun. Alternatively, if you don't want the shotgun, just grab the death mask and leave.

    Yawn - Second Encounter - Grenade launcher with explosive rounds. Around 5-6 shots should do him in but first move behind the bookshelf and get some distance between you and the snake for a clear shot. Keep luring him around there and taking shots if you wish but I caught him on a hissing animation allowing like 3-4 shots to finish this boss. Note: YOU CANNOT BE POISONED IN THIS BATTLE, just killed.

    Crimson Elder - With the grenade launcher, as soon as he stands up just fire a round at him. Every time he stands fire a round, should only take three. Sometimes the second blast won't knock him down so go ahead and finish him off with the third.

    Zombies - Zombies are tenacious and a single bite on normal to Jill will knock her down one health status. From fine to yellow caution, then to orange caution and finally danger. Not a lot of breathing room. If you ever come up to a zombie with his back turned to you, running on the side he's least facing (left or right) will almost always mean you can zip passed him without being grabbed. He'll spin around in an attempt but won't succeed. If you're facing a zombie, you can "bait him" a bit by standing still then backing up a second. If used on a corner of a wall, this will be useful in allowing you to jet passed him after his failed grab attempt. It won't always work though, at least in my scenario that's where the defense items come in. A lot of speed-running videos skip these but I say grab them, they don't take up inventory space and it only takes a second to pick one up if it's in your path. As Jill, these items are the Dagger and Battery Pack for the stun-gun. You don't have to finish the zombie after it's been stabbed, unless you really need to kill it. But those are far and between finally, if you have a wide enough space you can probably run passed a zombie easily enough without being grabbed. If there's an obstacle in the room that requires them to walk around it and you have a free opening, use that to get around the thing.

    If you must kill a zombie, use the shotgun and go for a headshot (aiming up when they're just about on you). It won't always connect with a zombie near others but, if it does, no worries of a crimson.

    Crimson Heads - Dangerous, fast, and annoying. You shouldn't have many of these to worry about aside from the one in that hallway filled with swords where you got the Golden Arrow. You won't be visiting this area much, if you wisely plan around avoiding that place. They're like zombies but faster, they tend to swipe (which can knock a status down in your health) and grabbing has the same result. BTW, avoid at all cost being bitten from behind. Most enemies will take two chunks of your health. You shouldn't have to worry about burning any zombies either, as you're speed-running and any you don't blow the head off of will stay down if you're moving through the area fast enough. Shotgun works well against them, even if it's just to slow one down.

    Cerberus - Only one Cerberus has to die in this game and he has a dog collar on. Just use the regular shotgun on him to end it quickly and avoid his buddy. All other Cerberus have a delay before they decide to chase you, so use this time to run passed any in the area. In regards to the Cerberus hallway, ALWAYS enter from the Gallery. Doing so will only crack the glass but none will break through.

    Giant Spiders - Just run. Any you see you never have to kill. These include the two in the Residence, just run to the book downstairs (if you need to use the save upon first entering the Residence to figure out what numbers you'll need on the V-Jolt door and then reload after) and back up (grab those shotgun shells too). The one who climbs from the ceiling will probably be on the ground, just run straight and you should dodge any poison, then run passed it into the door. The spiders in the basement you can just plain run by easily, including the one waiting for you at the exit. Well, mine was being an idiot so he was "searching" despite me being right in front of him. The two with Black Tiger can be ignored. 

    Black Tiger - Two incendiary should do the trick. Make sure to run to the left or right as soon as the fight starts, as he charged me with the first blast and knocked me on my ass. But I got him with the second round. Before this fight make sure to bring your own knife if you wish or use the one here to cut the webbing, do it fast enough to avoid the other two spiders.

    Hunters - assault Shotgun for the ones in the mansion. I always kill the one you first face, then the one outside the save room below the stairs. There's another upstairs but he can easily be ran by. Other than those three, with my path, I didn't run into any others. That includes the one who can break into the Original Zombie Hallway (with Kenneth's body), considering I entered that hallway not from the basement but from the crow-cage room. Other Hunters such as those in the caves...you can run passed the one in the Enrico area, then kill the two afterwards with acid rounds (1-2 shots a piece). No others to worry about.

    Chimera - Assault shotgun. two to three shots a piece and with ammo to spare, they are a joke. You only need to kill the ones in the first area where you put the Fuel Capsule, even then just the ones on the path to that location. All others can easily be ran passed. 

    Tyrant - Aim Barry's 44. Magnum and fire. If you didn't save anyone else, you can leave without a second fight on the helipad. Those other five shots can be used however you wish. 

    Lisa Trevor - Avoid-avoid-avoid. The first encounter, I shot her twice with the assault shotgun until the tentacles popped out then I ran passed her. The second one in the caves I just ran the other way. In the final fight without Barry to distract her, she didn't do much to hit me. She got me once but, nothing to worry about. If you need to, try to knock her off with Barry's 44. It can be done. Otherwise, just dodge and push the statues. I highly recommend saving before this fight though just in case you fall off. 


    I hope this helps! As far as recommended paths, I highly suggest any speed-runner's video for an hour and half. Just follow those paths.

    Here's my recommendation for a path later on - 

    1. When you get back from the residence, go through the door leading to the save room (Barry's fixed this but you could enter from that location anyways) and save.
    2. Head up the stairs and passed the Hunter in the hallway leading to the fireplace room. Go through this room to the moving wall puzzle, then down the hole and into the basement. Turn on the power and head up the elevator.
      • I will note to you now you NEVER have to unlock the kitchen door with the sword key.
    3. Once you've gone up the elevator, grab the battery and unlock the door leading into the sword-hallway which had the Golden Arrow. You may either run down this hallway or go out onto the balcony overlooking the dining room. Quickly run into the opposite door here if you choose to, but either way you need to get into the hallway above the serum save room.
    4. Go into the room here with the moving Eagle and pick up the Red gem. Your goal now is to get to where you grabbed the Armor Key. Exit the room, go to the door at the end here and pass into the sword-hallway. Avoid anything that's alive and head up the passed the armor key trap.
    5. Head into the big library, kill Yawn and grab the book with the Wolf Medal in it. Head back and go straight leading into the crow cage stairwell. Move to Kenneth's hallway and immediately into the dining room (shouldn't even see a hunter). Go over to the main hall from the dining room then through the final helmet key door...grab the box, get the spencer key out then head back to the main hall.
    6. Go outside through the back door towards the graveyard, open the gate where you did a puzzle involving pictures in a crow-hallway and back into the lobby outside of Spencer's office. Open that up, grab the object you need, then head back out towards the residence.

    With that I avoided pretty much all the Hunters in the mansion aside from three (two I killed, one I dodged). 

    I know this is a long solution but I hope some of this can help you. A final note is that if you don't make the three hour deadline, you can still probably get the five hour one thus unlocking the Samurai Edge. With that gun, you can have an easier time with infinite ammo to do the three hour run.

  • Finish the game in five hours.

    See "Don't Stop Running" for more info.

  • Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads).

    SPECIAL NOTE: If you're starting from "Once Again.." and have the Infinite Rocket Launcher unlocked, your knife will have been moved to an item box. Simply unequip the IRL and progress through the game avoiding enemies until you can drop it off and switch for the knife.

    Secondary Note: If you have unlocked "One Dangerous Zombie" and you don't want to deal with Forest (the zombie), boot the game fresh so you have the original title screen and select new game. Select the bottom answer in regards to "walking" to be on very easy. If you don't care about Forest, simply DO NOT ATTACK HIM and shake him off if he grabs you. That's all there is to it, one swipe from your knife and you'll blow up.

    As the achievement description states, you cannot burn zombie bodies or crush their heads. In addition, no daggers/stun gun/flash bang grenade. You'll want to do a few things first:

    • So what you'll want to do first is go into your Options and select "Controls", then switch "Defense Items" to "Manual". This means even if you accidentally pick up a defense Item, you won't use it UNLESS you press .
    • The second thing you should do is set the game to "very easy." If you're starting the game fresh from booting, it'll have the darker eye-title screen instead of the once again green eye. Basically, if you want to approach it like this, select the question that answers with "walking" (this will be very easy).
    • You want to completely avoid the Canteen. There's no reason to pick it up but if you must, move it immediately into the Item Box in the same room.
    • As far as I'm aware, there's only one Crawling Zombie in this game that you need to worry about and that's in the kitchen. If you're playing as Jill, you don't even have to enter the Kitchen until the second half of the game and that zombie will be gone by then. On very easy as Chris, I don't think the zombie is even in this room so you should be fine. On the rare occurrence you end up with a zombie who decides to crawl, DO NOT LET IT GRAB YOUR LEGS! If you crush its head you need to reload an old save because that will negate the achievement.
    • USE V-JOLT! If playing as Jill, this means you never have to fight Plant 42. The kill from Barry won't negate the achievement. And as Chris, this weakens the plant to 50% full health which will make things easier on you! If you're playing as Chris, make sure to LET RICHARD DIE FROM THE POISON! Basically when you come across Rebecca, chill for five minutes outside and then come back in, he should be dead. Now when you go to fight Plant 42, you'll get a scene where Chris is grabbed and you'll be playing as Rebecca. She can go make V-Jolt and use it on the roots but you'll have to finish the fight (sorry Chris, no Barry to the rescue)!

    I recommend doing this as Chris, because he has more health (up to three bites before he'll enter caution). You can go for either ending, as using the Rocket Launcher at the end to beat the final boss will NOT negate this achievement. In addition, it is probable that the zombie head-stomp that Jill performs in the bathroom cut scene in the mansion WON'T negate the achievement though it's not recommended to even enter that bathroom as you won't be using Defense Items anyways. 

    While the achievement sounds daunting, all you need to do is play on Very Easy and utilize zombie-dodging techniques used in your speed run. You really don't want to fight any of the regular enemies, it's a waste of your time and puts more risk to you than simply running passed everything. You barely have to swing the knife, just at a few bosses. There's more than enough healing items to keep you alive, but if you need, save often. With this in mind, you only need to deal with a few enemies outside of bosses:

    • Cerberus with the dog collar. As soon as you blow the whistle, let it charge at you. Because of its unpredictability, it may leap or it may just try to bite from the ground. Whatever the case, get around it and start stabbing down. It won't take many swipes (3-5 I believe) to kill it. If you wish, you can just stand at the doorway and keep swiping until it's dead. As for the other Cerberus, I recommend avoiding it completely.
    • Zombie in 002 of Residence. I'm only listing this zombie because you don't actually have to kill him, you can wait in the bathroom and he'll eventually open the door. Just run passed him when he does this and you'll be home free. Alternatively, you can let him grab you for one bite then push him off. Kill him if you want but it's unnecessary.
    • Glasses zombie in labs. When you reach the labs, you'll go down a set of stairs to a gate. To the left of your character (right based on the camera angle) is a enclosed hallway with a zombie walking towards you. Deal with this zombie whenever you wish but make sure he's dead, as you don't want to risk the bite causing an explosion later on (when you're carrying the Fuel Capsule). You can make a save and risk it if you wish, it's up to you. As long as you move fast he shouldn't come back as a Crimson in time.
    • Chimera in the first part of the power room. This is where you'll be getting the Empty Fuel Capsule and placing the full one. On the path to the capsule there is one Chimera who will always be there on all difficulties, simply kill this Chimera (slash down at it and avoid being grabbed if it's hanging) and ignore all the others in the room.

    Finally the main problem with this achievement: the Bosses. They're really not all that much of a pain and even a newcomer to knife-runs can complete the battles. My top recommendation? Save before each fight and go into all with an inventory full of full-heal items (3X Green Herbs/Red+Green Herb/First Aid Spray)! Alright, here we go:

    • Yawn 1 - In this fight, you literally are not fighting the Snake. Run as fast as you can to the Death Mask in the top-left corner, grab it and book it out. Try not to get poisoned on your way out.
    • Crimson Elder - There are two ways to approach this sucker. Learn how to dodge his attacks and look for openings, which can turn this battle into a real lengthy one if you're trying to avoid getting hit. The easier method? If you're playing as Chris, use all four of the Death Masks then run back up the stairs to fill up on five full heal items plus the knife. Now head back down and get the battle started. Just stand where you are and constantly knife him, doesn't matter if he slashes or grabs, shake him off and keep swiping. He'll eventually go down.
    • Plant 42 - It's recommended to stay in motion but, I don't know, I just sort of stood at the base level and kept swiping up at the tentacles. You'll notice less as the battle is ongoing and eventually it will be dead. Recommend using the Red Book to get the door open, then going back for full health items and saving. Also, as mentioned at the top of this solution, USE V-JOLT! If Chris, also check that section as it will mention how to get it.
    • Yawn 2 - Yawn is a matter of patience. You CAN get out of this without a scratch but having health items on you is still a great benefit. Once you're in the main library area, go behind the book-shelf where you'll receive the blue book and constantly lure the snake back here. Once you see it coming from either side, run out into the open and go to where you see the tail and follow it, taking opportunities to swipe at it. You might get 2-3 swipes at a time but keep this up and the Snake will eventually die. Alternatively, you can wait back there and get hit by Yawn allowing yourself to possibly get stuck between the wall and its body allowing you to swipe multiple times (5-6, maybe more).
    • Black Tiger - Don't even fight the spider! As soon as the fight begins, run towards the webs and start swiping away with the knife. Chances are the spider will try to charge you at the beginning of the battle (he doesn't always do this) so if he does, just check your health after and heal when necessary. If you get poisoned, there's a blue herb in the next area.
    • Lisa Trevor - Obviously no fighting here on any occasion, the knife does no good. Just run. In the Altar fight, it's mainly about luck watching where she is and hoping she doesn't knock you in the pit. You can try to lure her but...even that's risky. If you're Jill, Barry's Magnum will do severe stopping power against her, might even knock her off the ledge (to her death? Very lucky if you get that but probably just hanging there). If it's Wesker (because you're playing as Chris), she'll focus on him for a bit allowing you time to push the stones. If Wesker "dies", he will still be in the lab later.
    • Tyrant 1 - The fight in the labs. Like with the Crimson Elder, this can involve running around the Goliath and stabbing at opportune times. You could just stand there and swipe at him until he falls unconscious. It took me less health items fighting him than it did the Crimson Elder.
    • Tyrant 2 - This only applies if you saved Rebecca as Chris and Barry didn't die during the Lisa Trevor fight. What you want to do is get to the roof and NOT DO ANYTHING until the timer is at 30 seconds remaining. Then fire the signal rocket and Brad will throw down the Rocket Launcher. Use it and destroy the Tyrant!

