- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 15 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 6-8 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 plus either multiple level replays or a lot of grinding
- Missable achievements: None [level select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Welcome to Restless Hero, a 2D platformer where you make your way through dungeon-like levels that are somewhat maze-like. This game controls a bit weird, has little variety or uniqueness, and frankly isn't the most fun to play, but it's pretty easy and relatively short. You can get 900gs.png in only 2-3 hours, but then will unfortunately be forced to do a ton of grinding to get the last achievement. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
A few things you should be aware of when you start playing.
  • The controls are pretty unorthodox from even the most basic sense: to jump, you don't simply press button-a.png. Instead, it works more like a skateboarding game, where you jump by releasing button-a.png. So you will need to get in the habit of holding button-a.png as you run around and release it when you want to jump, much like doing an ollie in a skateboarding game.
  • Collect all of the green flasks you can find. You will unavoidably need to grind out a huge amount of them after completing all levels, but every one of them you can find as you progress is less grinding later.
  • The gold bars are the most important collectible in the game from the standpoint that there are only 80 total in the game, and you need to collect every single one to be able to unlock enough upgrades for all achievements. Every level has two gold bars hidden in chests in the level, and you can see which you've collected in each level from the level select screen. On top of that, some levels have a shop within them where you can buy a single gold bar once. I highly recommend following along with the level list in GEAR UP 3 (100G) which has a list of all levels with a shop in them. Make sure you always keep 10 green flasks on hand so you can buy the gold bar at each shop you come to. There is no way to track which levels' shops you bought the gold bar from, so if you see you have all gold bars collected in all levels from the level select screen but are still short of 80, you will unfortunately need to replay all levels with shops and check the shop in them to see if that's the one where you didn't buy the gold bar.
  • Since you need as many green flasks as you can get to afford all upgrades, it's best to spend as few as possible. To that end, when you start every level, you'll be forced to spend green flasks on one of the three powerups. Always buy the cheapest one to save your green flasks. Along the same lines, I highly recommend not upgrading all three powerups at the same time, because upgraded powerups cost more to start each level, wasting green flasks. Instead, I recommend keeping the powerup that lets you kill an enemy by touching them completely un-upgraded for the entirely of your playing, so you can always spend minimal green flasks on it to start each level. You also need to use this powerup to destroy 100 enemies cumulatively for DESTROYER 3 (100G), so you'll want to play most of the game with this powerup anyway so you unlock those three achievements as you progress.
While that may seem like a lot of information, it's still a relatively straightforward completion: progress through all 30 levels, collecting all the green flasks you can find and paying particular attention to ensure you find the two gold ingots in every level, and also make sure you buy the gold ingot from every shop in each level that has one. Don't forgot to use the powerup to destroy enemies as you play.

Once you've completed all 30 levels and collected/bought all 80 gold ingots, all that should remain is to purchase 10 upgrades. This will require a massive amount of green flasks. Refer to GEAR UP 3 (100G) for an efficient yet very boring method of grinding out green flasks to buy enough upgrades for this last achievement, at which point you should be done with this completion.

While this game doesn't offer any particularly exciting or unique gameplay (other than the very strange jumping controls), it is a pretty easy and short game, that unfortunately requires at least as much time grinding as you probably spent completing the levels. I wouldn't really recommend this game unless you want to quickly pad your gamerscore and don't mind mindless grinding.
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Restless Hero Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Refer to TREASURER 3 (100G) for more information.

    Refer to TREASURER 3 (100G) for more information.

    While you only need to collect 50 gold ingots to unlock all three levels of these achievements, you need all 80 gold ingots in the game to be able to buy enough powerups for GEAR UP 3 (100G). Refer to that achievement solution for details on collecting all 80 gold ingots in the game.

    Refer to DESTROYER 3 (100G) for more information.

    Refer to DESTROYER 3 (100G) for more information.

    There is only one way to destroy enemies in this game: picking the powerup at the start of each level that allows you to do so. There is one powerup that gives you a shield, one that lets you turn transparent to avoid damage, and one that destroys the next enemy that you come into contact with. It's this latter powerup that you'll need to start a level with in order to be able to destroy enemies. I highly recommend playing each level with it and use it all the time to make progress towards this achievement. Doing so will ensure you unlock all three achievements for destroying enemies well before completing every level.

