- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 46 (900 )
- Online: 4 (100 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 60 - 100+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One for each Solo Tour instrument (guitar, drums, and vocals) plus World Tour and online matches.
- Number of missable achievements: None (As long as you are the leader of the band in World Tour or play in all the bands’ gigs)
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes.
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Single Player achievements and Endless Setlist achievements stack with difficulty.

Welcome to the Rock Band Road Map to 1000 !
This achievement list isn’t for the faint of heart and will take hours of dedication and practice. You will have to master not one, but three different plastic instruments. Between all game modes, there are 826 songs - 8 unique songs played multiple times - that need to be passed. With an average song length of ~ 4:20, you are looking at a bare minimum of 60 hours of playing songs. Of course most of us won’t be able to jump right into all the expert instruments, so tack on hours of practicing and that number shoots up. Still, anyone can learn to play like a pro if they take the time and keep at it!

Rock Band is a great game with a terrible design flaw: a huge portion of gameplay is only available to multiplayer bands, but not on XBL. In order to get 1000 , you must be able to play all instruments on Expert, have a partner who can play at least one instrument on expert, and who is also available to play local. Another option is to learn a technique called Voxtar, which involves playing guitar (or bass), while singing. This can be done with the headset, or a microphone stand. You can also sing and play drums at the same time, if that’s easier for you.

The best Rock Band resource on the internet is https://rockband.scorehero.com. They have charts of every song, both on disk, and DLC for every instrument and difficulty, information on the five star and gold star cutoffs, and info on optimal overdrive usage, along with many other resources to get you up to the expert difficulty on any instrument.

There are 50 achievements possible with no missable, glitched, or DLC achievements.
-15 achievements will take you through 3 playthroughs of Solo Tour where you will need to clear each non-bonus song on expert for guitar, drums, and vocal instruments (there is no bass Solo Tour).
- 25 achievements will require a full clear of World Tour including completing the Endless Setlist on expert. I hope you have a talented friend close at hand because Rock Band 1 doesn’t have online World Tour so you will have to both play locally.
- 4 achievements will challenge you to take on other Rock Band enthusiasts in head-to-head online battle.
- 6 miscellaneous achievements will test your overall skill in the game.

Section 1: Getting Good
If you intend on getting all the achievements, you will need to excel at each instrument. You should start by grabbing a friend (or three!) and starting a band in World Tour mode. In order to get the full 1000 , you’ll need to learn to play all three instruments on expert, but inevitably, you’ll develop an affinity for one in particular. Figure out which instrument you’re most comfortable with, and try to form a band with someone who plays a different instrument. This will make the multiplayer achievements much more enjoyable to get. You will have to play 651 songs in this mode to complete all the “Big In ___” achievements, so that gives you ample time to get better. Besides the Endless Setlist achievements, you will only need to play Expert songs to get One Million Fans, so don’t worry if you start playing on a lower difficulty.

As you progress through World Tour, you will unlock challenges to earn a van, bus, jet, and induction into the Hall of Fame. Complete each of these as they appear for their respective achievements. The ultimate challenge is the Endless Setlist where you have to play each song in the game back to back. You’ll probably want to hold off doing this for now.

-As you go through sets, try and switch up instruments and get practice on your worst one. Remember you’ll need to master them all eventually.
-The key to becoming better is to push yourself to your limits. You may fail, but your abilities will progress very slowly if you stick to songs you are comfortable with.
-Try harder songs than you could beat solo and your other band members can keep you afloat with Overdrive.

Section 2: Master of All Trades
When you start to feel comfortable on expert with an instrument, go into Solo Tour mode and start clearing songs on expert. As you go through it the first time, you will unlock Breakthrough Act, Hot Artist, and Top Artist. Once you finish each of the non-bonus songs, regardless of how many stars/points you get, you will unlock the instruments’ expert achievement (Lord of the Strings, AN-I-MAL!!!, or Virtuoso) and all the lower difficulty ones for that instrument. If you hit a major roadblock while going for any of these, take a break and go back into World Tour and work on completing more gigs.

