-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 8/12 (155/200)
-Online: 4/12 (45/200
-Approximate amount of time to 20010+ Hours (Can be less, as there are luck-based achievements involved).
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Campaign as well as many additional games).
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: None
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty setting
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: Boosting partners makes it easier.

Welcome to Risk: Factions! A remake of the classic board game, but with a twist. If you've played Risk before, this game will come to you naturally, even with the new implementations. If this is your first run at it, no problem! This game will be magnitudes easier if you have a group to work towards the Ranked /Online MP achievements, along with the Viral achievement, "Man Up!" The of the achievements rest can be done on your own against CPU's. Bear in mind, there is only one achievement, "Master and Commander," that requires you winning in a 5 player game (human, not CPU's). The rest of the online achievements can be done with just one partner, if desired. 

It's an extremely easy game, but just takes time (especially for those luck-based achievements, like "Ironman," and "Demon Child"). All in all, this game is fantastic, and the replay value is infinite. You can even play original Risk without the additional quirks (objectives) added into the title. Follow emidas' achievement guide for tips, and tricks towards getting all of the achievements, and have fun! 

Step 1: Campaign:
For those who have never played Risk before, this would be the ideal place to start. The campaign is pretty simple, and straight forward, and the cartoon cut-scenes are pretty amusing. The game will walk you through in the first mission, explaining the purpose of objectives, and how to play. Once you complete the campaign (of which you will earn the "First Strike," and "Faction Specialist" achievements) you'll be a natural, and are ready for the big leagues!

Step 2: Online achievements:
As said before, finding someone to help you attain these will make your quest so much easier. If you don't have any friends with the game, you can always check in HERE for help. With a team of 5 you'll earn "Master and Commander," and you can get "Solider," and "Glory Hunter" with just one other person. Don't forget to get that valuable 0 Viral achievement, "Man up." You can earn these without any additional help, but bear in mind, this can be frustrating as people seem to quit often when they have no chance of winning, effectively rendering that game useless towards your achievement.

Step 3: Mopping up:
This is where the time consuming portion really comes into play. Through out your earning the Single player and MP achievements, you'll likely have been contributing towards "Demon Child," and "Destroyer." From here on out, you can do it solo against CPU's. I would recommend keeping track of which map you play on while working towards "5 Star General," which requires you to win a game on every map at least once (you only need to win on each map once, not every time for each mode (ex. You only need one win on Catsmir total, not one for 2-player and one for 3-player)). You can access stats from the Main Menu to see how many Overkills, Super Overkills, and casualties from each faction you've killed, utilize it. 

"Ironman" is another luck-based achievement, which requires you to defend a minimum of 5 attackers with just 1 defender. Check out Emidas' achievement guide for tips on making it easier. "Capitalize This" is straight forward, it just requires you to control 5 capitals. Set up a game with 4 CPU's, set the game mode for World Conquest, and win. "Star Command" asks that you cash in 10 stars to earn 30 troops (you'll earn a star after any successful turn – meaning that you captured at least one enemy territory in your turn). Set up a 1v1 against the CPU, again set the game mode to World Conquest, and capture all but one of their territories. Allow them to capture a territory on their turn (so you can capture it back, if need be) until you have 10 stars. Trade them in, and watch it pop. 

Tips and suggestions:

  • For the Super Overkills: try and capture 3 barracks to control the Super Missile, as well as earning the extra attack die (barracks are those things on the map that are usually surround the Super Missile). Here is a PICTURE.
  • For Ironman: try and earn the extra defense die, and if you wanted to, you could potentially boost this with another player (just have them attack your land with 1 troop with a land with 6+ troops over and over until you get it). Having a nearby airport also helps. 
  • Make sure you're paying attention to your stats page, found from the Main Menu, while attempting to kill 100 of each faction. 

