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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • CO-OP



    Finish wave 5 on Xbox Live with another player using default settings

    Find yourself a good partner, jump on Live, start a co-op game and have fun. May take a few tries but overall its not that hard.

  • Stay in wave 1 for 28 seconds without dying using default settings

    One of the easier achievements in this game. You can cut down the aggrivation by leaving only one enemy on the level. Its only level 1 so restarting isnt a big hassle if you don't get it.

  • Wave 5



    Make your way to wave 5 using default settings

    Beat wave 4 and get to wave 5 to unlock this achievement.

  • Rescue all humans on wave 1 and 2 using default settings

    Right off the bat, go straight for the humans. Make sure you do not kill all enemies as this will automatically warp you to the next level and you will not be able to save the remaining humans. Do this on levels 1 and 2 to get this achievement.

  • Glue



    Pass wave 1 without moving or dying while using default settings

    Do not touch the left thumbstick. Just stand there and fire until you've killed off all enemies. Not hard. Again, restarting isn't a big hassle because its only level 1.

  • Make your way to wave 4 in 45 seconds or less using default settings

    Don't bother with the humans. Quickly and rapidly destroy all enemies as fast as you possibly can. If you find yourself dying a lot, it would do you good to start over.

  • Make your way to wave 10 using default settings

    A lot of people find this tough, but if you know your first few levels pretty well, you'll breeze through them without losing a life. Get to wave 10 for this achievement.

  • Make your way to wave 30 using default settings

    Very few people actually have this achievement. It is tough, and probably suited for the experienced Robotron player only. Collect as many humans as possible for help towards receiving extra lives and GOOD LUCK!!

  • Versus



    Play on Xbox Live Ranked VERSUS and gain the rank of 5

    Get a buddy to help you boost because its tough to find games now-a-days. Create a match in VS Ranked and have him find your game. Just have your buddy let him outlive and outscore you to gain ranks.

  • Get 1st place on in game score board using default settings

    One word... tough. Not too many people can get this. Go for as many humans as possible for big bonus points. If you outscore the guy on the in-game scoreboard, youll get this achievement.

  • Finish wave 10 on Xbox Live with another player using default settings

    This ones a little tough. Practice and find yourself a partner who is good at this game.

  • Make your way to wave 100 using default settings

    See "WAVE 30" for tips.

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