Creature Executioner Achievement

  • Creature Executioner



    Attacks from below are effective against creatures too.


    A spear trap is a section of floor that has spears which pop out at regular intervals. You need to get 20 creatures to die on these spears, either by knocking or leading them onto the spears.

    A good place to get this is in Act 3. After the TV room, there will be a long passage with spear traps and several enemies. Kick or lead them onto the spears to kill them, and then kill yourself. Repeat until you unlock the achievement.

    In Act 10-2 there are spear traps that materialize from purple vortices. These also count for this achievement, but there are very few enemies in the area.

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  • Yeah, I've been trying to figure how what this one is but I have no clue. Any help? (:
  • You have to lure or kick them into the spikes that come out of the ground.
  • I lured them across the floor towards floor spikes but didn't get this achievement :(
  • you have to kill 20 of them doing this
  • I have been trying to get this achievement for ages.... I still haven't had any luck. :/ Not sure what to do.
  • allow 20 creatures to walk onto floor spikes in chapter 3, just after cut scene with ringing phone and TV. You have 5 guys in that room, so should be quick.

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