List of levels:

  • Proving Ground (2 or 3 players)
  • Catsmir (2 or 3 players)Dead Central (2 or 3 players)
  • Planes (2 or 3 players)
  • Classic Risk Map (3,4, or 5 players)
  • Bitnap (3 or 4 players)
  • Militize (3 or 4 players)
  • Tweety (3 or 4 players)
  • Quarantine (3 or 4 players)
  • Limbo (4 or 5 players)
  • Big Ice (4 or 5 players)
  • Down Range (4 or 5 players)

Credit goes to emidas for the game list, as well as a couple of strategies I borrowed for this guide.

[x360a would like to thank PenderPowguin for this Roadmap]

Risk: Factions Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Defeat someone over Xbox LIVE who has earned the Man Up! achievement.

    Risk: Faction's very own viral achievement, at launch only the developers of the game will have this achievement. Over time, as they lose to more and more individuals, this achievement will be less and less scarce, and easier to obtain. Simply defeat someone in an Xbox Live match who has this achievement, and this 0-point achievement is yours.
  • Be the first to get an objective in game.

    Simply be the first person in a game to accomplish an objective. In order for it to count, you must select the objective as your reward over your card (if you earned a card that turn). You will earn this naturally as you play through the campaign. This can be earned in single player, multiplayer, or custom game.
  • Kill 100 human, cat, robot, yeti and zombie units.

    For this achievement, you will need to kill 100 troops from each of the five factions in the game. The campaign will net you a fair amount, but for the rest you can either earn them by replaying the campaign, playing custom games, or multiplayer. The quickest way to get the amount needed is simply to set up a 2-player custom game playing against the faction you need kills for.
  • Complete the human, cat, robot, yeti and zombie campaigns.

    You will earn this achievement after completing the short five mission campaign included in the game.

    In the first mission, "All quiet on the human front", you will be playing as humans, against humans. This mission acts as the tutorial of the campaign, teaching you about new features and rules. This mission features the Missile, which can be controlled by owning three of the four barracks, located in Killoofs, Vanguard, Boot Camp, and Fox Hole. Success in this mission can be earned easily simply by controlling the missile and using it to your advantage.

    In the second mission, "A bridge too fur", the Cat faction is introduced and you are in control of their army against the very Human army you were in control of. This map features the mines in Kotka located in Meowping and Tigercat. The dam is also featured here, controlled by owning Birman and Sire.

    In the third mission, "The red badge of storage", you will encounter your first three way battle, controlling the Robot army against the Cat and Human factions. The volcano makes its first appearance on this map, surrounded by the energy resource centers in Satcom, Ash Slip, and VC40. Also featured on this map is the Solar Arrays, found in Waren, Cybern, Hardwaren, Felidale, and Tigris.

    In the fourth mission, "A farewell to brains", you take control of the Zombie army in a fierce battle against your previous three employers. Von's Temple makes its first appearance on this map, controlled by owning the three surrounding territories (Fire, Water, and Earth Altars). This is the most powerful ability in the game, as each turn you are in control of the Temple, you are able to convert any opponent territory you choose and make it your own and subsequently taking all units in that territory for yourself. The missile and its accompanying barracks are back, and the crypts also appear in this mission, located in Margay, Darkhill, Gutter's Corner, and Boneyard.

    In the fifth mission, "Avalanche Now", you are commanding the yeti army against the remaining four factions. Simply be the first to earn three objectives and the achievement is yours. If you are having difficulty winning on this map, try to focus on first securing Von's Temple. It is usually an objective within the map itself, and every time it is under your control at the start of your turn you are able to convert an enemy territory, making those territories with 20+ troops welcome (so long as they are not trying to take over the Temple). This map is also home to the mines on Kotka, and the crypts also make another appearance.
  • Control 5 capitals.