    I hope these tips helped you out, the achievement isn't too difficult and some have even combined it with Invisible Enemy. If you decide to go that route, remember where enemy positions are and pretty much do the same thing mentioned above for each boss, but preferred if you don't go for the best ending.

  • Finish the game without saving.

    Throughout the game you can pick up an item called an Ink Ribbon, usually in sets of three and these can be used at typewriters situated throughout the game. Simply don't pick them up and play the game as usual. To make this easier on yourself, I'd suggest doing this on a Very easy playthrough with more ammo and less enemies to worry about, plus more health to your character overall. If you've already unlocked the Rocket Launcher, this will be immensely simple.

    According to my playthrough recommendation, you could get this as early as you wanted or a good time before Invisible Enemy mode and other playthroughs is hard mode as Chris. You'll be running around with the Rocket Launcher anyway. 

  • Obtain all weapons (must load grenade launcher with all shell types).

    Based on the link below, these are all the guns required for the achievement. 


    1. Handgun
    2. Shotgun
    3. Assault Shotgun
    4. Grenade Launcher
      • Explosive Rounds (loaded into GL)
      • Acid Rounds (loaded into GL)
      • Incendiary Rounds (loaded into GL)
    5. Self-Defense Gun
    6. Magnum Revolver
    7. Barry's 44. Magnum
    8. Flamethrower
    9. Rocket Launcher (Endgame)
    10. Rocket Launcher (Infinite Ammo, 3-hour run Normal+)
    11. Samurai Edge (Infinite Ammo, 5-hour run Normal+)

    Here are detailed descriptions of each weapon's location and how to obtain them.

    Handgun - Immediately in Jill's Inventory, picked up in Main Hall by Chris after returning from the dining room.

    Shotgun - Located on the East Wing of the first floor in the Mansion. On the north-east area, there is a corridor that leads to a bathroom, the Ceiling-Trap Room (and Shotgun room) and entrances to the lobby outside Spencer's office as well as the Cerberus Corridor (and a door leading outside to pick up the Chemical). 
    In order to obtain the Shotgun, you need to have the Broken Shotgun which is located on the West Wing of the first floor near the save room in this area. In order to get into that room, you simply need to unlock it with your lockpick (Jill) or use a Small Key (Chris), with one being easily found in the bathroom on the East Wing. 
    Swap the broken shotgun for the working one to obtain the weapon.

    Note: For Jill, you can avoid going for the broken shotgun if you access this room BEFORE you encounter Barry in the main hall for the Acid Rounds. To do this easiest, obtain the sword key and immediately head back to the main hall, going through the door on the right of the first floor bringing you into the gallery. Run to the door leading to the Cerberus Corridor and make your way to the shotgun room (because you entered from this direction, the Cerberus' will NOT break through the windows at all this run through). After you grab the shotgun, head back into the Ceiling Trap Room and try the door leading out to the hallway. Turn around and try the door back to the shotgun room. If both are confirmed locked, the scene will start. If you head back inside, then you cannot get the shotgun this way (due to either having accessed the Acid Rounds scene or something else). You can still get the acid round scene, exiting back to the Main Hall from either the first or second floor on this wing of the mansion. Warning: You will not be able to return to the shotgun room at all using this method, so if you want the Ink Ribbons and Dagger make sure to grab them while you're there.

    Grenade Launcher (JILL ONLY!) - After obtaining the armor Key, return to the Main Hall's second floor. The door on the bottom right of the map leads outside to a balcony where you will discover the body of Forest Speyer, with the Grenade Launcher perched next to him. It is possible (I forget the exact requirements) that Barry will be here, handing you the grenade launcher anyways. The only benefit to this other than an optional scene is that if you head off to pick up the green herbs on the far right walkway, Forest will not get up to attack you. Anyways, you can just grab the grenade launcher and leave without any fight if you ignore the right walkway.

    Grenade Launcher Ammo Types (all must be loaded into the launcher):

    Explosive Rounds (Grenade Launcher) - Already inside of the grenade launcher. You'll likely come across more, so whether or not loading more rounds into the thing is "required" you'll probably be changing ammo later anyways.

    Acid Rounds (Grenade Launcher) - Found in a few locations throughout the game, lesser on higher difficulties. Always guaranteed from Barry if you get the "Can of Fizz" scene in the Main Hall. All this requires is grabbing the sword key, going down to where the Cerberus Hallway is and unlocking the door. You can then just turn around and head back out for the scene. Alternatively, you can still get the "Jill Sandwich" (technically, "Fit nicely into a sandwich") scene for the shotgun and exit back into the main hall. The scene will also occur on the second floor, though slightly different if you exit from up there (he'll point his gun at you and ease back).

    Incendiary Rounds (Grenade Launcher) - Earliest place I can think of is a "drop" by Barry in one of the save rooms as you progress through the Mansion. The save room in question is on the East Wing, next to the door with the weakened handle. You'll know when Barry's made the drop as a piece of paper is outside stuck to the wall. Some other goodies are included, depending on the difficulty, you will discover more of this ammo later too.


    • Jill - After saving Richard, he will come to aide you in the first fight with Yawn. You need to help him damage the snake enough that it fakes a death...then the shotgun will be available after the scene (pick it up on the ground).
    • Chris - After arriving in the Aqua Ring below the Residence, you will find Richard again. After you drain the water for the tank, the shotgun is located down where the Mother Neptune is situated (you'll spot it on the ground near one of the smaller Neptunes). It's right in your main path.

    Magnum Revolver - In order to obtain this weapon, you need to enter a room and solve a puzzle on the 2nd Floor East Wing for the Mansion. The room in question is located on the north-east corridor above the save room here, with a couple zombies hanging about depending on the difficulty. You need the armor key to unlock the door. After entering, one of the doors leads to a room featuring a lot of different trophies and a fish tank. Examine the area to find a Fish Hook, Golden Bee and an actual Bee itself. Combine the fish-hook with the Golden Bee and place it with the other hooks, then place the actual Bee on the Insect Collection. Hit the button and the collection will slide up, revealing the Windcrest. The bee will come alive but is easily ignored, grab the medal and exit the room.

