- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [skill dependent] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 37 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 20-30 hours [luck and skill dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Many
- Missable achievements: None [rogue-ish gameplay with looping playthroughs]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes - must play on Monsoon difficulty for Deicide (30G). All other achievements can be earned on Drizzle difficulty
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Do cheats disable achievements: No. A title update added Artifacts to the game, and these are in-game modifiers that function similar to cheats. They can make your run significantly harder or easier, depending on which you enable. None of them disables any achievements, so they can/should be used to your advantage. Refer to the Artifacts section below for more information
  • DLC: Survivors of the Void
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 50sqml_s79zv-Bp1bWxZaxDlIfSXVD__hBeSn13MZM2_FAp71OvSFDoJCu3QIBLGKnevqA_nFxkbIo9DTrfeUiGeP-e1932VQuOXU16II6LT3BFF16DhETJLml-VUslDQkzViFVmACJHhwqkzKMgn1tOk: 45-60 minutes
    • Unobtainable: None
Welcome to Risk of Rain 2, the successor to the cult hit Risk of Rain. This game has many of the same features in terms of gameplay mechanics, but the biggest change is that this game is a third-person shooter, versus the 2D side-scrolling platformer that was the first one. You therefore need to keep your wits about you, since you can't see what enemies are spawning above you and behind you as they attack you. Overall, this game is noticeably more difficult than the first, especially when you first get going, but I'm here to provide useful information for getting started and completing this game. The achievements require quite a bit more work than the first game, but the gameplay is just as fun and addicting, and way more action packed. Let's get started.

Explanation of Artifacts and How They Work:
Artifacts were added to the game after launch, and are in-game modifiers that can drastically alter specific gameplay elements. They don't disable any achievements, so if you want to make the game easier (or, in multiple cases, eliminate RNG), they are a huge help. Before you can use them, you need to unlock them. To unlock an Artifact, you need to first reach the fifth stage of a run, which will always be Sky Meadow. Under the map is a big platform with huge hoses running around and a giant portal generator. You need to get to this platform, which is most easily done by jumping off the side of the map and landing on it. Extra jumps or dashes are helpful but aren't needed if you jump off the correct side of the map to reach it. Once down there, you can see a 3x3 grid of interactable objects, and each generates a shape. You need to input a code specific to the Artifact you want to unlock, and then interact with the laptop at the edge of the grid to input the code. If done correctly, a red portal will generate in the huge generator, and you can hop through it into a hidden realm to unlock the Artifact you want. More on that below.

As for the Artifacts themselves, there are many. Since this is a guide for making achievements easier, I'm not going to bother listing out the ones that make gameplay harder. Feel free to look those up if you want a more challenging experience. The main ones you'll want, and that I'll be making reference to in the guide to make various achievements easier and/or less RNG-dependent, are the following, with their codes listed below:

Artifact of Command (choose your items)
Cube - Cube - Cube
Cube - Cube - Cube
Pyramind - Pyramid - Pyramid

Artifact of Sacrifice (enemies drop items, instead of needing to buy them from chests)
Pyramind - Pyramid - Pyramid
Pyramind - Pyramid - Pyramid
Pyramind - Diamond - Pyramid

Artifact of Honor (all enemies are elite)
Cube - Cube - Cube
Cube - Pyramid - Cube
Cube - Cube - Cube

Artifact of Honor obviously makes the game harder, and you won't be using it during normal gameplay, but it's critical for removing the RNG factor from Deicide (30G), and so I mention it here because you can only unlock one Artifact per visit to Sky Meadow. Each time you complete and unlock an Artifact, you'll loop back to the first stage, and after another four stages you'll be back at Sky Meadow for another attempt at unlocking an Artifact. Therefore, prioritize artifacts in the order I've listed above. Once you have Command and Sacrifice, turning them both on eliminates all randomness from your build. Basically, money is now only useful for repairing drones/turrets and using the Shrine of Chance. Otherwise, enemies will be dropping all the items you would've otherwise gotten from chests and terminals (thanks to the Artifact of Sacrifice). This means you aren't limited to however many chests there are on a level. Enemies spawn infinitely in every level, meaning you essentially have the opportunity for infinite items. As for the Artifact of Command, instead of items dropping, a little cluster of cubes drops, and you need to interact with it. Doing so brings up a grid of all items of that rarity that you've unlocked, and you can choose whichever you want. For example, no longer are you at the mercy of getting movement upgrades when you want damage boosts or healing items. You pick exactly what you want, every single time. The only downside is that the game doesn't pause while you're selecting your item. You therefore need to be quick and/or wait for a lull. Once you get the hang of what items you use regularly and where they are in the grid, picking you item will take a second or two, at most.

To wrap this section up, here's how the Artifact is actually unlocked. Now that you've input the code above, head into the red portal to fight. There is a boss in the middle of the screen, but it's relatively harmless, and invulnerable to attacks. There will be an Artifact Key yellow item near the boss that you need to pick up, then get close to the boss and interact to use the key on it, taking off 25% of its health. You now need to do this three more times with three more Artifact Keys, but they drop randomly from enemies now. So, kill the mobs that spawn and keep your eyes peeled for yellow item drops, grabbing each key to do more damage to the boss. Once it's defeated, jump up to it and interact to take the Artifact and have it permanently unlocked. It won't be for this run, but from the character selection screen you can enable it for all future runs. And that's how to get Artifacts. Like I said, I'll be referring to these throughout the guide to make things easier and eliminate RNG in many places.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
For most rogue-ish games, I would recommend jumping right in to get used to the gameplay and start building up some skill and familiarity. However, with this game, you're just going to end up dying often, and quite likely feeling frustrated, so here are some tips for getting started, especially because the game offers no tutorial or explanation of what's going on at all.
  • Turn the difficulty down. The game defaults to a harder difficulty, which isn't needed for any achievements. Turn it right down to Drizzle (easy) to make things much more manageable
  • Play as Huntress, not Commando. The Commando is the worst character in the game, and you'll find yourself struggling with him. The Huntress moves fast and has all homing attacks, meaning you can just run around holding rt.png and don't need to aim at any enemies directly. This is great for getting started. The Huntress has low health though, so she isn't good for long runs, but for the first hours of gameplay, she's the best
  • The goal in each stage is to locate the teleporter, activate it, defeat the boss that spawns, hold out inside the bubble until the teleporter is fully charged, then leave. The problem is that the location of the teleporter is always randomized. For an embarassingly long time, I was hunting the teleporter down manually in every stage, looking for the (sometimes barely visible) black horns sticking out of the ground. Turns out, the game provides a simple telltale way to locate the teleporter on every stage: there is a huge swarm of fireflies all around the teleporter area, and they're visible from across the map. So, when you start each stage, look around (high and low) for a huge cluster of fireflies. They are showing you exactly where the teleporter is, eliminating the need to search manually
  • Money is not carried over from one level to the next, so never save it. Any time you find something to spend money on (a chest, a terminal, a Shrine of Chance, etc.), spend your money on it immediately so you don't have to look for it later. Nothing is wasted (aside from when you get no reward from the Shrine of Chance)
  • Yes, there is a timer in the upper right corner where enemies get stronger and harder the longer your run goes on, but this is a bit of a trap for newcomers. If you rush through stages to try to keep the timer low, you're going to miss out on items to make you stronger and ready for later levels. Don't be fooled into thinking speed is all that matters. It's better to do a sweep of a level and collect as many items as possible than it is to blow through the level and move onto the next. Without getting enough items, you won't stand a chance later on, no matter how fast you go. Also as you progress farther, enemy difficulty steps up with how many stages you've done, so time eventually stops mattering anyway
Step 1: Unlock Achievements, Characters, and Items by Playing the Game
I know it sounds weird to tell you to unlock achievements, but all achievements in this game are tied to ingame challenges, and those challenge all unlock something useful in the game, rather than just the achievement. Every achievement you unlock will give you either a new character to play as or a new item available to use in the game.

