- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
- Offline: 8/32 (80/500)
- Online: 18/32 (320/500)
- DLC:7/32 (100/100)
- Approximate amount of time to 100030+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Instruments.

Rock Band Blitz is a spinoff take on the original Rock Band series, where instead of using instruments, everything is played on track using just a standard controller. The game is similar to Rock Band Unplugged in design, but includes Power-Ups which can help you earn better scores. As this game does tend to have goals related to DLC, this guide will be split to accommodate anyone who may not be able to earn the extra gamerscore.

Step 1:
To start off, we'll be heading to the Tutorial to complete both the beginner and advance lessons, doing this will earn you "Self-Taught." Next, head to the Calibration option and proceed to tune the game so it's in sync. Upon confirmation for both audio and video settings, you'll earn "Calibrate Good Times." Last of all, before we start the game, head to the Recommended tab in the in-game menu, look for any song tagged with Score War, and then challenge a friend to compete, doing so will earn you "This Means War."

Step 2 (requires DLC):
If you don't have at least 300 songs, skip to Step 3.

While we prepare to build up coins for the later challenge, here's what needs to be done while playing enough songs to earn the following:

  • "Greatest Hits"
  • "Consummate Collector"
  • "Party at Your Place"

At the same time, you'll want to play at least ten songs from the same artist/band, play at least 50 songs in the same genre (Pop Rock/Metal etc.), 50 songs from the same decade (80s/90s etc.), and one song that covers each decade from the '50's up to the '10's (201X). You'll earn the following along the way:

  • "Loyal Fan"
  • "Genre Diehard"
  • "Decade Decadence"
  • "Music Historian"

Step 3:
Play every song that is included with Blitz, which is a total of 25. Alongside the previous step, just by playing songs, you'll earn Cred and Coins which will earn you the following:

  • "Incredible"
  • "Extra Credit"
  • "More Power to You"
  • "That Dozen Count"
  • "Blitzed Out"

Step 4:
Having done everything else, you'll be using all the coins accumulated to buy Power-Ups which is required to earn Gold Stars. This task will take a while, but you should be prepared now having time to understand how the game works. While aiming for the Gold Star cutoff for all the Blitz tracks, you'll earn the following:

  • "Big Spender"
  • "Good as Gold"
  • "Stellar Performance"
  • "Precious Medal"

Replaying any song, and earning a high score will get you "Never Better."

Step 5 (Cleanup):
If there are still Power-Ups which you have yet to use, check the requirements to what should be done to earn its respective achievement. You'll probably earn the following just by playing or while going for Gold Stars, but these should also come along in time:

  • "Blitz and Giggles"
  • "Shredder"
  • "Three for the Taking"
  • "Perfect Finish"

Side Note - Rock Band Central:
This game needs to be connected to the server to earn cred and coins, and to be able to update your score. Because of this, I will be marking anything that has a connection to related achievements as online only. I'll change it accordingly depending on how all the systems in place will work.


[x360a would like to thank hoshinosenshi for this Roadmap]






Rock Band Blitz Achievement Guide

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There are 32 achievements with a total of 500 points

  • Played a song from every decade since the '50s.

    To earn this, you need to play at least one song from each decade up to the '00s. Every song you can export will cover all decades except for the '50s. The only artist with songs from this decade is Johnny Cash, browse through the DLC store and download any song which you like to contribute towards this goal.

    For reference, here's a quick rundown on other decades.

    ?Rock Band 
    - Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)
    ?Rock Band 2
    - Pinball Wizard (The Who)
    - Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
    ?LEGO Rock Band 
    - Fire (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
    - I Want You Back (The Jackson 5)

    Every other decade ('70s-'00s) is covered with the Blitz tracks, which will count towards this.

  • Played at least 50 unique songs from the same decade.

    Any song between 2000 and 2009 ('00s) will have the most songs covered if you want to get this easily. If you export any of the songs from the Rock Band series, the amount of songs you can get will be over 50 using any two disc exports.