    Now, you will need this medal when you are heading towards Lisa Trevor's cabin and you pass through a cemetery. On your right is a path leading to two large headstones, one of which has a slot for the Windcrest. Place it, then the thing will rotate revealing three more crests (all these items were used instead of the Death Masks in the original RE on PS1). Examine the backs of each and place each in the other headstone to reveal the Magnum. 

    Note: This looks exactly like Barry's 44. magnum, insure that you examine the name later on if you have both guns as one is infinitely more powerful than the other.

    Self-Defense Gun - A small Derringer pistol that fires .22 Magnum Bullets. However, does not take ammo that's used for the .347 (or magnum revolver, if you want to go by game-name). It's located in the Residence, in the room with the hanging body (001, first room on the left upon entering). You'll need a key from room 002's bathroom in order to enter it. It's located on the desk in 001, accompanied by a suicide note.

    This gun is relatively strong, it's wise to save it for fighting the Tyrant later. Though with just one shot it will take up some space.

    Flamethrower (CHRIS ONLY!) - Found in the caves on a latch before fighting the giant spider Black Tiger. You can use the weapon against the spiders and even the webs, but afterwards you need to put it on another slot to open the next door. Can't keep it and can't reload. 

    Note: A broken one can be found by Jill but does not count as a weapon, only a key item.

    Barry's .44 Magnum (JILL ONLY!) - Best gun in the game. This gun unfortunately requires you to not give it back to Barry during the final Lisa fight. Note that if you don't give it back, you won't get the "Trust Him" and "I'm a Member of S.T.A.R.S" achievement so if you have them already great if not, either load a previous save or get it next playthrough. 

    The gun will NOT be in your inventory it will be laying on the ground. I forgot about this myself during my speed-run and ran all the way to the labs before realizing it wasn't in my inventory had to run back (thankfully this isn't an issue like it was on the Gamecube, as there's no disc swap). 

    Rocket Launcher (Endgame) - Found in endings where the Self-Destruct System is active, you'll fire a signal flare for Brad to pick you up but the Tyrant will emerge from the roof. You need to damage him enough until Brad throws down the launcher, which is located near the center of the helipad. Pick it up and fire at the Tyrant, sometimes he can destroy a rocket or two but he will die by the last rocket.

    Rocket Launcher (Infinite Ammo) - This requires you to complete the game on Normal or Higher in under three hours. Check out my guide below for tips in what to do. I'm no expert speed-runner and I managed it, you can too!

    Samurai Edge - I don't see it on ResidentEvil.net, unless it's the "handgun" image they have but if all else fails you'll be unlocking this with the Infinite Rocket Launcher anyways. As it requires you to complete the game on Normal or higher in five hours or less. So, two birds with one stone!

  • Obtain all costumes.

    You simply need to complete the game twice with each character (so a total of four times). The BSAA outfits are unlocked from the beginning, you're unlocking the original Gamecube costumes:

    • Jill's "Sara Connor" Outfit
    • Jill's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Outfit
    • Chris's "The Mexican" Outfit
    • Chris's Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X Outfit

    Follow the playthrough recommendation and you'll unlock this naturally.

  • Visit all places on all maps.

    SPECIAL NOTE: The virtual last Point of No Return is just before turning on the elevator that takes you to the Tyrant battle in the labs (not the rooftop one). Afterwards, you cannot return to areas before the laboratory due to a message on the courtyard elevator reading "There's no point in going back."

    This achievement description is incorrect. It misleads one to believe you simply have to visit every room but that is not the case. You need to "100%" every room, which simply requires picking up all items it has to offer. As a special note, you DO NOT have to have access to the Costume Room. This achievement can be done on the first playthrough of either character, just insure that you pick up every item.

    To know if you've picked up everything, check your map and examine the room you're in. If it's brown, there are still items to search for. If it's a pale green, you've found everything and can move on. 

    The game allows you to backtrack even more than the original Gamecube release. You're no longer restricted from returning after hitting the laboratory, however the door will lock after you've beaten the Tyrant in the labs. Before then, if there's anything you need to do, simply head back up to the surface and go back to any areas you missed. But it's much wiser to just knock out each room as you come to it or at the very least, have everything greened before you leave a location (Mansion, Courtyard, Residence, Caves, Laboratory). 

    Note: If you need to return to the Courtyard, Caves or Residence...once you return to the Mansion via the Gates, turn to them and click "No" when asked to go through. You will reobtain one of the Stone & Metal Objects, allowing you to use it to return to those areas.

    The achievement will unlock as you arrive on the Helipad at the end of the game (you do not have to pick up the Signal Flare, the area will already be marked as green). 

  • Finish the game using Chris.

    Start the game as Chris Redfield (it does not matter which costume, either BSAA or regular S.T.A.R.S) and beat it. The achievement unlocks as Brad's helicopter arrives to pick you (and any survivors with you) up.


Secret achievements

  • Finish the game on Hard difficulty.


    In order to access hard mode, you need to beat the game once on any difficulty and it will be available on the "Once Again" menu. If you choose to load up the game from the dashboard, you will need to load a cleared save data file or a game that is already on its second+ run. Upon doing that, just quit to the main menu from the start screen and you'll see the Green Eye in the background with "Once Again" featured. 

    Hard mode changes the enemy startpoints a bit when entering a room, though overall it has the exact same number of enemies as normal (there is an additional Hunter who can appear in the Caves but for some reason he does not appear in Real Survival, at least in my experience). There is significantly less health and ammo, even ink ribbons are of rare abundance. 

    Which is why in my playthrough recommendation, you should access this difficulty mode with the Infinite Rocket Launcher already in tow. This will make the difficulty much easier to handle, as everything dies in relatively 1-2 hits. I recommend saving your first playthrough as Chris for this mode. While using it as practice for Real Survival might be a good idea due to the locations of some enemies, it's not required and it's not worth the extra stress playing through Hard "twice" with the same constraints.

    As a final note, this achievement can also unlock if you complete "Real Survival" mode first.

  • Finish the game in Real Survival mode.

    Special Weapons do NOT work on this mode. That includes the Rocket Launcher and Samurai Edge.

    Real Survival is unlocked after completing a normal runthrough as one character. For me personally, I unlocked it after my first run as Jill. In the original Gamecube release, you needed to complete the game in Once Again mode for it to unlock. Then again I was playing as BSAA Jill so I'm not sure if that had any factor in it unlocking on one playthrough.

    Real Survival is the hardest difficulty in the game, having access to even less items than hard mode with the added problem of the item boxes NOT BEING LINKED. This means if you place something in an item box, it will only be in that item box, and you must backtrack to get that item. Auto-Aim is also removed, so you will have to manually aim your weapon at the enemy. A neat bonus though is that the broken doorhandle near the East-Wing save-room was always working for me, never once got warned about it being broken. 