    You can only earn this achievement in a 5-player game. The easiest way to earn this achievement is to play either a World Conquest or Command Room game with manual game set up on the Limbo map. With your first three picks, place units in the Earth, Air, and Fire Altars which form Von's Temple. Continue to pick territories, preferably around the Temple as you want to eliminate any chance of losing the Temple during this game. Once you are able to place reinforcements, place at least 6 or 7 on each Altar, as it is vital to protect the temple in order to get this achievement. You should also pick one of these as your capital. Once the game starts, keep placing units on the temple territories, and use the Temple's power to convert your opponent's capitals each turn. Once you capture another capital, remember to reinforce it so that it won't be taken over. As soon as you convert the fifth and finally capital, this achievement will unlock. This achievement can be earned in Custom game or multiplayer, and can also be earned on the fifth and final level of the campaign using the same strategy.
  • Defend a minimum of 5 attackers with one defender.

    This achievement is purely luck based, but there are things you can to improve your odds. Earning the defense die from an objective helps tremendously with this, as does a nearby airport. If an opponent has a surplus of troops in an area near some of your territories, empty them save one troop in order to coax them into attack.

    This achievement can also be boosted simply by creating a public match with your friend(s), and then letting the defender accomplish the objective needed to procure the defense die. Then Attack him repeatedly with at least 5 attackers. Using one die as the attacker instead of two or three at a time will stack the odds a bit better in favor of the defender as well. Can be earned in campaign, custom game, or multiplayer.
  • Achieve 10 super overkills.

    A super overkill is achieved when you roll three sixes at once. Another purely luck based achievement that does, however, have ways to improve your odds. As you need at least three dice in order to even have a chance to do this, attacking with at least three troops is a necessity, and also owning the attack die helps, as does having control of the Missile and attacking within its range.

    To boost super overkills, simply create a public match with your friend(s) on a map that has the Missile. Allow the person going for the achievement to take over three of the barracks, and then no other areas near the missile. This allows for maximum attacks near the missile. Then allow him to earn the Attack die, and then pray.

    Super overkills can be earned in regular and fast attacks, and can be earned in any gameplay mode.
  • Earn 10 stars and trade them for 30 troops.

    In Risk: Factions, any turn that you successfully take over a territory, you will earn a reward card that will include either 1 or 2 stars. Alternatively, if you have the objective bonus "Guarantee Card", you don't have to take over a territory during the turn to get a reward card at the end of your turn. The easiest way to earn this achievement would be to earn the Guarantee Card objective bonus, and then simply put all of your troops onto your capital and don't attack. Eventually, you will earn 10 stars; then, at the start of your next turn, it will give you the option to turn in 10 stars for 30 troops. Do so, and this achievement will unlock. In longer games, this is easier to accomplish as there will generally be more turns. This can be done in any game mode.
  • Play 5 games on Xbox LIVE.

    As the description says, simply play five multiplayer games over Xbox Live. They can consist or any combination of Classic or Factions, World Conquest or Command Room, and Player or Ranked matches.
  • Win a 5 player ranked Command Room game on Xbox LIVE.

    This achievement can only be earned playing an Xbox Live, Factions, ranked command room game with five players. Simply select custom match, and look for 5-player command room games to look for a game to complete this in. Once you find a game, all you have to do is win!
  • Win 10 ranked games on Xbox LIVE.

    This achievement can only be earned by playing a ranked game over Xbox Live. It can consist of any combination of Classic or Faction games, as well as command room or world conquest games, so long as the total of ranked wins equals 10. When queuing for a match, make sure to select ranked match rather than player match, as player matches do not count towards the progress of this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • You have won a game on each map in custom game.

    To earn this achievement, you must win on every custom game map. This is best done by creating a Factions game with the settings as Command Room, Manual set up, quick game. The maps you need to win on are:

    • Proving Ground (2 or 3 players)
    • Catsmir (2 or 3 players)
    • Dead Central (2 or 3 players)
    • Planes (2 or 3 players)
    • Classic Risk Map (3,4, or 5 players)
    • Bitnap (3 or 4 players)
    • Militize (3 or 4 players)
    • Tweety (3 or 4 players)
    • Quarantine (3 or 4 players)
    • Limbo (4 or 5 players)
    • Big Ice (4 or 5 players)
    • Down Range (4 or 5 players)
    You only need to win on each map once, not every time for each mode (ex. You only need one win on Catsmir total, not one for 2-player and one for 3-player).

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