    Rock Band - 24 songs.
    Rock Band 2 - 28 songs.
    LEGO Rock Band - 23 songs.

    Songs from Blitz will also count towards this.

  • Played at least 50 unique songs in the same genre.

    There's a reason why this game uses the title 'Rock Band', as it stands, Rock is the most covered genre within the series. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other DLC achievements, this may be a bit more harder to get unless you export the disc collections. Here's a rundown on what you can pick up.

    Rock Band - 26 songs.
    Rock Band 2 - 12 songs.
    LEGO Rock Band - 9 songs.

    You can also play the Blitz songs which will count towards this.

  • Played at least 10 unique songs by the same artist.

    You will be limited to what will count towards this, but some artists already have tracks from the disc games which may help if you want to go that route. Most album packs will get you more than enough songs to earn this, you can also use band packs in conjunction with export songs to reach at least ten songs.

  • Played at least 300 unique songs. Harmonix thanks you!

    This is the big one, 300 songs... it's kind of a lot. All that money...

    Let it be known though that you can get very close to this using some disc exports, or... even past this if you get almost all of them. The disc library is as follows:

    Rock Band - 55 songs.
    Rock Band 2 - 79 songs.
    LEGO Rock Band - 45 songs.
    Green Day: Rock Band - 47 songs.
    Rock Band: AC/DC LIVE - 18 songs.
    Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 2 - 20 songs.
    Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock - 20 songs.
    Rock Band Track Pack: Country - 21 songs.
    Rock Band Track Pack: Country 2 - 21 songs.
    Rock Band Track Pack: Metal - 20 songs.

    This rounds up to 346 songs. More than enough, right? However, you may not want to buy all these disc packs because there might be some songs you may not personally like, that's understandable. So how about this?

    New copies of Rock Band 2 contain a code that allows you to get 20 songs for free.
    There's also free DLC you can get from the store! It's not much, but it should help.

    ?Am I Crazy - Little Fish
    ?Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) - Stephen and the Colberts
    ?Dreaming of Love - Lights Resolve
    ?Headphones On - Miranda Cosgrove
    ?Promised Land - Vesuvius
    ?RBN Megamix 01 - Various Artists
    ?Still Alive - GLaDOS

    Alright, so here's another breakdown. Using just the original games Rock Band/Rock Band 2, you'll get 134 tracks between them.

    Including the free pack with Rock Band 2, and the free DLC listed above, we now have 161 tracks. Rock Band Blitz tracks count towards this, making our total now 186 tracks. Let's throw in LEGO Rock Band now, you may not think all the songs are great, but consider that they will help towards more than just this achievement. Adding this now gives us 231 tracks in total.

    Now, because we're also going to work on "Loyal Fan," we're going to need at least ten songs by the same artist/band, which in turn will help us towards 300. We should have at least one song by one of the artists that will help count towards this, so let's round this at 240 songs.

    So we're still short here, and you may not want to pick up every track pack to help out, so let's check out the Rock Band Network content.

    You could pick up 60 songs which are being sold for 80MSP, which in theory will set you back $60, €50 and so on. The disc packs will probably be cheaper in the long run, and they have achievements included... if that detail will get you interested.

    Needless to say, after giving a rundown here, this will be a pretty expensive achievement, don't rush for it if you're low on songs, get what you want to play so you at least get some enjoyment out of it. The game should be fun, not an investment!

  • Played at least 150 unique songs.

    See "Party at Your Place" for more info.

  • Played at least 50 unique songs.

    See "Party at Your Place" for more info.

  • Got your Blitz Cred up to at least 10,000.


    Every time you finish a song, you will earn cred which varies based on your performance, and the difficulty of the song. So, for example, earning five stars on a tier five song would earn you more than five stars on a tier 3 song and so on. You can keep earning cred on the same song, so if you need to boost it faster, choose something short or relatively easy.

    Note: You cannot earn cred if you're not connected to Rock Band Central.

  • Got your Blitz Cred up to at least 1,000.

    See "Extra Credit" for more info.