    While ammo and other resources are scarce, I found that I was able to (and to make my run more comfortable, NEEDED to) kill a number of enemies regardless of that fact. Be sure to search most of the rooms your first trip to the mansion for ammo. There is not a great deal of shotgun ammo but be sure to use up all six shots in the first shotgun before relying on the assault. The handgun is useful at the beginning but can be forgotten once you kill necessary zombies. Do not go for the shotgun ammo outside Crimson Elder's crypt until you have all four death masks, that way the two zombies out there will have disappeared.

    I highly, highly, highly recommend playing Jill's story for this. Due to the easier time you'll have in certain areas (Plant 42 and having Barry's Magnum). Chris's "higher health" doesn't seem to matter at all in Real Survival so there is no benefit to playing as him aside from challenge.

    Here are the monsters I killed as well as some special notes and methods to help you in Real Survival. (note: I always made sure to burn the zombie bodies after if I didn't decapitate with a head shot, there's enough uses for 12 burns in the mansion area alone):

    • Zombie above East-Wing Save room, in the small hallway leading to the U-Corridor. I used the length of the hallway up here to shoot him but it took 13 shots to defeat the zombie. Burned after.
    • Zombie above Serum Save room stairs on the West-Wing, he always starts near the Balcony rather than the tiny hallway leading to the Sword Corridor. This one I shotgunned in the head with one blast (that left me five of six shots in the original shotgun)
    • Two zombies near the Serum Room on the stairs and one who breaks through the door later. I didn't kill the first one until later but removing him lessened the stress passing through this area. Because later on a zombie will break through the metal door upstairs and take the place of the zombie I killed earlier. Luring both to the stairs, I killed both with one clip of the handgun with bullets to spare. Burned both the bodies after.
    • Zombie on Balcony above Dining Room. He'll eventually move from the side with the statue to between the two doors, making him a nuisance. Burned him after (wasted a shotgun blast thinking it'd take his head off, did not)
    • Two zombies in U-Corridor outside the Armor Puzzle Room. These guys would be extremely annoying to constantly dodge so I used my handgun to kill one and blew off the other's head with my shotgun. Burned the former.
    • A SPECIAL NOTE! Going back to the Serum Room, the next corridor leading to a Death Mask behind some vines has two zombies that bust through the glass on your way back. As long as you NEVER exit to the Kenneth Hallway, that zombie will not try to break through the door later on (he will attempt on your second run-through of the mansion after Hunters arrive but that might actually be a Hunter trying to bust through, I didn't stick around long enough to find out). So as soon as they bust through the glass, head back towards the Serum Room and go around to avoid that issue.
    • One Cerberus for the Dog Collar, required. Shotgunned then stabbed off me with a dagger. Ignore the other one.
    • Original Zombie in Kenneth Hallway. I eventually decided to gun him down with the handgun to get him out of the way from the Piano Room, but because of the above tip I never had to deal with a second zombie bursting in here. It may change for you, all I know is he never tried to enter the hallway. Burned OZ.
    • Fought Yawn (shot him twice with the shotgun, using up the last of the rounds) until he eats Richard. Lured him, grabbed assault shotgun (already picked up the Death Mask earlier) and left.
    • Crimson Elder. Just shot him three times with the grenade launcher.
    • SPECIAL NOTE! Lisa Trevor in the cabin, I had the assault shotgun with me and fired two shots at her. The reason for this is that after the second shot she'll spout out tentacles and be unable to do anything during this animation. That is when you run passed her, otherwise she will almost certainly smack you with her fused hands.
    • Three Cerberus in Courtyard. These pups were annoying me so I ended up killing them later but you can do it now if you wish, you won't be using the shotgun any in the Residence (except for like one zombie, even then you could just use the self-defense gun). Try to kill two together in a blast to save ammo.
    • Mother Neptune. Kill it with electricity, as per usual.
    • Plant 42. V-Jolt it. That's all, Barry will take care of the rest.
    • Hunter 1. The first Hunter that attacks you, turn around and shotgun it with the Assault Shotgun. I personally had it on me so I'd be able to take care of it.
    • Hunter 2 and Hunter 3. These are the last hunters you will have to encounter here, if you follow the method below. Just kill them both with the shotgun, either before or after entering the save-room.
      • To avoid all the remaining Hunters, head up from the save room to the fireplace room where a Helmet key door is. Kill or avoid the Spiders after you reach the basement (I personally ran passed them) and kill the two zombies in the next area. Go into the Kitchen and head to the elevator (just lure the zombie out and run around him).
      • After reaching the second floor, kill the zombie just outside of the room with the battery and grab the battery. Go out the door here and gun down the Crimson Head in the sword hallway. Avoid the other zombies but if you need to, kill the one near the balcony exit. If you're running out of inventory space, head through the door near the mirrors so you can reach the save room on the first floor. Afterwards, head back up and go back to the sword Hallway, then up to where Yawn is.
      • Kill Yawn (I personally used two remaining shots from a grenade launcher and six bullets from the magnum revolver. You won't need the magnum for Tyrant since you'll be using his Barry's), get the book and head back down to the area above the save room mentioned above.
      • Unlock the one locked door here to grab the red gem, store the book downstairs then head back up and to the sword hallway again. Go towards the Crow Cage corridor and wrap around to Kenneth's Corridor. Shouldn't be any enemies here and the Hunter won't come at you.
      • Run to the dining room, then to the final helmet key door to remove that and grab the box inside. Get the Spencer Key, head upstairs and use the U Corridor to get back to the East-Wing save room.
      • Go out the door that's normally broken and into the Spencer room, get the object and store it in the box. Now you're ready to head back out to the Courtyard.
    • Two Cerberus by the Waterfall Entrance. Annoying so I got rid of them with the assault shotgun.
    • SPECIAL NOTE! I ran by every single Hunter that shows up in the Caves, it's relatively easy to do as whenever they show up they're more interested in screeching at you than immediately attacking. Use this opportunity to escape. This includes the area with two Hunters. On my way back through this room, one of them stupidly swiped at the wall while the other was too far away so I never had to fire a shot.
    • Black Tiger. Because the Incendiary rounds aren't available yet, I had to use Acid Rounds that I picked up from Barry at the start of the game. About 2-3 hits will do him in. Make sure you immediately run to the left or right to avoid a charge. Manual aim can be a pain here and you might miss him with the grenades. Bring a secondary gun to ease the problem. Ignore the two spiders that climb on the ceiling.
    • SPECIAL NOTE! After returning to the mansion, start backtracking while avoiding Hunter areas to bring all the items you have in the two item boxes to the item box below the stairs where you'll end up fighting Lisa. Ultimately the only things I brought with me into the labs were the assault shotgun, shotgun ammo (around 20 shells), the magnum revolver, magnum ammo and the fuel canteen/lighter. I doubled back after beating Lisa for the medals to place, then doubled back again to get the items I needed.
    • Lisa. Avoid her as usual in the caves then at the Altar, you're going to NOT give Barry his gun back. Afterwards, just start pushing stones. She mostly just stood there while I did this and I didn't have to fire a single bullet. After all stones are down, pick up Barry's Magnum and continue on.
    • With all items you need for the labs, I killed the first three zombies in the labs and burned those that didn't decapitate. I also killed the two zombies down on the next floor for the Fuel Capsule route.
    • Kill all Chimera in the room where you'll be placing the Fuel Capsule, just to be safe. Ignore all the Chimera in the next area and simply run passed all of them but honestly, you can shoot them with whatever Shotgun/Magnum ammo you have left (do not use your Barry Magnum...at least save 1 shot in it).
    • Shoot Tyrant with Barry's Magnum, run to the roof, escape. Don't worry about Chris.
  • Finish the game in Invisible Enemy mode.

