- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 (boosting or skilled at Risk), 7/10 (without).
- Offline: 16 [750 ]
- Online: 4 [250 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 15-30 hours (boosting). 30+ hours (without).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Many games.
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: ONE dedicated boosting partner. (See Leagues section of RoadMap).

Welcome to the classic strategy board game of deception, power, strategic might, and everything else that comes with clobbering your friends and taking over the world. Zoe Mode has made an updated, beautifully looking Risk remake from our childhoods. The same principles are there, the cards, the evil luck dice, and all of the hours of careful planning. With an updated facade and some enjoyable, replay factor, you will end up spending a good long time enjoying every aspect of this Risk remix. 

While you may enjoy the game, if you plan on completing it to the fullest it can be finished, you will need to put in some overtime in the form of boosting with a dedicated partner.

Important Tips

  • The biggest tip is to quit out of a game if you do not need the loss. When you quit out of a game you will take no penalty, and will have no repercussions held against you for doing so. Use this to your advantage when dealing with an especially tough lobby, early defeats, or frustrating opponents.
  • Party chat and teaming up is a must! You will be facing people who play Risk for enjoyment, and many of them are that good where you will notice the difference. Teaming up and working together for a common goal is a necessity to get the points required for victory.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
In the abbreviated walkthrough I am going to go through strategies and tips you can use to enjoy your time playing Risk and hopefully make the process a little easier.

Leagues, the Real Test, and How it Works:
Note: Be very wary of the multiplayer in this game. The match making system is very broken, and it will very likely take your hours upon end to connect to a single game with players in it.

While the servers can be picky, always make sure you let one person search, get in a lobby, and then have the second guy search because there is a chance, albeit slim, that you can get together.

This is the multiplayer section. You will become infuriated with this and will be pushed to your wit's ends. Even when there are barely any people online, the game would rather put you and your partner into different, new games instead of grouping you together. That being said if you are able to get together there is a strategy Mieces87 and I put together for optimal points for both partners. Please note that even if you have enough points to win the league you are currently in, you will need to play ALL SIX games in order to move on. The strategy is as follows:

League Game - Two Players
Player One = 35 Points --- Player Two = 5 Points
Player One Wins (30 territories)
Player Two must take a single territory to earn five points.

Player One should be looking to knock out all of the computers from the game before taking the 30th territory. What you want to do here is find a suitable location to stockpile your army and then begin to take over continents to boost army count while ensuring you knock off the computers. 

Normally have the losing player establish an area to dump all of their reinforcements (Australia works well because of the small nature and unimportant location). If the losing player is also in a very good position early on to kill a few computer territories that are distant from the winning player, do this. It is easier to run through larger continents than it is to find one territory away from where your army is. 

The bottom line in this scenario is to take your time because the AI do not attack nor do they move, and you can even skip giving them troops. Keep in mind that 30 points will end the game, so you will need to ensure all AI are knocked out prior to capturing that 30th territory. 

Non-1v1 Option
If you are unable to get a 1v1 like you want, teaming up in party chat is critical to get the most out of your games. My boosting partner and I preferred a 2v1 if possible, but many times we had to contend with a full five. This isn't the end of the world though, you can still work the board if you do it correctly. 

The first key factor is seeing where you and your partner can get together to make power plays. For example, if your partner is strong in and around Australia and you are bigger in the North American continent, making a push to the causeway of Asia to sure up Asian defenses for your partner will create a backbone upon which both of you can work off of. On this note though, if you two are spread thin, or do not like the set up, it is much easier to quit out and search again rather than slugging through a game only to quit 30+ minutes later.

It is also important to note what other people are trying to do. Keeping someone from taking an entire continent just by holding a single territory will stop them from getting a bonus and will also represent a block of forces from what you are working on, to what they are doing. The bottom line is that there is a lot of practicing and working with strategies that needs to occur in order for you to conquer this gameplay. 

After trudging through the multiplayer there should be nothing left for you to mop-up. If you need to kill off a few more players, win after going last in order, or reach a turn with a specific condition met this is the time to do it now that you do not have the multiplayer waning over you.

Well it turns out this installment of Risk is certainly much harder to complete than it would seem at first look. You will end up spending a great amount of time frustrated, aggravated, and upset with the broken multiplayer system. The local play is phenomenal, the old school feel is great, and everything about the game is crisp, clean, and down right fun. Take out the achievements related to the terrible multiplayer system and you get an amazing game. Hopefully you are your boosting partner are able to connect enough times to win out the General's League and put this game back into the depths of what happens when you do not work on a system like multiplayer hard enough.

I wanted to thank Floyd. and Mieces87 for helping me get this G&RM off the ground.

[XBA would like to thank THE DEADLY DOG for this Roadmap]

Risk Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Conquer 7 or more territories in one turn.


    Conquering more than seven territories in one turn will require you to have a substantial sized army either in one location, or enough micro-locations that you can successfully take seven spots, taking losses into consideration.

    This is easiest when done with human players as your opponents in a private, local game. You can simply build one up specific territory and allow all of the troops to transfer from territory to territory as you move through the map. 

  • Deploy 20 troops in one turn.


    Note this cannot be done in capitals game type unless you completely eliminate each player.

    Deploying 20 troops in one turn will require you to have a significant portion of the map under your possession in order to be granted the higher amounts of reinforcements per turn. Also remember, if you are very close to the 20 mark for troops to deploy you can always turn in your cards for a small extra boost.