As noted above, start as the Huntress and make sure you're playing on Drizzle. Your goal for your first few runs is to unlock the Artifact of Command and the Artifact of Sacrifice. Having both of those eliminates the RNG aspect of items in the game, allowing you to build your character exactly how you want every time. The Artifact section above explains how to unlock them. You'll likely spend a few runs getting acquainted with the movement, the enemies, your attacks, bosses, etc. But, like any roguelike, this is necessary experience so you just get better at the game, since every run starts you with nothing.

You'll get many achievements during this stage, just getting used to the game. You'll get Elite Slayer (20G) pretty much right away, beating the first level will get you The Basics (20G), you'll die a bunch and get Learning Process (20G), and multiple others. Pay attention during this step for Shrines, since you need to use Shrines of Chance enough to get "Is This Bugged?" (20G), you need to upgrade three Shines of the Wood for One with the Woods (20G), and you need a stage with two Shrines of the Mountain for Ascendant (30G).

Step 2: Build- and Level-Specific Achievements
Now that you know what you're doing, you have experience with the levels, and you have the two Artifacts listed above, you can knock out a bunch of build-specific achievements, such as Macho (20G), Going Fast Recommended (20G), and Rapidfire (30G). Those are easy enough to do, one per run worst case, with the Artifacts. You can also get Naturopath (30G), which is technically also a build-specific achievement. You should also take care of the level specific achievements, such as Her Concepts (30G) and [REDACTED] (30G) and Death Do Us Part (30G). You'll also want to get True Respite (30G) now that you should be able to survive to Stage 8 without many issues, knowing how to play the game. Also, since it's technically a level-specific achievement, and since your runs are taking you to Stage 6 and beyond by now, you want to pay particular attention to The Demons And The Crabs (30G). It requires you to get Titanic Plains as your Stage 6 stage, so if that happens, take that opportunity to get this achievement, since it can be a real pain otherwise. 

Step 3: Achievement Mop-Up
The reason we're doing achievement mop-up second to last is because each achievement gives you a new item, and you want all those items available for the hardest achievements. So, now is the time to go through whatever achievements you have left and unlock them. Refer to the guide for whatever you still need. Specifically, make sure to do the Prismatic Trial (Prismatically Aligned (30G)), unlock the Engineer if you haven't already (Engineering Perfection (30G)), and also complete the challenge for defeating 500 elite enemies. This unlocks the Old Guillotine item, but is pretty important for the next section. Refer to the guide for whatever else you still need.

Step 4: The Hard Achievements
Time for the hardest achievements: Deicide (30G), which I recommend doing first, and The Long Road (30G), which is longer and pretty tough. We're doing these last because we want to have as many items unlocked as possible, and as much experience with the game, the bosses and enemies, building up the Engineer, etc., before trying to tackle these. I have provided much more information in each of those achievement solutions, both in terms of specifics you'll want to have unlocked before you try them, but also the exact builds I used and the exact strategies. With the Artifact of Command, you'll be able to replicate my build almost identically, aside from red and yellow items (since they're so rare). Be prepared to put some work into this step, but the hardest will be over when you're done with it (and possibly the completion too).
Survivors of the Void DLC

This expansion costs a whopping $14.99, and it adds one new mode: Simulacrum, located in the Alternate Game Modes section on the main menu. It also adds two new characters to play as, some new items, new enemies, and new maps. There is a single achievement for this new DLC, and it can be attempted in two ways: a special line of progression in the main game, or via the new Simulacrum mode from the main menu. I cover both in Dragged Below (50G), but to sum it up: with the Artifacts I recommend from the base game above, and having the Engineer unlocked, this achievement becomes an absolute joke to do in the Simulacrum. Refer to the guide for how to really quickly and easily knock out this single new achievement, wrapping up this DLC completion.

Overall Conclusion:
Risk of Rain 2 is a fantastic addition to the roguelike genre. The gameplay is really fun, there is a ton of variety between the characters and items, the possibilities for synergies are endless, and like all good roguelikes, getting that perfect build where you feel like God Mode is so incredibly satisfying, making it hard to stop even when you know there aren't any achievements left. There is some difficulty here, but like all rogue games, things will come together and you'll have a perfect run, a feeling which few other games can replicate. Congrats on the completion! 
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the Survivors of the Void DLC Roadmap]

Risk of Rain 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 38 achievements with a total of 1050 points

  • Fail the Shrine of Chance 3 times in a row.

    The Shrine of Chance is one of a few different types of Shrines that can spawn in any stage, and Shrines of Chance are fairly common. They are basically like slot machines, where you pay an ever-increasing amount of money to it, and hope that you get an item from it. As this description says, though, you need to lose three times in a row to unlock this achievement. There is nothing you can do in the game to improve (or worsen) your odds with the Shrines of Chance, so this just comes down to brute force. However, since these Shrines are so common, just use them every chance you get and you will assuredly unlock this achievement naturally. I've failed three times in a row many times over my time with this game.
  • Discover 10 unique white items.

    This will be one of your first achievements. White items are common, and you simply need to collect a cumulative total of ten different ones. There are around 30 in the game, so you'll find ten different ones within your first few runs.
  • Defeat an Elite-type monster.

    This will likely be your first achievement in the game. All enemies (and bosses) have a chance to spawn as an elite version. Kill your first one to unlock this achievement. You'd be hard pressed to beat the first stage of your first run without killing at least one elite enemy.
  • Die 5 times.

    As the description says, die five times total to unlock this achievement. This will likely happen pretty quick, since this game has a decent learning curve for newcomers.
  • Complete a Teleporter event.

    This achievement simply requires you to beat the first stage: locate the teleporter, activate it, defeat the boss, wait for the teleporter to fully charge, then enter it to advance to the next stage and unlock this achievement.
  • Pick up 5 different types of Equipment.

    Equipment are the yellow items that you press button-y.png to use. As the description says, you need to pick up five different ones. There are 25 different types of equipment, so this achievement will come with natural progression relatively early.
  • Reach +300% movespeed (includes sprinting).

    Note: refer to the roadmap for unlocking Artifacts to completely eliminate the RNG aspect of this achievement. Specifically, you'll want the Artifact of Command, but the Artifact of Sacrifice helps speed this up too.

    For this achievement, you need to collect enough items to boost your movement and/or sprint speed to reach +300%. Assuming you're using the Artifact of Command, you can pick exactly what items you want to get this achievement easily and quickly. Use any combination of the following items:

    White items
    • Paul's Goat Hoof - increase movement speed by 14% (+14% per stack)
    • Energy Drink - increase sprint speed by 25% (+25% per stack)
    • Warbanner - drops a zone, either when you level up or when you activate a teleporter, and inside that zone movement speed is increased by 30%
    Green items
    • Red Whip - increase sprint speed by 30% out of combat (+30% per stack)
    So, I would say stack Red Whips for any green items you get, and stack Energy Drinks for white items. It'll take a bunch of items, but then you should be able to sprint, and will all those stacks you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Defeat 3000 enemies.

    This is cumulative across all playthroughs of the game and all game modes. You will definitely be killing hundreds on each playthrough, so this achievement will come relatively early, and will unlock naturally as you work on other achievements.
  • Macho



    Deal 5000 damage in one shot.

    This will almost assuredly come naturally during either the Simulacrum DLC, if you buy Survivors of the Void and use the build I recommend, or during your run for The Long Road (30G), if you use my recommended build there. You'll be outputting absurd amounts of damage, but to sum up the items you should be aiming for:
    • Lens Maker's Glasses - get 10 stacks to give yourself 100% chance to crit (every attack will deal double damage). Beyond 10, these have no effect, so no need for more
    • Crowbar - extra 75% damage to enemies at full health, so these stack up very fast
    • Missile Mk1 - these are incredibly strong. Each stack increases their damage by 300%. I recommend stacking these as fast as possible, because a single missile will be doing massive damage
    Stacking those are enough to get this achievement only a few stages in.

