Escape From the Grasp of Evil Achievement

  • Escape From the Grasp of Evil



    Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 1.


    To get an A rank, you must complete the scene quickly, and with a decent, but not necessarily high kill count. Move from area to area swiftly, stopping only to kill those enemies directly in your way. Keep your arms down unless you need to block or attack; the auto-aim will become frustrating quickly, as it will spin you around in directions you may not want to go.

    Scene 1 takes place in the catacombs and graveyard from Act 2. An A rank can be achieved with at least 42,830 points, but lower might be possible.

    Here's a video walkthrough:

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  • Pick up test tubes on the left and clear the hall including screaming woman. Pick up any weapon (I managed to grab katana). Run upstairs and then just walk towards the end of level killing ONLY screaming woman on your way (3 times I think). Took me 2:30 minutes to finish. For the correct route check youtube. You don't wonna get lost on your way;-)

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