Destiny's Path Achievement

  • Destiny's Path



    Cards of Insight.


    This can first be unlocked in Act 1. Tarot Card 0 (The Fool) can be found in the dining car. Once you side-step the guy on the phone, turn around, and you will see the card to the right of the door from which you entered. A complete list of Tarot Cards can be found here.

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  • Simple, just fnd your first taro card, but keep your eyes open there's also an achievement to find them all
  • First card: right after you bump into the guy on the phone in the train, turn around and it's ontye last table to the right
  • Ok so if i dont get the tarot card on the train will it give me this one by pickin up the next card i find??
  • Yah, you'll get it on the first card you find, not just the one listed in the achievement. I got this achievement when I picked up the 2nd tarot card.

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