    Special Weapons do NOT work on this mode. That includes the Rocket Launcher and Samurai Edge.

    Invisible Enemy literally makes the zombies and monsters disappear from the screen. You'll see them when they attack and can hear them make noises but otherwise, it's all down to knowing where they'll be when you enter a room. I recommend doing this on Very Easy and after you've ran through the game on that mode (preferred during your Knife-Only run) so you can get an idea of where everyone is situated.

    If you can remember exactly where a zombie's standing, you could run by them...but for the most part just try to blow their heads off if possible. As far as burning invisible zombie's corpses uh...remember where that blood pool was! Unfortunately, auto-aim is DISABLED for this mode so...you have to manually aim at your enemies. 

    For some reason this achievement has 100 but other than not being able to see the enemies, it's not harder than Real Survival considering you can do it on Very Easy. I recommend playing as Jill and getting Barry's Magnum again, so you can take care of the Tyrant in one shot.

  • Obtain the Stone & Metal Object using Chris.

    This achievement is for the first Stone & Metal Object, which is obtained after defeating the Crimson Elder. In order to reach the Crimson Elder (he is referred to as the V-ACT Prototype 1 and Crimson Head Prototype 1), you need to obtain the Four Death Masks. (see below for info on obtaining them). Afterwards, you simply need to place each on the stone faces until the Coffin drops and fight the Crimson Elder. When he falls, pick up the Object from the coffin and the achievement should pop.

    Here are the Death Masks and how to obtain them:

    • Mask with No Eyes
      • Requires Chemical, found on East-Wing First Floor passed the Cerberus Corridor and at the hallway outside the shotgun room. Head outside the metal door with a Lockpick or Old Key (depending on character).
      • Requires Armor Key which is obtained in Death's Corridor (the third-floor hallway with the spinning-spike armor trap) and require the Imitation of a Key from the outside balcony above the West-Wing's Serum Save Room.
      After you have the Armor Key, head to the the Serum Save Room and passed it to a locked door that requires the key. Move down the long hallway passed the windows and you'll come to the Greenhouse. Use the Chemical in the water pump and turn the pump on Red to kill the tentacles (do not turn it the other direction or you'll waste five green herbs on any difficulty)
    • Mask with No Mouth, Eyes or Nose - Requires Armor Key, see Above description. After obtaining the key, make your way to the U-Corridor on the East-Wing Second floor from the Main Hall. The center metallic set of doors leads to this puzzle. Simply push the upper-right armor first, then the bottom left and finally the bottom right. Once all are in place, interact with the center pedestal to open the bars. Do not press the button before the armors are in place or a deadly gas will fill the room. Examine the box you obtain and solve a quick puzzle (press the half-heart piece on each side) to get the mask.
    • Mask with No Nose - Requires Armor Key (see above) and Shield Key.
      • In order to obtain the shield key, you need to have the Sheet Music and then the Moonlight Sonata book, as well as the Wooden Emblem and Golden Emblem.
        • The sheet music is located on the Second Floor East-Wing, in a room off the U-Corridor (first door on the right if entering from the main hall). Head passed Richard here and through the hallway to a door on the far left. As Chris, you'll have the lighter already but if you're Jill you will need this from the Study which is also located off the U-Corridor (last door at the end). With Lighter in hand, light the candle on the table and then push the cabinet situated on the opposite wall of the entrance to find a hidden room. There may be a zombie in here, so lure him out first then go in to examine the dresser to find the Sheet Music.
        • Return to the Dining Room and grab the Wooden Emblem from above the fireplace.
        • Next, go to Kenneth's Corridor. Heading towards the elevator, the last door before a turn requires you to unlock with the Armor Key. Inside is a piano, move passed the Piano to another cabinet near the back you can push for the rest of the music. Combine the item and use it on the Piano. As Chris, Rebecca will come in and you have to let her play for awhile to learn the music (if Jill, she'll play it automatically). Leave and travel the mansion for a bit (possibly going for another Death Mask), preferred if you go all the way to the U-Corridor and head back...then she'll be able to play the song correctly. Afterwards, a wall will move up and you can get the Golden Emblem. Replace it with the Wooden Emblem and return to the Dining Room, using the Gold Emblem here.
        • In order to solve the puzzle on the Grandfather clock, simply move the Large Hand twice to the left. Then select "No" to stop turning, the clock will tick and move to the side revealing the key.
      With Key in hand, go to where Richard is found and through to a door above some short steps. Open it up and head inside. You will encounter Yawn here but the mask itself is in the far left corner. You do not have to fight Yawn if you do not wish, but it's recommended for future playthroughs as well as an achievement if you force his retreat.
    • Mask with No Mouth - Requires Armor Key (see above). Head to the First Floor East-Wing and either go through the weakened doorknob door or go through the Cerberus Hallway from the Art Room and Main Hall. After you reach the lobby outside Spencer's Office, go into the door on the far left opposite a small hallway.
      • The puzzle is easy to solve. The first picture you see hit the button until it glows another color, then run around the other two and to the opposite side of the wall. Hit the two pictures from this side, then the large picture of a woman at the end (the crows won't attack you unless you fire a weapon). The wall will go up and the final mask will be there.
  • Defeat Plant 42 using Chris.

    There are two methods to defeating Plant 42 as Chris, unfortunately both require you to actually battle the Plant. 

    If you saved Richard in the Mansion with the Serum, then you will need to battle Plant 42 at full health. If you did not, then Chris will be grabbed by Rebecca and you will have to create V-Jolt to weaken the plant (see below on V-Jolt creation and use). Once this is done, you must battle the Plant at around half health.

    Either way, work your best to avoid getting hit by the vines and attack the primary bulb from the second floor with heavy weapons until it dies. If using the Infinite Rocket Launcher, get to an angle where you can fire one clear shot into the bulb to defeat it.

    Here's the V-Jolt method:

    In the Art Gallery there is a room with a keypad on it. While there's a way of discovering what the actual combination is, it's faster to just fiddle with the combination of 3, 5, and 6 for each Eyeball. Basically, hit one of the eyes at the top and then select one of the numbers mentioned here. Try it like "3/5/6" and if that doesn't unlock, then do "3/6/5", following up with "5/3/6", etc. etc. until all combinations are tried. When you get it right, the eyes will flash and the door will unlock.