If you and your band feel ready, it is time to tackle the Endless Setlist. You will be required to play all of the games’ songs (including bonus songs, excluding any DLC songs you buy). This will take about 4 1/2 hours to complete from start to finish. The difficulties stack, so its best if you do it once on expert. When you are ready, get comfortable and prepare yourself for an epic rock marathon. You are allowed to fail songs and pause anytime, so make sure to take a break if you need to. After you finish, your band will be awarded Platinum Artist. You’re all probably a little tired but you have one more thing to do. Start up any set and finish it with your band and you’ll all earn Riding on Coattails.

Section 3: Clean Up
Hopefully by now you have the majority of the offline achievements. Keep working on the “Big In ___” achievements until those are all done and hopefully by then you are good enough on all expert instruments to have finished Solo Tour with each. If you have any songs holding you back, go into practice mode and slow down the sections that are giving you trouble and work them out. They say practice makes perfect for a reason.

The only thing left before we move into online achievements are the “Flawless ___” achievements for getting 100% in an expert song with each instrument. You probably have some or all of these if you have finished every gig and all of Solo Tour. If you are having trouble, check out the thread HERE.

Section 4: Online
Depending on how much you like online achievements and competition, you may have already gone ahead and done these. You need to win 20 games of Score Duel and 20 games of Tug of War with at least a 5 game win streak in both modes. Unfortunately, if a player quits out, they are not penalized and you do not get a win. So, if you aren’t boosting, you may have this happen to you a frustrating amount of times. If you do plan on boosting, it is fairly easy to coordinate and get games together. Just pick the bass (the least popular instrument) on something like medium or hard difficulty and you’re almost sure to end up in the same game every time.

Hopefully, if you have followed this Road Map thus far, you will have gotten most of the Rock Band achievements. Just keep pushing for anything you haven’t gotten and remember that this is a party game and you should be having fun. When you are feeling stuck, take the time to casually play with friends and rest up. Eventually, you’ll beat that last song and getting this 1000 may be one of your proudest.
x360a would like to thank Skumbar and IWi11KickU for this Road Map

Rock Band Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock a Big Club in Solo Tour on Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert

    For this one, just finish the second tier of songs in any solo career on any difficulty.

  • Unlock a Theater in Solo Tour on Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert


    For this one, just finish the fourth tier of songs in any solo career on any difficulty.

  • Unlock an Arena in Solo Tour on Medium, Hard or Expert


    For this one, just finish the sixth tier of songs in any solo career on any difficulty except Easy.

  • Finish Guitar Solo Tour on Easy


    See "Lord of the Strings"

  • Finish Guitar Solo Tour on Medium


    See "Lord of the Strings"

  • Finish Guitar Solo Tour on Hard


    See "Lord of the Strings"

  • Finish Guitar Solo Tour on Expert

    Ok, first off, this is NO WHERE near as hard as Guitar Hero III's Expert career. If you've completed that, you should have no problems on this at all. If you haven't however, then proceed to read further down.

    Some Tips:
    Hammer-Ons/Pull-Offs - These are noted differently in Rock Band than the Guitar Hero series. In Rock Band, a hammerable note consists of a large note, followed by a noticeably smaller note. The smaller note needs not to be strummed, only pressed as it crosses the bar.

    Fender Controller - If you are lucky and have a working Fender controller, you will notice that sometimes when playing the scrolling fretboard glows blue and a percentage comes up. That means you have entered a solo. On the Fender controller only, you can use the lower set of fret buttons during this time and can finger tap your way through the section without strumming. Just press the button as the note scrolls over the bar.

    Timing Window - The timing window for Rock Band is a mix between Guitar Hero I and Guitar Hero II in my opinion. It is insanely tight. This means that you have about 3/4 of a second in any direction to hit the note as it crosses the bar. If you understand this concept, solos will come a little easier to you.

    Ok, on to songs.....
    Danger Songs:
    Foreplay/Long Time- This song is probably the best in the game in my opinion, but that's besides the point. Basically this song consists of multiple chord switches in the beginning, followed by random solos after ever verse later on. The solos aren't ridiculously long or hard in anyway, but they can be a nuisance if you aren't expecting them.

    Highway Star - This song is very deceiving to most people. It gives the impression of a steady rhythm, however it then turns into a really strong solo. I personally have been a fan of Deep Purple for 10 years, so I was aware of this. In the solo, there is a section where it breaks down into GG OO GG BB GG YY GG RR GG OO, etc... very Misirlouesque. This is on kind of an offbeat, and can be a very annoying section unless you get the timing down. I suggest practicing this part, and you should be very well off.