  • Spent 10,000 coins.

    Coins are earned in a similar way to cred, in that the amount you earn on each song depends on the overall difficulty, and your star rating. Every new song you play will earn you double the amount of coins you earn, which you can use this to your advantage and try to get five stars on your first try (with at least one powerup) to obtain more coins than a regular play would earn you.

    This will probably be best to obtain alongside with "Precious Medal" so you don't use your coins too quickly.

    Also, if you have a facebook profile, you can connect to Rock Band World to compete in challenges which can earn you more coins. However, some of these challenges will require DLC.

    Note: You cannot earn coins if you're not connected to Rock Band Central.

  • Unlocked every Power-up in Rock Band Blitz.


    While earning cred for completing songs, you'll unlock additional powerups along the way to help you earn more points. Essentially, you'll earn this far before going for "Extra Credit."

    Note: As before, you cannot unlock powerups if you're not connected to Rock Band Central as cred will not be earned.

  • Earned Gold stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

    This is where the powerups are going to be come into play. Without them, reaching a gold star cutoff is impossible.

    The powerups you'll want to use depend on the song itself. Anything that uses Overdrive energy will mean you'll need to constantly switch tracks to grab any white notes regardless of the multiplier to get the most potential out of extra scoring.

    For purple notes, this entirely depends on your playing style, however you'll want to use Blast Notes, which are good for clearing out nearby notes without too much switching, and Chase Notes if you're more likely to switch on the fly earning the 10,000 bonus upon successful capture. 

    This will mostly be about experimentation more than how well you can play. As it is, watching a high score run when it's available should give indication onto what you should be using. Examine the song first, and then decide where you should be to exceed to gold stars. Purple Notes do not change between replays, but they also are in different spots depending on what you use.

    For a more in-depth look to each song and its respective cutoff score, check this thread.

    Note: This cannot be earned if not connected to Rock Band Central, as scores will not be updated/saved.

  • Earned 5 stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.


    See "Precious Medal" for more info.

  • Played every song included with Rock Band Blitz.


    This is self-explanatory. There are 25 songs included in Blitz, just play them all to the end, and this will unlock.

    Note: Songs will only be counted as played if connected to Rock Band Central.

  • Played 12 of the songs included with Rock Band Blitz.

    See "Blitzed Out" for more info.

  • Cleared 25 notes with Road Rage in a single song.

    This powerup uses Overdrive, and is more effective with full energy. When you unleash the car, it drives down random paths crushing notes along the way. You have no control over it, so even if you use it while on the Guitar track, there's no certainty it will run along the same path. Instrument heavy metal songs will have more notes on each track which may be the best time to try using it. This should come naturally while playing.

  • Earned at least 10,000 points with a single use of Jackpot.

    This powerup uses Overdrive, and is more effective with full energy. When you use this, a countdown will start. From this point, you'll need to hit every note while this power is active to boost the score you can earn from it. You can earn higher score bonuses if the instrument tracks are at high multipliers, as this power combines both the 3x combo with the track multiplier, therefore boosting the score even more. This should come naturally.

  • Caught 5 Runaway Notes in a single song.

    When you hit a purple note with this powerup switched on, a string of purple notes will appear on the same path. String them together and the purple note you're chasing will switch between tracks. 

    Keep hitting notes and eventually the final purple note will slow down, allowing you to 'catch' it for a bonus of 10,000 points. Missing some notes is okay as long as you don't break the combo too much, or the note will escape, and you'll need to do this again. This should come naturally.

  • Cleared 20 notes with a single Bottle Rocket.

    Bottle Rockets use Overdrive. How this works is that it shoots a projectile up to the far end of the path you're on. There is a small delay between when you shoot and where it lands, meaning you'll have to plan ahead if you want to hit enough notes to get this goal. This is mostly luck based, but knowing the song and where a busy section is will make it easier.

  • Kept the Pinball in play for at least 20 seconds.

