Fight or Flight Achievement

  • Fight or Flight



    Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 3.


    Scene 3 takes place in the forest from Act 5. It can be tricky to navigate your first time through, as there are multiple portals you can take, levers to pull, and an item to find. There are tons of enemies here, and it is best to avoid combat when possible, especially in the area with the hordes of chef creatures. Keep your arms down and kick enemies away, killing only those necessary to clear a path. An A rank can be achieved with at least 52,360 points, but lower might be possible.

    Here's a video walkthrough:

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  • this is really really massive mad achievement.. its fukken hard to go through this level. everything goes well until you get to the cookers trash.. there is no limits of zombie and they is no weapons. you need to be wise and turn your camera to protect yourself to keep running through the door. YOU CAN'T BE BACKSTABBED, so be wise and dont forget the Magic Sword at the end.. cuz the massive final trash will rape you hard =/
  • it's not that hard, don't worry. First as Peteee20 said, you can't be stabbed by the creature you don't see. Ones from behind can only grab you and you can push them away easily. The key to success here is: SLASH HORIZONTALLY (with blade weapon/bone crusher) AND KICK AT THE SAME TIME. Kicking is far more efficient than blocking, because it not only blocks, but also freezes cretures for a while. So make sure you pick up YELI'S BLADE from the crate after first portal, but first kill screamers and pukers with scalpels. Yeli's blade DON'T WEAR OUT, so you can kill as many bad guys as you need!! When you get to the chefs, first try to run to the portal on the ground without killing anyone. WATCH OUT FOR THE PUKERS! After pulling the lever you start off before chefs again. You can kill a do
  • zen or so, to make yourself more confident. But they won't stop coming. So try to run a slalom towards the final portal at the end of path. After that you have final bunch of creatures which you kill by slashing/kicking. THE END

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