Budding Artist Achievement in Rocket League

  • Budding Artist



    Collect a Painted Item

    How to unlock Budding Artist

    This achievement is going to require some luck. You can only unlock a painted item at the end of an online match as a reward; this can't be acquired in private matches or exhibition matches. You could get this in two matches or you could get it in a hundred matches...it's completely random.

    Painted items have an attribute that recolors an existing item. Wheels and Toppers seem to be the items that be acquired as “painted” items. Below is an example of a painted item; you'll notice it'll list the color and say "painted" in the description.

    Alternatively, if you know someone that has a painted item, there is now item trading feature in the game. Just have them trade the item to you and once equipping the item this achievement should unlock.

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  • Anyone have one they'd be willing to trade just to get the achievement?
  • If anyone wouldn't mind trading me a painted item and certified item before the day is done, I'd really appreciate it. I'll give the painted item right back and the certified item back as soon as I level it up :) I only have the game for the free weekend though, so if you see this message after today (2/19) just disregard it. GT: Snooch2theBooch
  • So many glitchy achievements...I have a sky blue painted hat. And no cheev
  • If anybody would be willing to help me get this, as well as letting me borrow a certified item and give them both back pls add me GT: All Of My Yes
  • Xbox: NicFlairWoo Need painted item, certified item & trade achievement. I have 4 crates to trade, hmu on xbox
  • I need someone to trade me this item, also need the battle of heroes achievement (i have armadillo and hogsticker) will take 2 minutes to do both and i will trade SLK item (very rare wheels).
  • Anyone feel like trading me a painted item? BigJ989
  • Looking to have the painted item traded to me and I will trade it back seeing as I have no use for it otherwise. Looking to get this game over with as quickly as possible. Please message me. Gt: Eh Its Kowalski
  • Looking for someone to trade me a painted item and I'll trade it straight back. I have a very rare item and a certified item available for anyone that needs it. GT: MURPHY1202
  • Need a painted item and certified item please. Add me Wattsy boi yid
  • Am completely new to this game. Downloading at moment lol. Am willing to help with any achievement on game for any achievement. Quicker the better. Do have mic if helps. Sorry if you see this post in may other threads just trying to get word around.
  • ^^ GT:One Cel Juggalo

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