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  • Brawl King



    Don't pick things up.


    Kill 50 enemies by punching or kicking. You can punch with your left hand at any time, and with your right when you are not carrying a weapon, but can kick any time.

    These are the weakest attacks, so either work on this when your current weapon breaks and before you pick up another, or try and get it done in the early stages that have weaker enemies. You can also whittle an enemy's health down with a weapon, and finish it with a kick.

    Your kill counts carry over from each playthrough, so this will eventually unlock this as long as you use unarmed attacks when possible.

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  • Kill 50 creatures by punching or kicking them.
  • weaken them with ur weapon 1st then just kick & punch with ur left fist
  • Why are their 2 of the same achievments, just with differnt names?
  • they aren't, one is hand weapons like brass knuckles and stuff like that easiest way to do it is pick ch.6 and just kick everyone while being Ernst, lot of enemies and his hits kill in 1-2 shots
  • thanks planesWalker Made this way easier

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