    Note: it should go without saying, but you should be using the Artifact of Command (and Artifact of Sacrifice) to make this achievement so much easier by eliminating the RNG aspect of getting the items you want. Refer to the roadmap for an explanation on unlocking these artifacts.
  • Discover and activate 8 unique Newt Altars.

    Newt Altars are round blue pedestals hidden in every stage. Every stage will have a single Newt Altar in it to find, but it can be in at least three (and up to five) different spawn locations. Note that each of these spawn locations counts as a separate unique altar for this achievement. As a result, you could actually get this achievement in Stage 1 alone, because Titanic Plains has three spawn locations, its map variant has another three spawn locations, and then Distant Roost is the same way (two map variants with three spawn locations each).

    To activate a Newt Altar, you'll first need a Lunar Coin though. As a results, you'll want to save this achievement for later, when you have more Lunar Coins. Since Lunar Coins are rare, you should also pair this achievement with Moon Worshipper (30G) since you'll need lots of Lunar Coins for that achievement, and will need to activate at least two Newt Altars for that achievement too. Refer to that achievement solution for more information on how to obtain Lunar Coins.

    As for the actual spawn locations of Newt Altars, refer to the following video. Full credit to Subhaste. As mentioned above, every individual spawn location counts as a unique Altar for this achievement.
  • Repair 30 drones or turrets.

    This is cumulative across all playthroughs of the game. This will come with natural progression through the achievements, since you'll likely be repairing these routinely as you progress, not to mention you always should be, since they can be quite helpful. There's no real way to speed this up though (there aren't any items that improve the rate of drones and turrets you find), so you just need to keep an eye out for them as you run through the game.

    It should be noted that the Artifact of Sacrifice will help indirectly. Since it makes enemies drop items and eliminates all chests from each map, this means that all of the money you get from killing enemies doesn't need to be split up amongst opening chests versus repairing drones. Instead, you have nothing to spend that money on except turrets and drones, so you're more likely to have all the money you need to repair every drone and turret you see. Refer to the roadmap if you need more information on unlocking this Artifact.
  • Collect $30,480 total gold.

    This is cumulative across all playthroughs of the game, and will come relatively early during your time with this game. This number will likely sound like a lot during the first few stages, but as you progress you'll be getting thousands per stage. Once you get past Stage 15, you'll be clearing one million per stage, but by then you'll have long unlocked this achievement already.
  • Fully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods.

    Shrine of the Woods is one of the types of shrines that can spawn, and it seemed to me to be the rarest of the Shrines. It's a taller, thinner, tree-like Shrine, and the symbol above it is a diamond inside a circle. It seems these have a chance to spawn on any stage, and if you look at my screenshot below to see what it looks like, you'll see I encountered one on the first stage of an easy run, so they can be anywhere.


    To fully upgrade it, you need to pay the cost displayed next to it three times. It creates a healing circle you can stand in, and upgrading it widens the circles and improves the healing. Once you find one of these Shrines, just farm enemies nearby until you have enough money to fully upgrade it. Once you've done that and unlocking this achievement, I found these Shrines to be largely useless, and never interacted with them again.
  • Collect 10 Monster or Environment Logs.

    This is cumulative over all playthroughs of the game. If you played the first game, you'll know what this achievement is referring to, but if not, basically every single monster and environment (i.e. map) has a log associated with it that shows all information about that subject. These are viewable from your Logbook on the main menu.

    Monster Logs are, unfortunately, complete RNG. Each monster in the game has a small percentage chance to drop its log when killed. They are little white items that look sort of like floppy disks, and they'll be lying on the ground where the monster died, with a white outline just like a white item. Make sure you pick them up when you spot them.

    Environment Logs, on the other hand, are placed in specific locations in each map. The catch is that they disappear after five minutes in that map, and they're essentially always in hidden spots, tucked away. This means that you're essentially never going to stumble across one of these. But, if you know where they are, you can grab them in each map. Be aware, though, that most require you to have extra jumps, or the equipment that lets you fly briefly..Refer to the Wiki HERE for the list of Environments, and it'll show you the location of that map's log if you want to get them.

    Personnally, I found one Environment Log on my own, and found plenty of other Monster Logs during my time with this game such that I probably had closer to 20 when I was done with all other achievements. So, I would recommend not bothering to go out of your way for Environment Logs unless you're down to just this achievement. Instead, just let them come naturally from killing mobs of enemies.
  • Complete the first Teleporter event 5 times.

    As the description says, you need to beat the first stage across five separate playthroughs. This will likely be one of your first achievements, since the first stage is the easiest. Refer to the roadmap for beginner tips for how to get through the stages quicker and easier.
  • Duplicate the same item 7 times in a row with a 3D Printer.

    Note that, for this achievement, you'll need to turn off the Artifact of Sacrifice and Artifact of Command, if you're using them and haven't unlocked this achievement. Having them on makes 3D Printers not appear on maps anymore.

    Before you unlocked those Artifacts, you likely came across 3D Printers, where you get a set item out of it, but it consumes a random item from your inventory of that same rarity to produce the item you want. These are great for runs with no Artifacts enabled, because if you find a 3D Printer that gives a great item, such as Lens Maker's Glasses or Soldier's Syringe, and you've got a bunch of other white items that aren't that great for your build, you can dump them all into the 3D Printer to get stacks of the item you want.

    So, for this achievement, you need to use the same 3D Printer seven times in a row. This means, before you use the Printer, you'll need at least seven items of that rarity (so, likely seven white items). Doesn't matter if they're stacks of the same item or seven different items, all that matters is that they are different than the 3D Printer item (i.e. you can't consume a Soldier's Syringe in a 3D Printer to produce a Soldier's Syringe). Since you can't use the Artifacts above, you'll likely need to progress until at least Stage 2 to get seven white items. Then, you need to find a 3D Printer, hope that it doesn't match any of the seven items you plan to use, and then use the Printer seven times in a row, unlocking this achievement. Thankfully, 3D Printers are fairly common, so it shouldn't take much time to get this achievement once you actually go for it.
  • Fully charge a Teleporter without getting hit.

    This could potentially be one of the harder achievements in the game, since it says without getting hit, not without taking damage. However, if you want to make this achievement guaranteed, you could play in co-op. Simply don't exit your drop pod when you land on the map, and let your co-op partner activate the teleporter and charge it, all while you are invulnerable inside your pod. Once it's done charging, you'll unlock this achievement too.

    This achievement certainly doesn't require co-op though, as I unlocked it naturally. While you may think this is easier to do in the first stage or two, because there are less enemies and they aren't as strong, that's actually not likely to be the case, because you won't have a solid build in place yet. I unlocked this achievement multiple stages into a run, where I was so powerful that I was killing bosses and enemies nearly instantly.

    This is definitely easiest to do "legitimately" (i.e. solo) with the Engineer, both because you can drop your two turrets and let them do all the work, and because you can drop your bubble shield around you to make it impossible for any projectiles to hit you. It's mainly the first ten seconds or so after activating the teleporter where you're at risk of getting hit, since the boss will spawn, as well as some elites or bigger enemies, and big mobs. Once you wipe out the boss and main enemies, it just becomes a matter of waiting for the charge to finish, and your turrets should easily wipe out and stragglers that spawn in. For example, the clip below shows me defeating two Wandering Vagrants in under five seconds for a challenge for the Engineer, and I didn't get hit at all during this teleporter charge. My turrets just destroyed everything that spawned, before it had a chance to hit me. Don't forget to use your bubble shield in maps like this where the enemies are practically all ranged enemies.

  • Defeat the Teleporter boss under 15 seconds.

