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    Increase the level of a Certified Item

    How to unlock One Better

    This is another luck-based achievement. You'll want to play online games (regular or competitive) in hopes to get a "Certified" item drop at the end of a match. The “Certified” attribute makes that item track a specific stat while it is equipped in online matches. As you earn more stats with your item it will level up.

    Once you equip the item, start playing more online matches and as you play the item will track your stats (goals, saves, assists) and over time will level up the item. Aim to complete the task that will level up your certified item and you will eventually level it up and unlock the achievement. Depending on the specific stat that is tracked you could need to get anywhere from ten to fifty of those tasks. When an item levels up, the achievement tracker will go up 33% each time.

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  • Sorry this isnt concrete but had to look around to find some info and about to equip one today. It seems once you get a certified item, just equip and get 25/50/75/100 goals or saves (whichever it says it keeps track of) and it'll rank up. 100=Vet and completes the other item achievement for maxing a certified item. Let me know if this isn't all correct.
  • I do not believe this is perfectly correct because some toppers are for bicycle goals, while some are for centered balls. My source: simply the fact the bicycle goals are hundreds of times harder to earn than centered balls.
  • Anyone have a certified item to trade for some crates?
  • Can trade the following items received from crates for an easy certified item: X-Devil MK2 import body (Certified for backwards goals), Pixel Fire import rocket trail, Dominus: Snakeskin very rare animated decal, and Breakout: Vice rare decal. I'd happily give them all for one easy certified item! Message me on Xbox (GT: Flash6289) if interested. Cheers!
  • I have 2 painted items and a very easy certified item (shots on target) to trade for crates/crate items. Message me on Xbox (GT: Flash6289) if interested!
  • ^ I now no longer have these items.
  • I'll give all my items for one easy certified .. Hit me up gt. Jevs94
  • If anyone wouldn't mind trading me a certified item and painted item before the day is done, I'd really appreciate it. I'll give the certified item back as soon as I level it up and the painted item right back :) I only have the game for the free weekend though, so if you see this message after today (2/19) just disregard it. GT: Snooch2theBooch
  • Need an easy certified item. Have so e rare items, a painted item and some crates
  • Can someone explain how to unlock this? I have a Striker topper and have 34 shots on goal. Is the achievement not tracking my progress or am I not yet at the point of unlocking it?
  • I have some easy certs available to trade, give me a message GT AdWils93
  • Is it possible to buy an item with 24/25 points, score the 25th one and get the achievment. I have talked with several sellers on and most of them apparetnly could get an item like this for me
  • Xbox: NicFlairWoo Need painted item, certified item & trade achievement. I have 4 crates to trade, hmu on xbox
  • Looking for someone that would be willing to trade a certified item, preferably one that tracks wins (titled "Victor"). I'll trade anything I have,would appreciate the help. GT: WuTanG MatriX US east coast time zone
  • Got some easy certs AdWils93
  • anyone have a certified item to trade? can help w/ other acheevos if need be GT: Poat540

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