    Inside are foyr jars but you only need three to make V-Jolt. Here's what you do:

    • Go to the Sink and Fill 1 Jar. Go to the liquid-filled jar closest to the door to grab UMB3. Combine to create UMB4.
    • Go to the opposite cabinet and grab the Yellow 06, combining it with UMB-04 to create UMB10.
    • Go to the Sink and Fill 1 Jar, then fill another jar with Yellow 06 and combine them for UMB7.
    • Combine UMB7 and UMB10 for V17.
    • Fill one jar with UMB3 and combine it with V17 to create VJolt.

    After this, head back down to the Aqua Ring and down the ladder (as the water's drained, you can't use the crates). You'll need to go the long way around here so go back through the control room and up the ladder to the walkway. Head to the inner walkway to find a door and the roots, get close and use the Vjolt to make them wither up.

  • Obtain the "Last Book Vol. 2" using Chris.

    In order to get the Last Book Vol. 2, you need the Helmet Key (which is obtained after defeating Plant 42). Go back to the Mansion and make your way to the Armor Puzzle in Death's Corridor (where you got the Armor Key) and run passed that to a locked door at the end. Head through and you'll eventually encounter Yawn. You need to defeat the Giant Snake here for it to knock the book loose, grab it and the achievement will unlock.

    The easiest way to defeat Yawn as Chris is to lure it behind the bookshelf where the Last Book is kept and fire at it a few times, before heading into the main library. Circle around, do the same thing over and over. You will also use this method on your knife run but you'll be stabbing the back of the snake's tail. Use the assault shotgun if you obtained it from Richard in the Aqua Ring or the regular shotgun.

  • Defeat Lisa Trevor using Chris.

    Once you obtain both Stone & Metal Objects, use them on the door below the Main Hall's giant stairwell. Keep advancing until you come across the Altar and Wesker will be here shortly followed by Lisa. You need to push the four stones off the platform to end this fight unless you have the Rocket Launcher, in which case you can fire upon Lisa until she is knocked off an edge (you may need to angle yourself to get her blasted towards an edge).

    It's best to just run around and not waste bullets on Lisa here, to save you time. Some of the stones take one push, others multiple. Just keep going and keeping an eye on her. Once the stones are off (or she's already in the pit), the achievement will unlock once the gate's up.

  • Defeat a Crimson Head prototype1 using Jill.

    See "Not Just Any Object" for details on obtaining the Death Masks.

    You simply need to defeat the Crimson Elder for this achievement to unlock. He's strong, about as fast as regular Crimsons and takes a punch but as Jill, you only need to fire three explosive rounds at him (Normal+) to defeat the monster. If you don't have it, use the Shotgun until he falls for good or the handgun. As far as I'm aware, decapitations are not possible.

  • Obtain the Helmet Key using Jill.

    This is obtained at the end of the Residence area, after Plant 42 is defeated. See "Herbicide" for details on creating V-Jolt and how to eliminate the plant. As Jill, you do not have to fight it at all as Barry will finish it off with a flamethrower. Pick up the key from the fireplace and the achievement should unlock.

  • Defeat Yawn using Jill.

    See "Written Word is Dead." Jill can use the Grenade Launcher and 3-5 explosive rounds should put the snake down.

  • Break into the laboratory using Jill.

    After defeating Lisa Trevor in the Altar, you will need the Wolf and Eagle Medals from Last Books Vol. 1 and 2 (Volume 2 is found in a small pit where you need to push a button on a gravestone to access the basement, you are required to go this way to progress in the game. It's a red book laying there.). Examine both books for the medals and approach the Fountain, placing first the Wolf Medal on the side closest to the elevator and then the Eagle on the other side. The fountain will drain and a walkway revealed, head down the elevator and the achievement will unlock after you exit it.

  • Defeat a Hunter.

    Your first Hunter will arrive after you complete the Residence section of the game. Upon returning with the Helmet Key, a cutscene will play showing a monster running through various areas towards the Mansion. It will attack you in the lobby outside of Spencer's Office and where you'd go for the crow-filled picture puzzle hallway. In order to defeat a Hunter, 1-3 blasts from the shotgun should be used quickly to avoid damage. They are capable of slicing your head clean off if your health is in caution or below on higher difficulties, so waste no time with it.

    There are plenty of other Hunters throughout the mansion as well, with two more being in the next hallway-stairwell outside a Save Room near this area. You will also encounter Hunters in the Cave area. If you're playing as Jill, Acid Rounds are highly effective and may kill one in a single hit. If you're playing as Chris, if one jumps on you and you have a flashbang grenade placing it in the creature's mouth will cause it's head to eventually explode.

  • Save Chris using Rebecca.


    In order to be saved by Rebecca, you need to be poisoned in the first fight with Yawn. Just get bit once and you'll be poisoned. After the fight, you'll receive a cutscene when you leave the room and you will take control of Rebecca. Simply run back to the Serum Save Room and grab a Serum there (it will be outlined on your map so you won't get lost). Don't take too long or Chris will die, thus ending the game (and you'll have to reload a save, if you made any). After you regain control of Chris you should have the achievement.

  • Save Jill using Barry.


    This requires the Jill Sandwich scene. In order to get this scene you MUST obtain it before the Can of Fizz cut scene. Basically the fastest and easiest method is directly after obtaining the Sword Key, return to the Main Hall and go through the double doors on the first floor's right side. Inside the Art Room, open the door on the right here and head through the Cerberus corridor. Run along this next hallway until you reach a small black door across from a set of double-doors. Head inside, grab the Shotgun then go back to the previous square room.

    The ceiling will start to lower, first try the door leading out to the hallway then turn around and try the door to the shotgun room. If you did not get the Can of Fizz scene yet, this door will also be locked and then the Jill Sandwich scene will occur. Barry will save your life and afterwards, the achievement will unlock.

  • Save Richard with a serum.


    Requires Armor Key (see "Not Just Any Object" for info) and Sword Key (found in the Crypt where you will face the Crimson Elder). Head upstairs from the Main Hall and go through the first door on your right leading to a U-Corridor. Go to the next door on your right and move forwards to see Richard. He'll ask that you get some Serum, which will force you back out into the U-Corridor. The area will be marked on your map, it's on the West-Wing side of the mansion.

    It's recommended to clear out any zombies above the Serum Save Room before going for the Serum, to remove risk. You have a limited time to get the Serum (6 or so minutes), which is located on a cabinet filled with vials near the Item Box. Return to Richard and a cut scene will play where he's given the medicine. If you were too late, he'll already be dead, but you'll still obtain the radio from him (just not the achievement).

  • Save Rebecca from a Hunter.


    After obtaining the Emblem Key for the Spencer's Office, you can enter the office and hear a scream from Rebecca. You have around five minutes to save her, do it immediately. Exit the office and go towards the Save Room but head up the stairs there, make your way down the short hallway to the U-Corridor. Go to the door next to you and enter the Study. Use whatever you have to kill the Hunter and the achievement will unlock

    This achievement is required for "The Nightmare Ends."

  • Save Barry from Lisa Trevor.