    This will likely sound crazy early on, but this is actually easier (and very common) deep into runs. This is because your build will get so crazy that you'll be destroying everything, even bosses in one or two shots. This achievement is very easy to do as the Engineer. This is because the Engineer's two turrets inherit all of the items you got as well. So, you essentially have three people with the same items shooting the boss. Items that make this as easy as possible:
    • Lens Maker's Glasses - 10 stacks will put you at 100% crit chance
    • Armor-Piercing Rounds - each stack is +20% damage to bosses, so stack these endlessly
    • Missile Mk1 - each stack is +300% damage for these missiles, so they quickly become extremely OP
    • Brilliant Behemoth - this makes all your attacks explode, doing an extra 60% damage on top of the already high damage
    • Missile Launcher (equipment) - this shoots out 12 homing missiles, and they do amazing damage. You don't even need to aim, so this is perfect for this achievement
    • If you have the Missile Launcher, get Fuel Cells too. Each one adds another Missile Launcher charge, so you could potentially send out dozens of homing missiles at once
    That's really all you need for this achievement. In the clip below, I complete the ingame challenge for beating a boss in under five seconds with the Engineer. This achievement gives you 15 seconds, so you can see how much time you have to spare. Also notice in the clip that I had to kill two Wandering Vagrant bosses for this challenge, and both still died in under five seconds. If you notice my items, I had the ten stacks of Lens Maker's Glasses, only two stacks of Armor-Piercing Rounds, six stacks of the Mk1, and just one Missile Launcher charge, but that was enough to annihilate both bosses nearly instantly.

  • Pause.



    Free the survivor suspended in time.

    This achievement will require you to save up 11 Lunar Coins, then access the Bazaar Beyond Time. Refer to Moon Worshipper (30G) for ways to get Lunar Coins and then how to access this shop.

    Basically, find a Newt Altar in any stage, pay one Lunar Coin to activate it, locate the teleporter, activate and charge it, then enter the portal instead of the teleporer to be taken to the Bazaar Beyond Time. Head into the shop, and to the right of the shopkeeper is a character frozen in ice. Go up to him and you can pay 10 Lunar Coins to free him. Do so to unlock this achievement, and unlock a new playable character.
  • Reach +200% attack speed.

    Note: refer to the roadmap for unlocking Artifacts to completely eliminate the RNG aspect of this achievement. Specifically, you'll want the Artifact of Command, but the Artifact of Sacrifice helps speed this up too.

    For this achievement, you need to collect enough items to boost your attack speed to reach +200%. Assuming you're using the Artifact of Command, you can pick exactly what items you want to get this achievement easily and quickly. 

    Unlike other achievements, there aren't that many items that reliably boost your attack speed. For this achievement, it's easiest to just stack Soldier's Syringe (bottom left corner of the Command menu). Each one gives +25% attack speed, so you'll need eight of them to unlock this achievement. With both Artifacts mentioned above, you can easily farm this is the first stage or two, if you want.
  • Complete a Prismatic Trial.

    From the main menu, select Alternate Game Modes, and Prismatic Trials is one of them. This game mode is essentially a rotating weekly challenge of sorts, with a set seed (meaning set levels and bosses and variations). Typically, you need to complete two or three stages to beat the trial. Time doesn't matter, nor doesn't anything else. You just need to beat the stages. The trials are random in terms of which one you'll be doing, but while it's active it'll be the same every time, so you can keep retrying if need be. Some are definitely harder than others, but it's hard to give guidance because I only played one, beat it on my first try, and didn't play any others. I recommend waiting until you've played the main mode quite a few times, so you know what you're doing and have some experience. In Prismatic Trials, everything is unlocked (all characters, all items, etc.). I played as the Engineer like usual, and just built my build like I normally would. I had to finish two stages, and there were set Artifacts active as well. Give the active Prismatic Trial a shot and see how tough it is. You can always come back during the next cycle to see if the next one is easier. With some moderate game experience, completing one of these random trials shouldn't be too bad.
  • Charge the Teleporter with less than 10% health.

    This achievement requires you to be at less than 10% health the moment the teleporter finishes charging. While it is possible for this to happen naturally, it's pretty unlikely. For me, pretty much every teleporter charging event started with the first half being constantly fighting (bosses and enemies), and then second half was always a calm mop-up of stragglers while waiting for the charging to finish. You're therefore pretty unlikely to be in the thick of a fight and at low health at the end of a teleporter charge. Thankfully, you can force this with relative ease. You have a couple options, but either way, you'll want to charge the teleporter to around 97 or 98%, then step out of the red bubble. Note that the teleporter finishes charging at 99%, not 100%, so be aware of that. Now, with the teleporter only a second or two from finishing charging, you need to reduce your health to less than 10%.

    If the teleporter is near a cliff edge, you can just jump off the map over and over. Jumping off the map is never fatal, and at most, it'll reduce you to 1 health remaining. Assuming all enemies are dead, you can safely enter the teleporter bubble to finish charging while at low health. Just do it quickly, before your health starts regenerating automatically. This is easier to do on Monsoon difficulty because your health regen is much slowing, so you have plenty of time to get to the teleporter before your health regenerates too much. It can still be done on Drizzle though, as long as you're close ot the cliff edge and don't have any items that improve your healing.

    The second option is to just let enemies damage you. This is risky though, since they could just end up killing you if you're not careful. Playing on Drizzle will mean some, especially on the first stage, don't do more than a few health's worth of damage per attack, but it still requires a decent amount of care to ensure you don't accidentally let them kill you.

    The former method is much easier to do. You can also purposely farm some enemies to get movement speed upgrades and extra jumps, allowing you to get back to the teleporter quicker after jumping off the map.
  • Find the Altar to N'kuhana.

    The Altar to N'kuhana is located in Wetland Aspects, one of the Stage 2 options. There is pretty much no way you'll find this on your own, since it requires falling off the map into an opening under you that just isn't visible from anywhere on the map. Once you drop into this area, follow the cave to the end where a skeleton will be hanging over a small pit. Shoot the skeleton to unlock this achievement, and jump in the pit to respawn back on the surface. Refer to the video below to see where exactly this spot is. Full credit to Fusion.
  • Discover the hidden chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct.

    Abandoned Aqueduct is one of the Stage 2 options in this game, and the hidden chamber is visible along the edge of the map - a closed door that you may have wondered about when seeing it. To open it, there are two pressure switches that need to be pushed down at the same time. To push both switches at the same time, you have three options (to my knowledge):
    • Play with a co-op partner so you can both stand on one
    • Use the explosive pots, pushing a pot onto one of the two switches, and stand on the other
    • Playing as the Engineer, place a turret on one and stand on the other
    However you do it, know that the locations of the two pressure switches are randomized. This means it's impossible to provde a guide on where to find them. Here is a video showing me finding one, so you can see what they look like.


    Once you press both down at the same time, head inside the now-open down on the upper part of the map, and there will be two big lizard enemies to fight. Kill both of them, and you'll unlock this achievement. They're also drop a new green item each.
  • Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk..

    This achievement requires you to end your run at the Obelisk. To reach the Obelisk, you need to enter the Celestial Portal, which is available at the end of Stage 8 (and every eighth stage after that). In case you're wondering how to reach Stage 8, since the game ends at Stage 6, you need to loop back to the first stage from Stage 5, Sky Meadow. In this stage, you'll likely notice the teleporter looks different than other stages. There are stone slabs around the perimeter of the circle. Before activating the teleporter, interact with the stone slabs first. They will reorient, lining up on either side of the center. You will also get some text on the left side in the text feed saying that the teleporter is now aligned with the planet. This means, upon completing this stage, you'll loop back to the first stage rather than going to the moon to beat the game. Finish the level, and you'll head to Stage 6, which will be one of the first stage options. Proceed as normal, completing Stages 6 and 7. On Stage 8, there will be a blue orb floating around the teleporter. Finish the teleporter event like normal, and the blue Celestial Portal will open next to it. Hop in to go to a Hidden Realm.

