Pipe-Layer Achievement

  • Pipe-Layer



    You can use tools too.


    Kill 50 creatures with exploding pipe-like weapons. These include, but may not be limited to:

    • Bloody Metal Bat
    • Bone Crusher
    • Iron Pipe

    Your kill counts carry over from each playthrough, so this will eventually unlock this as long as you use this type of weapon when available.

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  • What the hell are these achievements like these obviously referring to the weapons we pick up in the game...? ive killed plenty of zombies with pipes, wrenches, etc, and it hasnt unlocked this achievement... am I missing something? Do I have to kill a certain amount of zombies with this/these weapons to unlock this?
  • must kill 50 zombies with pipe what i did was go to act 10 scene 1 and in the room with 1st banshee on right side is a pipe just keep killing them and restarting
  • @1 - All of the achievements that relate to objects mean that you have to kill 50 enemies with that specific tool.

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