Fading Footprints Achievement

  • Fading Footprints



    Forgotten Records.


    This can first be unlocked in Act 1. Detective's Tape 01 (In Eastern Europe) can be found at the end of the dining car. When facing the dining car exit, turn around and you will see another door. Open this to enter a small kitchen, where you will find the tape on a counter. A complete list of Detective's Tapes can be found here.

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  • Find your first detective tape, and keep looking there's an achievement to find them all
  • The first card is one the left in a bush after you've swam to safety from the mysterious water creature, if you miss it there one more in the bush to the right a few steps later.
  • @#2 Correction, the first one is located right after the train crash and in te cave, when they say they aren't going back, go the direction where the first guy left and there is a card back there
  • the first tape is actually on the train behind the kitchen counter
  • Ok i think ive missed alot of these so far im far into chapter 3 and i think ive only picked up ones that are in the open Am i goin to get them all in one playthrough or can i go back and pick up the ones im missing

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