    In this Hidden Realm, it might look pretty precarious to get down from platform to platform. Don't worry - platforms appear in set spots so you don't take tons of fall damage. And remember - fall damage isn't lethal. There also aren't any enemies here. Make your way to the bottom, and there will be a giant obelisk on the final platform. Walk up to it and interact with it twice (the second time is a confirmation) to obliterate yourself, ending your run. This will unlock this achievement, as well as a new playable character.

    As a side note, if you end up here and decide you don't want to end your run, walk up to the obelisk, but then a portal will spawn down and off to the right. Head inside to return to stages like normal.
  • Complete 20 stages in a single run.

    This is it - the hardest achievement in the game. It was actually made much tougher with updates over the years. Hidden Realms, such as the Bazaar Beyond Time, the Celestial Portal, etc., used to count as stages too, so you didn't actually need to play through 20 stages. Now, though, you need to play through 20 stages, and this achievement will unlock after finishing your fourth visit to Sky Meadow, after going through the teleporter.

    This is a really tough achievement because, even though the timer makes difficulty go up over time, progressing in stages makes the enemy level take step changes up even faster. The good news is that enemy difficulty maxes out around Stage 17 or so. The bad news is that enemies will be level 99 by then, so it will be absolute chaos. That being said, if you've made it that far, chances are your build is solid enough that you won't notice a huge step up in enemy difficulty. By then, you'll need to have a solid enough build in place to ensure that enemies die instantly and/or you take virtually no damage. Otherwise, single hits from some enemies can one-shot you. First, I will go through the general gameplay strategy I used, then I'll go through the build I used. Feel free to use whatever strategy and character you are most comfortable with, but I do feel that mine is pretty user friendly to just about any skill level.

    First of all, before even attempting this achievement, there are a number of things you'll want to have unlocked first, to make this as easy as possible:
    • The Engineer - this character is unlocked the same time you unlock Engineering Perfection (30G) 
    • Artifact of Command and Artifact of Sacrifice - this eliminates all RNG from your build, so you absolutely want these both unlocked and active. Refer to the roadmap for doing so if you somehow haven't already
    • N'ukuhana's Opinion - this red item unlocks upon unlocking Her Concepts (30G) 
    • Old Guillotine - this green item doesn't have an achievement, just an ingame challenge, and it's for killing 500 elite enemies cumulatively. Work on Deicide (30G) first to likely unlock this item during that process
    • Harvester's Scythe - unlocks when you unlock Prismatically Aligned (30G) 
    • Predatory Instincts - unlocks when you unlock Rapidfire (30G) 
    • Dio's Best Friend - unlocks when you unlock The Lone Survivor (50G) 
    • Unstable Tesla Coil - unlocks when you unlock Macho (20G) 
    So basically, do everything else first. 

    Now onto how I played every stage. I would always beeline right to the teleporter, starting from the first stage. Look for the fireflies and just head right to them. Once at the teleporter, I would set up my turrets in good spots for the first few stages, spread apart on higher ground. In later stages (after Stage 8 or so) I would always put them down so their Bustling Fungus healing zones overlapped each other, so they could heal each other in addition to themselves. I didn't grind enemies on any stages. I would first let my turrets kill off any enemies chasing after me, because I'd want no distractions when the bosses spawn. Then, I'd activate the teleporter and focus on the bosses. With them dead, kill enemies until the charge is finished. I found that this would result in me taking 2-3 minutes per stage, but still getting 5-6 items per stage from the enemies during the teleporter charge. If you have a lot of enemies still around you before activating the teleporter, go ahead and kill them before doing the teleporter. Like I said in the roadmap and earlier here: don't let the timer pressure you into rushing unnecessarily. Enemy difficulty steps up after each stage anyway, so the timer eventually doesn't really matter anyway. It's much better to get a few more items than to finish a stage a minute or two faster. 

    White Items
    • Lens Maker's Glasses - 9 of them for 90% chance to crit (the other 10% will come from Harvester's Scythe and Predatory Instincts in the green section below)
    • Bustling Fungus - at least 5 of them to improve healing speed and radius. IF you get N'ukahana's Opinion, stack these higher, because that'll increase damage it does
    • Armor-Piercing Rounds - get at least 5 so you're doing double damage to bosses, but there's no upper limit here
    • Soldier's Syringe - I wouldn't start getting these until a bit later in the run, but getting a few will make your turrets jump from enemy to enemy much quicker, getting kills very fast
    • Energy Drink/Paul's Goat Hoof - get a few of these total, just so you have better movement, both for finding the teleporter faster but also to help avoid enemies and their attacks in later stages
    • Tougher Times - get at least 10, to block at least half of all attacks, but there is no upper limit here. Once you have everything else above, stack this one with white items nonstop. By the time I reached Stage 20, I had 50 of these and essentially was invincible
    Green Items
    • Hopoo Feather - get 1 to help with mobility and since you have no other way to avoid fall damage as the Engineer, but feel free to add another one or two
    • Wax Quail - get 1, just because that burst of speed forward is really the old dodge you'll have as an Engineer, and it helps with quick movement
    • Harvester's Scythe - 1 is fine, for 5% more chance to crit. Don't waste more than that
    • Predatory Instincts - 4 or 5 is good, the first giving 5% more chance to crit, and the rest allowing your turrets (and you) to fire at double speed, basically
    • Old Guillotine - a solid 10 is ideal, but they aren't as important until you get to stage 10 and beyond, so focus on others first
    • Ukelele - get two or three or so of these, so anything coming near your turrets gets zapped, and this procs the missiles below
    • Fuel Cell - I got a few of these, because each adds an equipment charge. I think I eventually had 10 uses of the Missile Launcher, which is just ridiculous, and there was virtually no cooldown
    • Missile Mk1 - stack these as high as you want, because your turret shots and Ukelele will be proccing missiles like crazy, and they will do insane damage the more stacks you have
    Red Items
    • N'kuhana's Opinion - this pairs with the Bustling Fungus that your turrets will be continuously healing with, causing them to constantly send out skulls with this item that do huge damage
    • Brilliant Behemoth - all attacks explode for an extra 60% damage. Great for your turret fire
    • Dio's Best Friend - gives you an extra life, but your turrets get an extra life too every time you place one
    • Unstable Tesla Coil - constant powerful lightning strikes from you AND from your turrets
    • Rejuvenation Rack - doubles healing, meaning N'kuhana's Opinion fires twice as often, effectively doubling its damage output. I wouldn't recommend getting this unless you already have that item though
    Yellow (Boss) Items
    • Shatterspleen - makes crits cause Bleed, and bleeding enemies explode. Since your crit will be at 100% from the white and green items, every hit will cause Bleed and every enemy will explode. The explosion radius is huge. This item is probably the biggest game changer for later stage mobs. Getting this practically guarantees your success
    • Missile Launcher - I know many people swear by the Preon Accumulator, but you need to aim that and it travels really slow. The Missile Launcher shoots 12 homing missiles, it requires no aim, and no missiles go to waste (they will fly around until they find a target). This is perfect for both bosses and the chaos of mobs, because you can just fire this off whenever while you concentrate on moving around to avoid attacks or on attacking specific enemies
    I should note that, I realize this list above makes it sound like you need crazy luck to get all of these things and this many stacks. However, with the Artifact of Command you can choose exactly what you want. I recommend focusing on damage output and mobility the first handful of stages, but by the time you loop for the first time, start getting defensive stuff (Tougher Times) to be safe, because enemies start being able to kill you far faster. Also, I know I got somewhat lucky, but you want to keep your eyes open for Scavenger enemies. These are big bulky enemies with huge backpacks. They are quite the tanks, with more health than most bosses, but killing them results in them dropping their backpack. Interact with it to get like 6-8 items, green and white. This is a massive boost in items for your inventory. I killed three Scavengers on my successful run, and it helped tremendously. They won't start spawning until later stages, but it really helps fill out your build.