    This sounds simple enough, but it may take a few tries. When you hit a purple note with this powerup switched on, a giant pinball will run up in front of you hitting notes along the way, and then make its way down towards you. You'll need to be on the same path where the pinball will fall off to keep it bouncing back along the highway. The longer it remains in play, the faster it gets. Counting the time while you catch it is the only way you can know if you're close to succeeding with this goal.

    This will only unlock after the pinball has fallen off the highway providing 20 seconds have passed, so a single track song will not work.

  • Earned at least 10,000 points with a single use of Shockwave.

    Shockwave uses Overdrive, and is more effective with full energy. You'll want to get on a path which is busy and then use it to hit all the notes that are on screen. To reach 10,000 more easily, keep the instrument combos going, as Shockwave will combine this combo to the notes it hits.

  • Played a chain of 10 Flame Notes.

    This may seem confusing to how it works at first, but essentially it's all about keeping focus on where the Flame Note will appear. As soon as you hit the first one, another one will appear on a random track, so you'll need to keep following it along. In some cases, multiple flame notes will show up giving you more chances to string 10 of them together. They will show up faster as you continue to hit them, so you might miss one if you're not next to it.

  • Cleared 10 notes with a single Blast Note.

    Blast Notes will destroy any note nearby on a track path that is outside the path you're on. This can be done pretty easily if you hit this note during a busy section. Should come naturally.

  • Earned Gold stars on a song.

    See "Precious Medal" for more info.

  • Played 100% of the notes in a Guitar solo.

    A guitar solo is indicated by a different track layout, which contains wavy streaks running down the side, and at this time all other tracks will be darker to give more focus. You'll want to try and get to the guitar track before the solo begins to make sure you don't miss the starting notes.

    You can make this easier on yourself by using the Bandmate powerup.

  • Challenged someone to a Score War.

    In the in-game menu of Blitz, scroll along to the 'Recommended' tab, and then scroll along the songs here until you find one marked with 'Score War'. Push the A button and you'll begin a challenge with your friend, the achievement will unlock at the same time. You don't need to complete the challenge at all, unless you want coins.racks, which will count towards this.

  • Replayed a song and beat your previous high score.

    Self-explanatory. If you play a song without any powerups to begin with, then come back to it with any powerup switched on to help boost score, this should come pretty easily.

    Note: This cannot be earned if not connected to Rock Band Central, as scores will not be saved/updated.

  • Finished a song with all tracks at the Level Cap.

    Don't get too confused by the description here. What the level cap is intended to be is the 'final' multiplier before the end of the song. Get all your instruments up to the highest multiplier at that point, and this should unlock.

  • Stayed in Blitz Mode for at least 30 seconds in a single song.

    When you hit notes in succession, you'll build up a meter towards the top center of the screen. After a successful combo, you'll enter Blitz mode, which changes your camera perspective, and earns you more points while you keep performing well. Missing a note will cause the meter to fall, three strikes and Blitz will end.

    To stay safe for at least 30 seconds, play on a track which doesn't have many notes to keep the combo going, eventually this will unlock.

  • Increased the Level Cap by 3X at 3 Checkpoints in a single song.

    Each track you play has to be leveled up to 3x maximum before each gate. So, as you start each song you'll be at 1x, and will have to work towards 4x. Then you need to work for 7x and so on. Focus on raising all instruments by three levels before the gate, raising all but one will hinder your progress to being able to reach 3x goals for each instrument. This should come naturally.

    This is best to try on a song which does not have a keyboard track.

  • Completed both Tutorials.

    You can find these under the Help & Options menu, then choosing How to Play.

    You probably don't need to know how to play this game, but if you run through this simple step-by-step guide, you get to hear a pretty awesome song!

    Oh, and you'll unlock this achievement too. That's cool, right?

  • Calibrated your system for the optimal Rock Band Blitz experience.

    Under the Help & Options menu, choose Calibration, then pick any option here and follow the instructions to change your latency/lag feedback. Once it's all confirmed, this will unlock. Also, you should be able to hit the notes when you start playing now, providing that you couldn't before.

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