    Flirtin' With Disaster - This song has an extremely strange rhythm and I have still not figured it out even though I've gold starred it. No matter, it's pretty straight forward. The verses consist of chord to single note switches followed by random breakdowns. There is one main solo that consists of blue to green lines then weird transfers back to blue. This is probably one of the most problematic parts of the song, because the lines aren't equally spaced. Again, I suggesting practicing this part, it will save you a few minutes of redoing the song because you didn't expect it.

    Run To The Hills - Ok, this song is ridiculous. It is basically nothing but insanely fast triplets with a solo in the middle. The triplets of course are chords. They go something like Y-O to Y-B to R-B or something. That is the main rhythm of the song. If you can do triplets, and do them fast, this should give you no trouble. The solo basically consists of alternating notes (I.E. B O B O B O B O B Y B Y B Y etc....). Not too troublesome compared to the rhythm.

    Green Grass and High Tides - Can you say Freebird? Everything about this song is reminiscent of Guitar Hero II days. It has a catchy southern beat with two main solos I believe. The rhythm is pretty straight forward, with your average chords and single notes. The first solo is nothing to "fret" (I made a funny) about, but the second one is. Our good ol' buddy Solo C comes back. That means rapid blue to red then back to blue zigzags up the fret board. It does this for b-r and y-g. They aren't that bad, but you may want to practice them because they are a good chunk of that solo.

    **Stackable** meaning completion of this will unlock all subsequent achievements

  • Finish Drum Solo Tour on Easy


    See "AN-I-MAL!!!"

  • Finish Drum Solo Tour on Medium


    See "AN-I-MAL!!!"

  • Finish Drum Solo Tour on Hard


    See "AN-I-MAL!!!"

  • Finish Drum Solo Tour on Expert

    Ok, as one of the few people I know of that actually has this achievement, let me go ahead and say.... Wow.

    This is probably the hardest achievement in the game. The drum set consists of four pads, color coded accordingly R, Y, B, and G along with a foot pedal, color coded O. The foot pedal is what gives people the most trouble because of lack of hand/foot coordination. However, there has been complaints about people's pedal not picking up the rapid pedaling. There is a fix for this. You can -find it here-

    Some Tips:
    Tutorials - Seeing as this is a new concept, I highly recommend going through the tutorials. They will teach you all about overdrive and how you activate it (it's different than on Guitar and Bass).

    Loading Screens - Read the loading screens in between songs. They actually provide useful information in this game. Some of them include holding your sticks loosely as to allow for bounce or resting your foot on the pedal and keeping it pressed down as to not wear out leg strength when the pedal is not used.

    Friends - You can use a friend to hit the bass pedal for you. Though this is kind of cheap, it's doable.

    Danger Songs:
    (Don't Fear) The Reaper - This song is pretty straight forward and simple from the beginning. However, at the end, it gets really really hard. There is non-stop pedaling going on, and the pads are something like B R B R B Y-G. This will give everyone problems that has no idea it's coming. How I got through this was I took it into practice and worked each section at a time. I started with pedal, then added in R and so on.

    Foreplay/Long Time - This song is directly opposite to (Don't Fear) The Reaper as it is hard mainly in the beginning (During Foreplay). It basically consists of non-stop pedal (sounds familiar) with double reds and alternating G or B's. To do this you should use that bounce technique I mentioned earlier. If you bounce the stick right, the pad will register two consecutive strikes, rather than one. This means that you can hit two notes at once, allowing you to concentrate on the pedal and the alternating B and G's.

    Run to The Hills - This song seems way harder than it is. It seems like it has a pretty steady pedal pattern and pretty straight forward rhythm. The only thing difficult is the constant use of the red pad. The best way for this is usually a roll technique. Seeing as I am not a drummer, I don't know how to do that. There are tutorials online for that. You can just do what I do, and kind of bang until you're through it.

    Wont Get Fooled Again - This is the hardest song on drums without a doubt. The pedal is so sporadic it is very hard to follow. The pads are pretty simple, with some crazy breakdowns every now and then. I suggest using the same technique I described with (Don't Fear) The Reaper for this one.

