Live to Tell the Tale Achievement in Rise of Nightmares

  • Live to Tell the Tale



    Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 2.

  • How to unlock Live to Tell the Tale

    Scene 2 begins in the TV room from Act 3, and takes you through the bedrooms, ending in the booby-trapped underground passage. There are very few enemies in this scene; your main task will be avoiding one-hit kill traps. An A rank can be achieved with at least 38,820 points, but lower might be possible.

    Here's a video walkthrough:

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  • This act is to test your control, you need to be very cautious when you walk, Specially at the final room with the Blades. This room is nice for someone who is Emo, u know ?
  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pretty easy once you know where the traps are. Make sure you pick up gold tubes in the room with blades (next to 2nd creature), they make it easier to kill final few creatures.

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