Mad Bomber Achievement in Rise of Nightmares

  • Mad Bomber



    Keep tossing those tubes.

  • How to unlock Mad Bomber

    Kill 50 creatures with exploding test tubes. These include:

    • Golden Test Tube
    • Volatile Test Tube

    Your kill counts carry over from each playthrough, so this will eventually unlock this as long as you use this type of weapon when available.

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  • very easy way to get it keep playing Chapter 3, just after slicer you have a crate with TUBES (by the red crates and stairs). Go upstairs and kill 3 enemies (takes 2 tubes for each) and get killed by the 4-th one or by electric door. When you recover you will start at the top of the stairs with 7 tubes equipped. Keep killing those 3 creatures until achivement pops:)

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