    **Stackable** meaning completion of this will unlock all subsequent achievements

  • Howler



    Finish Vocal Solo Tour on Easy


    See "Virtuoso"

  • Finish Vocal Solo Tour on Medium


    See "Virtuoso"

  • Finish Vocal Solo Tour on Hard


    See "Virtuoso"

  • Finish Vocal Solo Tour on Expert

    Ok, I am not a singer and therefore have not unlocked this. I would feel bad if I attempted to write a guide for something I had no idea about. So here are some tips from others on the forum to help you out:

    From Dfraz: The only tips I can really provide is to listen to the songs. If you know them you'll obvioulsy do much better. One problem I notice most people have is they don't understand the octaves, so they go from really low singing to really high when they don't have to.

    Also if you want to make it really easy you can just hum the melody and you can pass it. Just say "ahhhh" and imitate the singer. Here is an example:

    From ShftLeft: Beating the solo tour on easy/medium vocals is pretty much a no-brainer, just don't butcher the pitch/lyrics and you'll be fine. Once you get into the hard/expert difficulties things get a little tricky. I recommend these steps to get your voice (at least for Rock Band) into shape:

    - Listen to the songs outside of the game. If you go into a song not knowing the melody to the lyrics, you'll fail out quickly. "Run to the Hills" and "Highway Star" for example, are songs I'd never heard (not a big Maiden or Deep Purple fan) before playing this game. After listening to the songs 2 or 3 times I was able to pass the songs on hard pretty easily.

    - Just match the pitch of the game. You don't have to be Geddy Lee to pass expert. One of the posts said you need "perfect pitch" when you get to expert, that's not true at all. Listening to me sing Run to the Hills or Tom Sawyer you'd assume a cat was getting it's tail removed. You just need to match the pitch that the game expects you to hit. A good way to perfect this is to practice matching your voice to certain notes on a piano, keyboard software/hardware, or in practice mode.

    The most important thing in my opinion is knowing how the song goes. Before attempting the longer setlists make sure you get to know the shoddy harmonix songs and how they go because they will kill you if you're the singer in World Tour. I've found that the songs I've listened to the most over the years are the easiest for me to do well on expert (Say It Ain't So, Black Hole Sun, Epic as I grew up in the early/mid 90s). So just get to know the lyrics and the melody of the song, match what the game expects and you should do fine.

    I've also toyed with the idea of playing with my surround mix to isolate the vocals and just stick the mic up to one of the speakers. It would be cheating but an easier way to get through the platinum endless setlist by yourself without having to sing/play expert at the same time.

    From ASTROBL4ACK/Fr133701ays: It is difficult to try to sing songs you don't know. They suggest maybe putting the song on an iPod or another MP3 player and just practicing in the car on the way to work/school.

  • Unlock the Van in Band World Tour


    Basically, just play gigs (sets) until you get a message saying you've been invited to something. That will be one of many things, the first should be a Van. Upon completion of this gig, the achievement will unlock.

  • Unlock the Bus in Band World Tour


    Same as the van, only look for the Bus invite.

  • Unlock the Jet in Band World Tour


    Same as van and bus, only look for the Jet invite.

  • Reach 1 million fans in Band World Tour


    Playing gigs will earn you fans. The better the performance (star rating) the more fans you earn. The amount of fans earn is exponentially increased by the number of stars total you have earned. There is a difficulty cap for fans. Easy - 49,005, Medium - 260,000, Hard - 600,000, Expert - Unlimited. The cap is assigned to the person on the lowest difficulty. That means everyone must be on expert to unlock this achievement

  • Finish the Hall of Fame Induction in Band World Tour


    This shows up as an invite right after you get your PR Firm. It is located in Moscow and will be noted with a gold record. It is an 8 song set, consisting of: (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Highway Star, Tom Sawyer, Flirtin' With Disaster, Enter Sandman, Foreplay/Long Time, Run to the Hills, and Won't Get Fooled Again. The achievement will unlock upon completion of the set.