    Refer to ADVENTURER 3 (100G) for more information.

    Refer to ADVENTURER 3 (100G) for more information.

    There are a total of 30 levels in the game, so this achievement requires you to complete all of them. Completing levels is relatively simple: make your way through the maze-like layout of each level until you find the big wooden door, which you then need to stand in front of for 3 seconds to exit and complete the level. Along the way, you'll see black open doorways which act as checkpoints. Checkpoints are very common, which should make progression relatively easy in every level. The only exceptions are the "chase" levels when you'll be chased by a big black cloud that kills you instantly if it touches you. There are still some checkpoints in these levels, but typically far fewer. Thankfully there are also fewer enemies, so it's really more a matter of running, jumping, and wall climbing to move through the level quickly enough, which isn't very challenging.
  • ACE 1




    Refer to ACE 3 (100G) for more information.
  • ACE 2



    GET 15 MEDALS.

    Refer to ACE 3 (100G) for more information.
  • ACE 3



    GET 25 MEDALS.

    Medals in this game are awarded when you collect both gold ingots (the two hidden in chests) in a level. So for this achievement, you need to collect both gold ingots in 25 of the 30 levels in the game. However, you will need to collect all 80 gold ingots in the game to be able to buy enough powerups for GEAR UP 3 (100G). As a result, refer to that achievement solution to ensure you get all 80 gold ingots, and these achievements will unlock along the way.

    Refer to GEAR UP 3 (100G) for more information,

    Refer to GEAR UP 3 (100G) for more information,

    Upgrading powers requires two things:
    1. Enough gold ingots collected to have access to that tier of upgrade. Gold ingots are not spent. They only need to be collected to have access to higher tiers of upgrades.
    2. Green flasks to actually spend on the upgrades. Green flasks are the currency in the game.
    While the first few upgrades will seem cheap and easy to get, upgrading 10 powers means you'll be reaching the final tier of upgrades on at least one power In order to do this, you will need to collect all 80 gold ingots in the game, and will also need a massive amount of green flasks.

    First, the gold ingots. Every level has two gold ingots hidden in chests that you'll need to collect. These are tracked on the level select screen, so you can easily see which ones you're missing, and make sure you get them all. This only accounts of 60 gold ingots though. The other 20 gold ingots are bought from shops located within specific levels, for 10 green flasks each. To avoid needing to replay levels (or keep tracking of which levels you have and haven't bought the gold ingot in), I highly recommend keeping at least 10 green flasks on hand at all times so you can always afford the gold ingot when you come to a shop. The following list is all of the levels in the game with a shop within them. There is no way to track which levels you've bought the gold ingot from the shop, so I highly recommend following this list as you play and buying the gold ingot straight away. If you complete all levels and are still missing gold ingots (aside from the ones on the level select screen), you will unfortunately need to play through all of the levels on the list below and check the shop in each one to see which one is still selling a gold ingot.

    Here are all levels with a shop that sells a gold ingot:
    • 4
    • 6
    • 8
    • 10
    • 11
    • 12
    • 13
    • 14
    • 15
    • 16
    • 17
    • 18
    • 19
    • 20
    • 21
    • 23
    • 25
    • 27
    • 29
    • 30
    Now on to the second half of the upgrades: green flasks. As noted above, you will need a massive amount of green flasks - far more than you'll collect during the course of normal play. This means you'll be faced with a massive amount of grinding to get more. While you could replay and complete levels, the downside of this is that it's not only inefficient in the sense of time spent actually completing the level, but also because you need to spend green flasks on a powerup to even be able to start a level each time you play one.

    Instead, the absolutely fastest and most efficient way to grind out green flasks is to start level 28. Pick the cheapest powerup. Right when the level starts, run right, drop down, and run right to the green flask. You should be able to collect the green flask right as you tough the black cloud and it kills you. The trick is that, since you didn't get a checkpoint, the flask comes back when you respawn, but all flasks collected immediately add to your total even if you die. So collect that flask and die, then repeat over and over again. This is incredibly boring, but is incredibly efficient, since you're not only collecting a flask every few seconds, but you also aren't spending flasks to start a level over and over again. To minimize flasks spending on starting the level, you could make a count of how many you need and grind out that many, then complete the level like normal and buy all the remaining upgrades to unlock this achievement.

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