The Bladder of Steel Award Achievement in Rock Band 2

  • The Bladder of Steel Award



    Completed the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing.

  • How to unlock The Bladder of Steel Award

    Thisis it. The big one. The one that will seperate the boys from the men (and women). You will have to play through the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing a song. Firstly, people have come up with schemes of disconnecting their controller, hitting the guide button etc. Take warning that none of those work, Harmonix obviously knew what people were going to do. This does not have to be done on expert, so do it on medium so that pretty much gets rid of the no failing part. You can fail and be saved by someone, as long as you don't fail the whole song and have to restart. Make sure you have a wired controller, so your batteries don't die on you, also make sure no one unplugs the wire. When deploying overdrive, guitarists, tilt your guitar, don't press the back button, to make sure you don't accidentally press the Start or Guide button. One way you can do this is swap in and out with a friend, each doing a couple of songs. You will probably have to return the favour too. Make sure you have done everything you need to do before attempting this. I think the best way to do this is to wake up early on the weekend, and play that whole day. This can obviously be done with a band, but at least if you do it by yourself, there is less risk and nobody to blame.

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  • Vocals on medium = easy win.
  • me and 2 of my friends did this and only one of us got it.... any reasons why me and the other one didnt get it?
  • i hate this achievement! i accidentally paused once, and failed on accident on Hard vocals once also, gahhhh time for hard guitar then :(
  • For the record, nothing can stop the game in order for this achievement to count. Even if your guitar/drumset runs out of batteries and dies on you, it counts as pausing So in otherwords make sure to replace all batteries, have water etc. etc. before starting this achievement.
  • #2 your friend probably didnt get the achievement because he failed
  • Do it on medium bass, unless you're really good and can do it on expert. A good bathrrom break without pausing would be in AC/DC let there be rock where the drums and vocals play for like a minute with no bass or guitar
  • medium vocals is super easy. that way any song that has all talkies you can set the mic down and have the tv play while you go to the bathroom or get something to drink
  • #7 What about the other song which does not have a talky part?
  • just got this one - took me 6 hours and 10 mins, in case you were wondering how long it was ;)
  • Harmonix must have really sat there for weeks on end thinking "what is the most annoying annoying achievement we can add to this game?"
  • Are there any more tracks that you can get a good bathroom break out of? I'm left-handed and can't pass the guitar over to a right-hander while I have a break!
  • Theres TWO endless setlists?! WHAT!?
  • Coitey, It's called "Endless Setlist 2" because it's in the second game; not because there are two of them in this game. Don't worry. :)
  • Had an issue with a song I had downloaded freezing the game... froze about halfway through the set.... twice. Guess I will try again tomorrow now that I deleted the song.
  • at #8. then you play the song like you would normally. the songs with the talkies are your break points. there is a point where you have to play about 20 songs in a row that dont have talkies but it wasnt a problem for me
  • Might just set up like a bucket to piss in just in case but should be fine if I go before and then just hope I don't need to again...
  • Just failed at 81th song.. FML.
  • You mean 81st song ^
  • can this be done on easy vocals??
  • Nope. Medium is the lowest difficulty you can attempt it on.
  • finaly got through this pesky achievement to get 1000G
  • IT'S VERY LONG 6:00 hours but it's funny to do with a friends
  • Visions is the worst song ever to play on RB.
  • This is what made me lose friends...I paused the game during the 70+ or so song just to eat those corn chips while high...they still haven't forgave me... :(
  • GOT IT!!! :D All 84 songs take approximately 6 hours and 20 minutes. I suggest unhooking your network adapter. It's definitely better to attempt this offline. Otherwise you run the risk of a sudden disconnect causing you to pause. There are 2 key spots where you can relieve yourself (assuming you're on guitar). The first is after the first section of "Let There Be Rock" (at the "In the Beginning..." line). The second is after the solo in "Spoonman". Both of these songs appear in the latter part of the setlist. Take these precious few seconds to get some relief. Time yourself if need be.
  • Doing this tommorow. Got supplies and I've been training for a week! Endless Setlist 2 is about to get got!
  • im taking a stab at it sunday while my wife is at a bridal shower :-DDD
  • I remember doing this on the Wii version a couple years ago, because I heard about it on the forum and thought "I want to do that." I succeeded then, I could easily succeed at it again when I get that far on the Xbox, perhaps this time even get gold stars on all the songs, too. Such a fun achievement to brag about when you get it.
  • Did this on Expert Bass, made it to the 71st song, then had to turn the Xbox off. x.x; I was afraid to try it on Expert Guitar because of "Painkiller," but it turns out that "Battery" is the hardest for me. (For some reason, when there are a plethora of notes, my star power does not like to work - does anyone else have this problem?) I tried again on Expert Bass a few nights later, and got it! ~ The silver next to your name in the introduction is sweet.
  • i tried this when i was using my old G-tag got to "Visions" and my eyes started fucking with me and i had to pause... now i am going to make another attempt but to save myself trouble doing expert guitar.. which for most of you i dont know about doing it on guitar because i have beaten every guitar hero on expert and working on my rock band games now :D.. If your like me and spent talmost 100 hours playing guitar hero metallica you should be prepared because oof all the solos and what not. painkiller is really easy because of guitar hero van halen.. but the only down fall to this achievement is the shitty songs >:(
  • @29__ You mean Platinum??
  • I'd wear a diaper if I were trying to do this...
  • For this I believe you can Disconnect the instrument with out losing the achievement because it does not really "pause" it.
  • This took a couple tries over an extended period of time for me lol. Yes, it's ridiculous if an instrument dies which happened before I just did it on drums where my ion was plugged in the whole time. Even worse though is the endless setlist on Rock Band 1 when your partner is not as good as the difficulty your trying to have them do. Cheers to all those who stuck through to the end though.
  • "Might just set up like a bucket to piss in just in case but should be fine if I go before and then just hope I don't need to again..." I totally did this, haha. I actually just used a couple bottles and since I was doing it by myself on Expert Vocals, I needed a lot of water. Only achievement I know of that impedes a player's bodily functions, haha!
  • medium vocals is the easiest way cause when a song comes that all talkies, you can take a break and have the tv play for you
  • Can this be done on medium to get the no pause or fail achievment then can you re do it to get the complete on expert?
  • I was attempting this on Expert Bass tonight. When I was almost finished with song 68, a message popped up saying my controller had become unplugged. I am playing with a wired controller and it most definitely did not come unplugged. I double-checked it, and, sure enough, it was completely plugged in. This guitar has seen 100's of hours of play, and has never done this before. Pisses me off, since I have to do this over. Oh well, doing it again won't be hard; it'll just be time consuming. Ugh.
  • How long does this take approximately?
  • Gonna attempt this one soon enough!
  • This is how i did the BOS. I made sure i didn't have school that day i unlocked this achievement. I started about 9:29 am and ended at 3:29 pm CST. I used the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar for this one. I made sure i always tilted the guitar for overdrive. All 84 on disc songs. in one sitting. no pauses or failing. got it first try. 6 1/2 hours was a pain but it was worth awhile. 6 1/2 hours is how many hours Rock Band 2 makes you play their game just for 25G.

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