Buzzer Beater Achievement

  • Buzzer Beater



    With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing

    For this achievement, you’ll have to have a second controller or another person to help you out. Go ahead and create a party with either a second account or with another person. Set up a “Hoops” game with a game time of five-minutes and one goal to win the game. Once the game starts, just sit and wait till thirty seconds are left. At this point, go ahead and score a goal once under the thirty seconds to win the game (the person going for the achievement).

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  • Anyone having trouble getting this one to unlock? I've gotten all of them besides this one... I've even tried to score on the 30 sec mark and still nothing.
  • *Update* You need a second controller to do this achievement solo
  • Here is a really easy way to get this achievement: 1) Setup a 1v1 exhibition match with a rookie bot. 2) Take the lead, then hit start and change team. 3) With less than 30 seconds to go, switch back to your initial winning team.. here a video showing how to do it
  • @3 thanks that worked for me.
  • #welsh turtle. Worked first time thanks
  • @3 thanks. Still works.

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