    When you reach the Altar, you'll have a confrontation with Barry that ends up with a choice of Yes or No. You need to select Yes and defeat Lisa Trevor as normal. The achievement should unlock after the decision but if it doesn't, defeat Lisa and it should follow. 

    Make sure she does not knock Barry into the pit during this fight otherwise you forfeit the "I'm a Member of S.T.A.R.S." achievement.

  • Save Jill from confinement using Chris.


    For this achievement, you will require the M.O. Discs. 

    There are a total of three, one is found in the Mansion and two are in the Laboratory. The Mansion one is found in the Tiger Statue room, after using the Yellow Gemstone on the eye (the Yellow Gemstone is located in the Trophy Room, where you had to obtain the Red Gemstone from one of the animal trophies, it's the animal head opposite that one). 

    The other two are found in the first area of the Laboratory, with one being in the corridor with the zombies on a desk outside of a locked room. Once you unlock that room with a computer downstairs (passwords being "John", "Ada" and "CELL") you can enter and find it to your left (the camera angle has it on the right). 

    With all three in hand, you now need to use them on the Gamecube-shaped M.O. Disc Readers. This was a easter egg back in the Nintendo release and they didn't change the look so they are still like Gamecube's. 

    • One is in the room where you need to place the Empty Capsule to get the Fuel Supply Capsule, it's on the desk opposite the door
    • One is located in one of the doors you need to unlock with a key found in Data Storage room. Using the code 8462 to move the wall up, grab the key and unlock the Morgue (two sets of double doors on the south end of the square corridor). Push the cabinet forward and climb up to the right to see some vents. Go through the vent into the Operating Room, then move up to another vent and you'll end up back in the Morgue. The Disc Reader is located here. Push another cabinet to get back to the Morgue Entrance. (Watch out for the Chimera hanging about, they'll come through the vents)
    • The last one is in the Power Room, second area. After you reach it, head to the left and go to a door where you'll enter a red-colored area. Head directly forward and you'll find the final reader on a desk.

    Once all discs have been inserted, return to the Square-Corridor and to the door leading to a hallway outside of where you need to fill the Empty Capsule. Go all the way down to the set of levers that should all be green now and pull them. Head through the door and down the stairs to find your partner. 

    You can't break them out yet, that will come after your battle in the labs below. Once you've won that and either the self-destruct system has been activated or you have Wesker's key, head back to where you found your partner and unlock the door. When you enter, the achievement will unlock. 

  • Save Chris from confinement using Jill.


    See "Sorry I Made You Wait" for more info.

  • Finish the game saving Rebecca and Jill using Chris.


    This requires that you save both teammates in your story. Refer to "That Was Nice of You" and "Sorry I Made You Wait" for more info. Achievement pops when Brad arrives to pick you up.

  • Finish the game saving Chris and Barry using Jill.


    This requires that you save both teammates in your story. Refer to "Trust Him" and "Sorry About The Wait" for more info. The achievement pops when Brad arrives to pick you up.

  • Finish the game without saving anyone using Chris.


    When Rebecca screams from the study, simply don't save her or arrive too late. If you did save her, you can still let her die on the Helipad to get this ending (just let the Tyrant finish her off). And completely ignore the M.O. discs for Jill. 

    If you did not save Rebecca from the Hunter, then you will only have to fight Tyrant in the labs making this an easier ordeal (as she's the only one who could have activated the self-destruct). Achievement will unlock when Brad arrives to pick you up.

  • Finish the game without saving anyone using Jill.


    When prompted to give Barry back his gun, don't, and he'll be killed by Lisa on the spot. Alternatively, you can let the Tyrant kill him on the helipad for the same result. Ignore the M.O. discs for Chris and use Barry's Magnum to defeat Tyrant in 1 hit in the labs. Achievement will pop when Brad arrives to pick you up.

  • Defeat a Crimson Head.

    Crimson Heads (or V-ACTs) are zombies that you have "killed" that entered a hibernation where their flesh turns crimson red and they grow sharp fingernail-claws. What happens is the host's body shuts down and the T-Virus continues to mutate it, thus bringing it back to life. Killing a Crimson does not cause it to enter further metamorphosis. 

    The easiest method of dispatching a Crimson is with the shotgun, 1-2 blasts should kill it (around three maximum). If you play it safe and burn zombies you don't kill, there is always at least ONE Crimson who will always be there for you to kill. After obtaining the Canteen and just before going for the Armor Key, there's a body that will stand up as you approach the door. You can kill this Crimson and it be the only one in the game aside from the Crimson Elder.

    The Crimson Elder DOES NOT count for this achievement. 

  • Survive your first encounter with Yawn.


    You MUST defeat Yawn on your first encounter. Escaping will not award you the achievement, the Snake must retreat through the roof in order for the achievement to unlock. 

    The best method, depending on your character, is to run around the columns while avoiding the Snake and firing off rounds at it. If you're Jill, you have the added support of Richard if you saved him with the Serum (at least until the "fake-death" midway through the fight). Just keep blasting him with the Shotgun and/or Grenade Launcher (if Jill) until the Snake retreats. 

    The achievement will unlock afterwards.

  • Defeat mother Neptune.

    Note: This achievement is technically missable but is hard to do. As you actually have to know the "shortcut" which would enable you to run passed the shark without getting gobbled up.

    After draining the Aqua Ring, you will have to get the Art Gallery Key which is located in the area where the Neptunes were swimming. Mother Neptune is chilling in a pool of water and won't move as you walk passed it. Climb up the walkway and examine the key, where it will suddenly knock the key into the water with it and become hostile. Do not enter the water as you will likely die, instead push the metal box nearby into the water and flip the switch on your left to fry it. After the Shark dies, the achievement unlocks and the water's safe to enter without being electrocuted. 

    You can also kill the Mother Neptune with firearms, though this is a waste of ammo (unless you have the Infinite Rocket Launcher). 

  • Defeat Black Tiger.

    Note: Technically missable, as you could simply cut the spider-webs and run out. But tricky to do without damage. 

    After you reach the caves, you will come across a room covered in spider-webs and Black Tiger (a massive black/red spider) will climb out to greet you. If you're playing as Chris, you can use the flamethrower here to quickly defeat the Spider. If you're playing as Jill, it's best to use Incendiary Rounds for the Grenade Launcher to end the fight in about two blasts. 

    The spider can be defeated by other methods as well, even with the knife. 

  • Burn up two zombies at the same time with the lighter.

    Whenever you defeat a zombie and it isn't decapitated/amputated the body will leave a pool of blood for you to burn it. In order to get two bodies next to each other, you should kill a second zombie just above its body to where the torsos are touching. If the legs are all that's touching, chances are you cannot burn both with one Kerosene use. It's possible to burn up to three or even four if you time where they die correctly.

    To best control this, use a shotgun on the torso. The more the torsos are overlapping the better, after doing so the achievement will unlock. 

    Note: You may be able to burn a decapitated corpse with a regular zombie but I'm uncertain, as I did not test it that way.

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