    Lastly, I want to say that, during my successful run, I didn't get a single red item. It seems insane to not get one, especially considering I played to Stage 24 before obliterating, but it just goes to show that you don't need everything above to be perfect in order to be successful. I did get Shatterspleen though, and in my opinion, it's far better for this build than any red items.

    Just for fun, here are a couple clips of my character in action. I don't think it's possible for me to die, because enemies and bosses, even level 99 ones past Stage 20, were dying before I could see them, and I had 50 stacks of Tougher Times, so I don't think any attacks would even damage me, if somehow an enemy didn't immediately die from my turrets. Also, no, these clips are not sped up!


  • Defeat an Elite boss on Monsoon difficulty.

    This is one of the hardest achievements in the game. While playing on Monsoon difficulty (which is the hardest difficulty), you need to have a teleporter boss spawn as its elite version, and then you need to beat it. Considering you've likely been playing on Drizzle the entire time, Monsoon will be a decent step up in difficulty. I don't recommend attempting this until you've gotten a good amount of experience in the base game. Beyond that, you absolutely want to have unlocked the following:
    • The Engineer - this character is the easiest to play as and best for this achievement. He's unlocked by completing 30 stages cumulatively, which has its own achievement, Engineering Perfection (30G)
    • Artifact of Honor - see the roadmap for unlocking this Artifact. This makes all enemies elites. This will obviously make the game harder, since all regular enemies will now be elite, but the reason this is important is because, without it, you'd be forced to progress through stage after stage on Monsoon difficulty, and hope that a teleporter boss eventually spawns as elite. Since Monsoon is quite difficult, that would make this achievement pretty tough, as well as introduce an RNG aspect to it. To avoid that, having the Artifact of Honor active will guarantee the boss of the first stage is elite
    • Artiface of Sacrifice and Artiface of Command - the former is very important, because it allows you to farm enemies to build up items before fighting the boss on the first stage, and the latter lets you build exactly what you want
    • Old Guillotine (green item) - this item makes this achievement far easier. It makes elite enemies instantly die when they reach a certain health threshold, so stacking these is really important. I call this item out specifically because it doesn't have an achievement tied to unlocking it, only an ingame challenge: kill 500 elite enemies cumulatively. You'll make tons of progress towards this from working on everything else, but if you're ready to tackle this achievement and don't have it yet, I recommend playing with the Artifact of Honor active so all enemies are elite, and kill them until the challenge completes. Now you'll have access to the Old Guillotine for this achievement.
    Once you have all that ready, go ahead and start up a run on Monsoon difficulty, making sure all three of those Artifacts are active. I preferred to restart until I got Titanic Plans. The verticality of Distant Roost can make it a pain to collect item drops from enemies, especially if the teleporter is at the top and enemies are dropping items all the way down to the bottom. Rush right to the teleporter (look for the fireflies) but do NOT activate it. Set up your turrets nearby, and now you're going to farm enemies for some time. Here's what you're after:

    White items
    • Bustling Fungus - one or two stacks
    • Lens Maker's Glasses - at least a few
    • Armor-Piercing Rounds - at least two or three
    Green Items
    • Missile Mk1 - at least one
    • Hopoo Feather - one, just so you have a way to avoid fall damage in case you get knocked up into the air, which is pretty likely
    • Old Guillotine - as many as you can stack (a solid 3-4)
    • Missile Launcher
    If you happen to be lucky enough to get a red item drop, Brilliant Behemoth is probably your best bet.

    I spent around 10-15 minutes grinding items. You'll actually likely get more green items than white ones, due to the difficulty and everyone being elite. Don't jump into the boss fight too soon. Better to have more items than not enough.

    When you feel like you're ready, before activating the teleporter, make sure you set down two new turrets (so they have all of the items you've been collecting) and put them close enough to each other that their Bustling Fungus healing zones overlap, so they heal themselves and each other. Activate the teleporter, then run to your turrets, drop your bubble shield around them, then get the hell out of there, away from the boss fight. If you managed to get a Missile Launcher equipment, use that as you flee. Let your turrets do all the work, and run away to safety. If they don't survive and the boss does, wait for the cooldown to finish so you have both turrets ready again, then run back in, drop them, drop the shield, and run away again. Repeat this until the boss is dead.

    Note that, in the event two bosses spawn, you actually only need to kill one for this achievement, not both.
  • Reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without dying.

    If playing solo, this is actually unavoidable. Dying ends your run, so just beating the third stage of a playthrough will unlock this achievement, and nothing else is required. You'll likely do this on your first or second run.

    If playing co-op, then obviously you need to make sure you don't die before completing the third stage. But, since it can be done on Drizzle difficulty, this really shouldn't be a problem with the two of you working together.
  • Open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta.

    Rallypoint Delta is one of the options for Stage 3 in the game, and on this stage is a timed chest that locks after ten minutes have elapsed on your current run. This means you need to beat the first two stages, hope that Rallypoint Delta is your third, and get to the timed chest, all before ten minutes has elapsed.

    This can be a bit RNG dependent, but at long as you're finding the teleporters quickly in the first two stages, you should have a minute or two to spare when you get to Rallypoint Delta. Now, I've seen many reports about the timed chest being in a random location somewhere on this map, but it seems to me that the devs changed that at some point along the way. It seems highly unlikely that, in the three or four times I've seen this chest, it's been in the exact same location every time. The chances of that seem very low. So, here is a clip of me opening the chest. It's always been in the dead center of the map, where all the shipping crates are, in the same one that I show in the clip below. Get to it in under ten minutes, then open to to get a pretty powerful new equipment.

  • Defeat the Teleporter bosses after activating 2 Shrines of the Mountain.

    The Shrine of the Mountain is one of the Shrine types that can spawn on any stage. They have a little blue claw-like symbol above them. What they do is double the amount of bosses that spawn when you activate the teleporter. So, as the description says, you need to activate two Shrines of the Mountain in a single stage before activating the teleporter, and then you need to activate the teleporter and defeat all of the bosses than spawn.

    This achievement has a decent RNG component, because you need to have a stage that actually has two Shrines of the Mountain in it. This isn't all that common, so you'll need to stay on the lookout for them. Then, you need to actually beat all the bosses. This can be tough, especially early in a run before your build is really strong. I recommend waiting until at least Stage 4 or 5 before attempting this. Basically, play it by ear and see how quickly and easily you've been defeating bosses up until this point. If they're dropping quick because you have a strong build, good equipment, etc., then go for it. If you're spending a minute or two trying to take down single bosses still, then your build definitely isn't ready for three (or more) bosses.
  • Without healing, reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event.

    The description here is a little misleading. What it should say is, without using healing items or support, complete the third teleporter event.

    To clarify, your health regen that happens automatically doesn't void this achievement, since there's no way to prevent that from triggering. What does void this achievement is anything external that heals you. Specifically:
    • No items that grant healing
    • No attacks or skills that cause you to heal
    • No healing drones repaired that'll heal you
    Assuming you're using the Artifact of Command from the roadmap, the first point is easy enough to do, because you can just purposely pick items that aren't healing items. Ones that improve your existing health regen are okay (such as Cautious Slug, which makes you heal faster outside of combat), as are ones that improve your health (such as Topaz Brooch, Personal Shield Generator, and Bison Steak), but ones that add healing, such as Bustling Fungus, Medkit, Harvester's Scythe, etc., will all void this achievement. To be safe though, just avoid any items that mention healing. 

    For the second point, this is in reference to certain playable characters that heal when using certain attacks or skills. For example, REX heals with his primary attack, so playing as him is out of the question. Just use a character with no healing abilities, such as Huntress or Engineer. 

    For the last point, to be safe, just don't repair any drones on the run at all. 

    Lastly, I'm not sure if this was a bug specific to me or what, but when this achievement unlocked for me, I had played the first stage without healing, activated a Newt Altar, went through the portal to the Bazaar Beyond Time, and when I exited into Stage 2, this achievement unlocked. It's definitely not an achievement bug, because all achievements are triggered by ingame challenges, and the challenge also completed. So, if you want to try that, it only required me to beat the first stage, rather than three. 
  • Carry 5 Lunar items in a single run.

