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  • Rocketeer



    Complete the regular Season

    How to unlock Rocketeer

    From the Main Menu select "Season". Select "Start New Season". Change the Team Size to 1v1, Difficulty to Rookie, Season Length to nine weeks and Playoff Teams to 4. Choose your Logo and Team Name and select "Continue". Finish the entire regular season and the achievement will unlock.

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  • Anyone have any idea about this one? I've played through season mode twice and nothing
  • I had the same issue. I decided to spread doing the season out over a couple days and didn't get the achievement. I just did the season again now in a single sitting and the achievement unlocked.
  • i just sat down and played a season in one sitting and this didnt unlock either, really dont want to have to play another season if i can avoid it
  • Played The Regular Season And No Achievement Unlocked
  • Another glitchy Rocket League achievement...

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