  • Finish the Endless Setlist in Band World Tour on Medium


    See "Platinum Artist"

  • Finish the Endless Setlist in Band World Tour on Hard


    See "Platinum Artist"

  • Finish the Endless Setlist in Band World Tour on Expert


    Let me start by saying that this achievement should be worth way more than 25G. This is unlocked after completing the Hall of Fame Induction. It is also located in Moscow and denoted with a platinum record. The set consists of 58 songs. That is every song in the game, including bonus tracks. This isnt hard as much as it is long and tedious. These are all played back to back, no breaks. From start to finish this will take about 4 Hours and 30 Minutes, or at least that's how long it took me. If it helps any, the last two songs are Run to the Hills and Won't Get Fooled Again. See "Lord of the Strings", "AN-I-MAL!!!", or "Virtuoso" for help on your respective instruments. Happy playing

  • Finish the last remaining gig in London (Band World Tour)


    What this means is each venue in a city must have a check mark by it. This signifies that it has been complete. When all the venues in a city have a checkmark, the achievement will unlock. The venues are what you see after you select a city. The sets are what show up after you select a venue. To be complete the sets DO NOT have to have maximum star ratings, only need to be complete.

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Paris (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Amsterdam (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Berlin (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Stockholm (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Rome (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Boston (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in New York (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Chicago (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Los Angeles (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Seattle (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in San Francisco (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Tokyo (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Sydney (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Reykjavik (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Rio de Janeiro (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Finish the last remaining gig in Moscow (Band World Tour)


    See "Big in London"

  • Win 20 Tug of War ranked matches

    This is located in the multiplayer section. You must have Xbox Live to complete this. You select Tug of War, then ranked match. After 20 wins, the achievement will unlock. I have this achievement, and I am still unsure as to the exact play style of Tug of War. I know it consists of a meter that moves back and forth depend on how well you do, but I'm not sure what makes it move at different levels.

  • Win 5 Tug of War ranked matches in a row

    All I can say for this is just play and hope for the best. You must win 5 consecutive matches. You don't have to do them all in a row, just you can't lose. See "Tug of War Champ" for stats on the game mode.

  • Win 20 Score Duel ranked matches

    This game mode plays exactly like Pro-Face Off mode of the Guitar Hero series. You basically play the song from beginning to end like you would in solo tour. However, at the end, your score is compared to the other players. If you have the highest score, you win. This is located under multiplayer and it must be ranked. Achievement will unlock upon completion of the 20th win.

  • Win 5 Score Duel ranked matches in a row

    Play score duel on which ever difficulty you are best at and hope for the best. This must be done in ranked matches. Achievement will unlock after the 5th consecutive win. See "Score Duel Champ" for stats on the game mode.

  • Five Star a song on Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert


    Pretty straight forward. Stars are located on the upper right hand side, underneath the score. As your score goes up, the yellow ring around the star increases. If you reach the cut off score, a ding will sound and a star will be added. To unlock this achievement, there must be a total of five stars by then end of the song.

  • Score 100% notes hit as bassist, up-strums only, on Expert


    To do this, go to quick play, and select Should I Stay or Should I Go. For you instrument, pick bass, then select expert. Basically, play through the song only strumming up on your controller. This can be done on the X-Plorer, Les Paul, or the Fender. I don't recommend hitting anything in the Big Rock Ending because it could cause accidental down strums.

  • Score 100% notes hit as a drummer on Expert


    I personally don't have this one but research says that the easiest songs for this are:

    • 29 Fingers (Bonus Song) - This song has no bass pedal, so if that's the problem then this should be easy.
    • I Think I'm Paranoid - This song doesn't have any extremely hard parts, that is why it's a good candidate.
  • Score 100% notes hit as a guitarist on Expert


    This isn't hard at all. Every song in the first tier can be hit for 100%. Just keep working at it and you will get it.

  • Score a 100% rating as a vocalist on Expert


    Again, I'm not a singer, but I have done research. For a 100% rating, all phrases must be completed with an "Awesome" Rating, Stronger or below doesn't cut it. Songs to do this on:

    • Blitzkrieg Bop - Very short and pretty straight forward with pitch.
    • Sabotage - All Talky Parts

    From Spot2009: Ok.. Paranoid has got to be the easiest song to 100% on Expert. Seriously, it's the SAME tune throughout the whole song except 3 phrases. There aren't as many pitch changes either.

  • Play with a "Platinum Artist"


    I'm not sure if this has to be in Online Band Mode or any of the other modes, but basically just complete a song with someone who has completed the Endless Setlist on expert.

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