    Before attempting this achievement, you'll want to make sure you have at least 15 Lunar Coins, to be safe. Lunar Coins have an incredibly small chance to drop from enemies, but you'll assuredly find some across all your runs. However, the two guaranteed ways to get Lunar Coins are:
    • You get five Lunar Coins from obliterating yourself at the Obelisk. Refer to True Respite (30G) for how to do that. 
    • You get ten Lunar Coins for beating the game. Beating the game isn't required for any achievements, but if you take the teleporter to the moon from Sky Meadow, which is its defeat location, you can go through the steps there to fight the final boss and then escape on your ship, beating the game and being rewarded with ten Lunar Coins. 
    Either way, once you have at least 15 Lunar Coins, you can get this achievement in one or, at most, two stages. What you need to do is, in Stage 1, find the Newt Altar in it, pay a Lunar Coin to it, finish the teleporter event, then hop in the portal to be taken to the Bazaar Beyond Time. Head into the shop, and on the left are five Lunar items for two Lunar Coins each. If you have ten Lunar Coins you can obviously buy all five, but the problem is that some of them are items (meaning you can hold and stack as many as you want) and some might be Lunar equipment. Since you can only have one equipment equipped at a time, if, of those five Lunar items for sale, more than one is an equipment item, you won't get five in a single trip to the Bazaar. You should get a solid three items though, and one equipment. This gives you four of the five you need for this achievement. If you get all five, great, but if not, you need to do the same thing on Stage 2: find its Newt Altar, pay a Lunar Coin, take the portal to the Bazaar, and buy however many more items you need. 

    Refer to Newtist (20G) for the locations of all Newt Altars. 
  • Kill 20 Hermit Crabs by chasing them off the edge of the map.

    Note: When attempting this achievement, you need to make sure it's on a run where you won't accidentally kill the crabs before they can fall to their death. This means you need to make sure you don't have items that will passively damage enemies, such as the Ukulele, Razorwire, or Missile Mk1. You also want to make sure you don't repair turrets or offensive drones along the way, or they might shoot and kill crabs before you can chase them off the edge. 

    This achievement is a huge pain, and the reason it's rarer than all other achievements is because it's so incredibly situational. The Hermit Crabs in question only spawn on two maps: Abyssal Depths (one of the Stage 4 options) and Titanic Plains (one of the Stage 1 options) AFTER looping at least once. The problem is, first, that Abyssal Depths is an "inside" map with no edges to the map to chase the crabs off, so that option is gone. This means you need to do runs that get to Stage 5 (Sky Meadow), loop back instead of progressing to the moon, and hope that you loop back to Titanic Plains, not Distant Roost. Hermit Crabs don't spawn on Distant Roost, so if you get Distant Roost as Stage 6, either quit out and run the first five stages again, or continue on and do another loop, hoping for Titanic Plains as Stage 11. Personally, I did six runs in a row of the first five stages, and got Distant Roost as Stage 6 every time. So, despite there technically being a 50/50 chance of getting Titanic Plains, don't be surprised if RNG screws you.

    Note: there is a way to force Titanic Plains to come up as Stage 6, but it requires four Lunar Coins. On Stage 5, Sky Meadow, BEFORE activating the teleporter, you need to track down a Newt Shrine, pay a Lunar Coin to it, and then when you finish the teleporter event, head into the blue portal. In the Bazaar Beyond Time, head down into the shop and you'll find two pedestals with orbs on top. This lets you spend three Lunar Coins to "dream" what map you get next. You can pick the Titanic Plains orbs to ensure Stage 6 is Titanic Plains on this run. 

    Once you get to Titanic Plains, you now need Hermit Crabs to spawn. Most reports (and my own experience) are that they don't start spawning until at least the 30-minute mark. If you see blue mortar-like projectiles being fired at you from afar, that's coming from Hermit Crabs. Trace the mortar fire back to them. They'll just look like little pillars sticking out of the ground. When you get really close to them, they'll pop out and run away from you, and now is your chance to chase them off the edge of the map. There's a chance you'll need to shoot some to get them to pop up, but most will do so just from you being nearby. Run them off the edge without killing them yourself, and it'll count towards this achievement. Do it cumulatively with 20 crabs across as many runs as it takes to finally unlock this annoying achievement.

    Here's a quick clip showing exactly what these things look like, and me chasing one off the edge of the map. 

  • Complete 30 stages.

    This is cumulative across all runs, so you could theoretically just beat the first stage across 30 separate runs, if you're finding it hard to get farther. This will come naturally while working on other achievements though, and especially while progressing to Stage 5 three separate times to unlock the three Artifacts I recommend in the roadmap.

    Note that unlocking this achievement should be a relative priority, because it also unlocks the Engineer as a playable character. The Engineer is the easier character to use, and who I'll be referring to for the harder achievements in this game. 
  • Kill 15 enemies simultaneously.

    This is one of those achievements that is likely to happen naturally without trying for it, and you may even wonder exactly how you did it. That's actually the case for me, since it unlocked without me doing anything conscious to unlock it. However, with the Artifact of Command from the roadmap, you can select exactly what items you want to make this achievement more likely to happen. You're going to obviously need something AoE, like an explosion. Some examples are below. 

    Razorwire (green) - you'll need six stacks of this to have it hit 15 enemies, but this is a pretty solid option when coupled with other damage buffs you have, since there's no aiming involved

    Sentient Meat Hook (red) - this won't kill the enemies but it will pull them all together, making it easier to kill a large group all at once

    Shatterspleen (yellow) - this is, by far, the best option, because the explosion from enemies dying is huge. Coupled with stacks of Lens Maker's Glasses, every enemy will explode, drastically improving the chances of tons of enemies dying at once

    Missile Launcher (equipment) - it only shoots 12 missiles, but they are homing and they are guaranteed to hit enemies, so this is a great option

    Preon Accumulator (equipment) - the blast radius is small but very powerful. The downside is that you need to aim it and it shoots slow. You'd have to get pretty lucky with this one

    I should mention that, when I unlocked this achievement, I had none of the above. I was playing as the Huntress and had nothing to make enemies explode, so I was very surprised to unlock this. I think you'll find that, in later stages, enemies are in high enough quantity that, if you've made a strong enough build, you'll do this naturally. 
  • Loop back to the first stage.

    It's actually not made clear or obvious at all in the game for how to do this, but once you know how, you'll be doing it on every run. Stage 5 of every run is always Sky Meadows, and it's teleporter looks different than the others. It has some stone slabs upright around it. When you start this stage, you may notice the white text in the feed on the left that says "The teleporter is aligned with the moon..." This means that using the teleporter will take you to the moon to fight the final boss and beat the game, ending your run. You obviously don't want to do that. So, when you find the teleporter, before activating it, what you need to do is interact with the stone slabs around its perimeter. They will realign until they're lined up, and the white text in the feed will tell you that it's aligned with the planet. This is how you loop back to the first stage. Now just complete the teleporter event like normal, and when you enter the teleporter you'll proceed to Stage 6, and it'll be one of the first stage options, unlocking this achievement. This is how you continue runs if you want them to last indefinitely.

    Note that, if you use the hidden portal area under the map to travel to the Hidden Realm to unlock an Artifact, as described in the roadmap, finishing the unlock of an Artifact and taking the portal out of the Hidden Realm will also loop you back to the first stage, unlocking this achievement. 
  • Stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes.

    While the existence of this achievement may make the task sound daunting or impressive, this is actually really easy to do. Not only will this come naturally on many runs that you do, assuming you're playing on Drizzle (easy), but there is a simple way to Idle it, if you for some reason want to. After completing the teleporter event on the first stage (kill the boss and fully charge the teleporter), enemies will stop spawning but time will keep increasing. Simply kill off any stragglers and then you can go AFK until the timer hits 30 minutes. I will reiterate, though, that this is completely unnecessary, because you will likely survive for 30 minutes or more on one of your first runs. 