  • Eliminate 50 players.


    Eliminating 50 players will probably be your last miscellaneous achievement you will unlock. The most players you can eliminate in one game is four so this will take a little over 10 games if you knock off doing local matches with five human players (including you).

  • Win a game in 10 turns or less.


    This can easily be done in a local match. Set one or two human players and simply pin their forces next to each other and allow them to whittle their armies down while you conquer the rest of the map and gain large reinforcement counts per turn. You can also aid yourself by getting a few continents (go for Asia / Europe) before the game even starts by manually choosing locations. If you only do one other human opponent, you will need to use the second account's forces to knock out some of the defense territories owned by the CPUs.

  • Get promoted to the Major's League.

    Online only.

    You need to score 60+ points in one season (six online games) in order to get promoted to the Major's League. This bare minimum requires two wins with three total eliminations. 

  • Get promoted to the Colonel's League.

    Online only.

    You need to score 60+ points in one season (six online games) in order to get promoted to the Colonel's League. 60+ should easily be possible with a good dedicated boosting partner, or matches during which you win (25 points). You will want to win two games at the very least with four eliminations.

  • Get promoted to the General's League.

    Making it into the General's League requires a final score of 70+ in the Colonel's League. 70+ should easily be possible with a good dedicated boosting partner, or matches during which you win (25 points). You will want to win three games at the very least to hit the 70 point mark.

  • Win the General's League.

    Online only.

    A majority of the tips and tricks for this achievement are in the Roadmap section. You will want to gain a sturdy understanding of Risk, and how the multiplayer system works before making a serious run at leagues.

    Winning the General's League requires a score of 80+ in a single season (six games). Winning 4/6 games is required for hitting the 80+ score required to win. This means a win of any kind (20 points for win, five for final elimination = 25) would require four of your six season games to be wins. If you were to eliminate more opponents then you could possibly only need three wins. 

  • Win 3 games in a row.


    Best done when playing with controllable human players that you can manipulate. It is advised that you do it with at least two other human dummies so you can pick the territories, and control each's movements. Have the two dummy accounts attack each other to reduce their reinforcements while you take continents for increased reinforcements.

  • Win a game having lost only 3 or fewer territories.


    Simply put – do not lose more than three territories in one game. This is easily achievable with using nothing but human players that you control. You can ensure that the dummy accounts you are playing with do not attack your territories, and that you focus on grabbing continents for increased reinforcements.

  • Control a continent by the end of your 1st turn.


    This is easiest when paired up with local human players that you yourself control. Simply choose all of the locations in a specific continent except for one, allow one of the dummy human accounts go there, and take it over during your first turn.

    You could also take a continent in the pre-war phase when you choose your territories.

  • Attack 100 territories using at least twice as many troops as the defender.


    You will easily get this achievement through the course of playing many, many games of Risk. Anytime you have more than 2x the troops than your opponent has in their territory, it counts toward this achievement. Most battles you will see will be in a situation when you have odds over your enemy, greater than 2x.

  • Reach turn 4 without losing a territory.


    The easiest way to grab this is in an offline game during which you have human players as your opponents which you control. You simply must not lose a single territory by the time turn four comes around.

    If you finish the game before turn four you may not unlock this achievement because the parameters of the achievement were not met (reaching turn four).

  • Spend 5 stars in a single purchase of troops.


    You can earn one card per turn by taking a territory. At the end of your turn you will be awarded a card and can then use it the following round when you put down reinforcements. You can one star for a territory you do not own, and two for a territory you do own. It is best to simply wait until you have earned a large number of cards (at least five), and then simply turn them all in, together. 

    The achievement will unlock following your purchase of troops.

  • Win a game in which you were last in the player order.


    What I suggest is that you do a 1v1 with a human player and keep restarting until you are the second (last) person to go. Once you get this, all you have to do is win and the achievement is your's. The best way to reduce your opponents forces is to simply have them stretched out by attacking the defensive territories of the CPUs. You will understand what this means when you only load up two players and leave the rest set at none.

  • Complete a game with at least 2 local human players.


    Simply put two human 'dummies' in with your main account and win the game. Very simple when you can control your opponents and use their forces against each other to trim down what you will eventually need to destroy.

  • Conquer a territory taking no casualties.


    This will undoubtedly come as you play through the game, and you will most likely unlock it without even realizing what you have done. If not here is a quick suggestion.

    You can conquer any territory. Take a massive army and take on a single defender with the hope that you lose no troops in the battle. Remember, your odds are 3-1 with the dice in your favor for any army larger than three attacking troops (so four people station in a territory).

  • Attack with 10 or more troops.


    Build up one territory so it has at least 10 troops in it and then attack any other enemy territory.

  • Reach turn 5 without losing a battle as the attacker.


    Build up one specific territory with a large number of troops and attack a spot with only one defender making sure not to lose any troops in the battle. If you succeed without a loss, do not attack anything else until turn five is met and the achievement unlocks.

    You could also avoid attacking all together until you reach turn six as an alternative and a safer method.

  • Conquer 100 territories which have only one defender.


    The name of the game is to conquer territories, although this is certainly much easier when you are playing against human controlled opponents that you yourself play. You need to take 100 territories that have one defender in it. You will absolutely get this after playing several games of risk.

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