DLC: Survivors of the Void

There are 1 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Escape the Planetarium or complete wave 50 in Simulacrum.

    As the description says, you have two options for unlocking this achievement. I'll first briefly discuss the first option, escaping the Planetarium, as it's the more challenging route (in my opinion) since it requires you to beat the game on an alternate path, and fight some bosses that are tough. After that, I go into more detail on the Simulacrum option, because it's an absolute cakewalk with the right setup.

    Either way, once you purchase and install this DLC, you need to enable it in the game, on the right side of the character selection screen. This enables the new characters to choose from, new items in game, and new maps to show up in rotation. Now, for the Planetarium option for this achievement, you need to actually reach the Planetarium, which requires a bunch of work. First, you need to reach a stage with a Newt Alter you've donated a Lunar Coin to, so that, after completing the teleporter event, a blue portal opens up. Enter it to enter the Bazaar Beyond Time. In the Bazaar Beyond Time, there is a hidden portal under the standard blue portal to leave, and you need to jump down to it to find it. This Null Portal, which is accessible only once per run, takes you to the Void Fields, a hidden realm. Once there, you need to breach all nine cells on this map. Doing so opens a Void Portal which takes you to a new hidden realm, Void Locus. In this hidden realm, you need to clear all Deep Void Signals, which opens the Deep Void Portal. Interacting with that portal takes you to the Planetarium. This area features a unique boss fight that includes multiple platforming challenges where you need to run, jump, dash, etc., to avoid an encroaching Void Fog that will gradually kill you. On top of that, you need to fight a tough boss across multiple phases. Once you do all that, you can finally leave the Planetarium and unlock this achievement. Needless to say, this is the much harder way of unlocking this achievement.

    The far easier way is by playing Simulacrum, accessible from the Alternate Game Modes option on the main menu. Note that this will likely take close to an hour just because of waiting for enemies to spawn, but it is not hard at all. To make this as easy as possible, first unlock the Artifact of Command and the Artifact of Sacrifice, as described in the base game roadmap. You then should also unlock the Engineer if you haven't completed the base game yet (the Engineer is unlocked upon completing the achievement Engineering Perfection (30G) for finishing a cumulative total of 30 stages across all runs of the game). That's all you need. Make sure you set the difficulty to Drizzle, and turn on both of those Artifacts, then go ahead and start up the Simulacrum. This is a horde mode with infinite waves, but don't worry, it isn't bad at all. Here's how it works:
    • Every wave will consist of small groups of enemies spawning and attacking you. There is a built-in lull in spawning to give you time to kill enemies
    • Every wave ending with 5 (i.e. 5, 15, 25, etc.) there will be boss fight (except on Wave 5), and then when the wave is done, the little purple NPC that controls the safe area you're in will get up and move to a new location. You need to follow along and stay in the safe space, but don't worry, it moves slow and doesn't take any crazy routes
    • Every tenth wave (10, 20, 30, etc.), there will be a ton more enemies, and they will step up in difficulty from then on. They will also get an item (one of the ones you can get, such as damage reduction, increased movement, etc.) to make them stronger. After beating each tenth wave, you'll have to hop in a portal to continue in a new location, but the same setup applies
    So basically, survive five waves, beat a boss, follow the NPC to the next area, survive five waves including a hectic one at the end, then hop in the portal to move on to the next set of ten waves.

    Now on to the setup. You want to be the Engineer so you can drop both of your turrets in the safe zone and just let them do all the work. You can shoot at enemies in the first few waves to help out, but eventually you won't need to do anything. The most important part of making this a cakewalk is the Artifact of Sacrifice. This absolutely breaks this game mode. I believe this game mode was designed to be such that, every time you finish a wave, you're given an item to help make you a bit stronger. However, with the Artifact of Sacrifice, enemies will be dropping items in addition to the one per wave you're supposed to get. So, instead of getting one item per wave, you'll be getting easily 4-6. It's not huge in the beginning, but it very quickly snowballs out of control as you get to later waves. Coupling this with the Artifact of Command that lets you choose whatever items you want, you can make absurd builds. To put it in perspective, by the time I reached Wave 50, I had 20 Lens Maker's Glasses (+10% chance to crit), 30 Crowbars (+75% damage to enemies above 90% health), the Brilliant Behemoth (all attacks explode and do +60% damage), many stacks of Predatory Instincts (+5% chance to crit, and critical attacks increase fire rate by 12% each), along with tons of defensive items just to be safe. However, with this setup, I literally wasn't even seeing enemies, nor was I even seeing bosses. They would spawn and my turrets would instantly kill them in a single shot, before I could even locate them. All I was doing was running around picking up the item drops while my turrets just obliterated everything instantly. Here is a video showing it in action:

    Now for some more detail on what items to choose to get this build going.

    White Items
    • Get a Bustling Fungus right away so your turrets keep themselves alive. One is enough. No need for more
    • Start stacking Lens Maker's Glasses immediately after that. Once you have nine of them, start getting Crowbars. Note that this item stacks linearly, so nine of these, at +10% crit each, means 90% chance to crit. The remaining 10% comes from Predatory Instincts and Harvester's Scythe in green below
    • There is no end to the improvements you can get from Crowbars, so one you're doing critical hits basically every time from the Lens Maker's Glasses, it's time to start amassing these, which will allow your turrets to one-shot everything. Like I said, I had around 30 by the end. Get as many as you want
    • Tougher Times and Personal Shield Generator are good to grab a few of, just to be safe, especially in the beginning when enemies and bosses will actually be on screen for some amount of time. I would say three or four of each is fine
    • By Wave 30 or 35, grab a couple Goat Hooves to make movement better, only because there are some explosions you'll need to avoid in Wave 40 and the Engineer is a bit on the slower side
    Green Items
    • Get Predatory Instincts right away, and don't hesitate to build up four or five of these
    • Get one Harvester's Scythe to max out your crit chance at 100% (after the nine Lens Maker's Glasses and one Predatory Instincts)
    • Get a couple Missile Launchers. They do insane damage
    • If you have Old Guillotine unlocked (I didn't) you can take a few to help with bosses and elites later, but I didn't use it and I still one-shot everything
    Red Items
    • Brilliant Behemoth is your first priority
    • Dio's Best Friend is your second
    • Unstable Tesla Coil is your third
    • I know people swear by the Preon Accumulator, but I much prefer the Missile Launcher because you don't need to aim. When a boss spawns, just press button-y.png and let it destroy them
    That's really all you need. Feel free to pepper in anything else you want, such as more movement, an extra jump or two, etc., to make yourself feel safer, but once you get the damage up from Glasses and Crowbars, nothing else will matter much.

    There are two other things to mention:
    • In Wave 40, Void Reavers will spawn (at least, that was the only wave they spawned for me during my 50-wave run). They will still die instantly, but if you haven't encountered them in the base game yet, know that when they die, they create a purple sphere of implosion, and anything caught in it dies instantly, including yourself no matter what items you have. You have time to run away from their implosion, but because my turrets were killing them instantly, I didn't have time to see where they spawned to get away from them. Just stay on the move, and pay attention to your turrets, because there's a pretty decent chance a Void Reaver implosion will wipe out a turret, Make sure you set a new one to replace it, and keep moving to avoid any yourself
    • For Wave 48, I'm not sure if this was randomized or what, but Artifact of Glass activated for that one wave, which puts you (and your turrets) at only 10% health but 500% damage. One hit will kill you here, but by Wave 48 your build should already be in overdrive and killing everything instantly, so you stand no chance of getting hit. Just know that you'll stay at 10% health when Wave 49 starts until you heal, so stand next to one of your turrets with Bustling Fungus to heal back to full very fast
    That's it. A lot of information, and it'll take some time, but it's quite easy to do, and you'll never feel more powerful than by the end of this achievement.

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