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    Earn Veteran status for your Certified Item

    How to unlock Certifiable

    To get your Certified item to “Veteran” status, you’re going to need to level up that item three times. All the tasks for these items need to be completed in online public matches, either ranked or unranked. Some of these will need to earn legitimately, while others like goals, saves, clear balls, and backwards goals could be earned if you try and match with a friend in a 1v1 match in a fairly empty region/server.

    The easier the task, the more that are going to need to be completed to fully reach Veteran status. If you go into your garage you can view your progress on that item. If you feel like you have a certified item that is just too impossible to reach Veteran, then just keep grinding out matches to hopefully get a better item.

    Alternatively, if you know someone with a Certified item they can just trade it to you now. Once traded just meet the requirements for that item to work your way to leveling it up.

    This list will show each of the possible certified items requirements you can get and the number required for each "tier."

    25/50/100 - Aerial Goals: Score a goal from hitting the ball above the goal
    25/50/100 - Assists: Hitting the ball previous to your teammate scoring a goal
    25/50/100 - Backwards Goals: Score a goal while in reverse or using your rear bumper
    25/50/100/ - Bicycle Goals: Do a bicycle hit to score a goal (A, A + LS back)
    50/100/200 - Centering: Hit the ball in front of the opposite team’s goal
    50/100/200 - Clear Balls: Hitting the ball away from the area near your goal
    25/50/100 - Epic Saves: Blocking the ball when part of it is in your own goal
    25/50/100 - Goals: Score the ball
    25/50/100 - Juggles: Hit the ball 3+ times in a row without touching the ground
    25/50/100 - Longshot Goals: Goals scored from your side of the field
    10/25/50 - MVP: Have the highest score after a match
    25/50/100 - Saves: Blocking the ball from entering your goal
    50/100/200 - Shots on Goal: Hitting the ball towards the opponent’s goal
    25/50/100 - Turtle Goals: Score a goal while upside down
    10/25/50 - Wins: Win a match

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  • 25 saves/goals gets you the first level, if anyone wants to boost add and we can see if a private match game works. Prefer someone with a "saves" item so we can just tap it back and forth. GT: BreezN
  • Can trade the following items received from crates for an easy certified item: X-Devil MK2 import body (Certified for backwards goals), Pixel Fire import rocket trail, Dominus: Snakeskin very rare animated decal, and Breakout: Vice rare decal. I'd happily give them all for one easy certified item! Message me on Xbox (GT: Flash6289) if interested. Cheers!
  • ^ I now have 2 painted items and a very easy certified item (shots on target) to trade for crates/crate items. Message me on Xbox (GT: Flash6289) if interested!
  • ^ I now no longer have these items.
  • This achievement is glitched. Got this cheevo after only 60-70 shots on target. Not the 200 shots it says here
  • If anyone wouldn't mind trading me a certified item and painted item before the day is done, I'd really appreciate it. I'll give the painted item right back and the certified item back as soon as I level it up :) I only have the game for the free weekend though, so if you see this message after today (2/19) just disregard it. GT: Snooch2theBooch
  • I have some easy certs available for trade. Message me GT AdWils93
  • Is it possible to buy an item with 99/100 points, score the 100th one and get the achievment. I have talked with several traders on https://odealo.com/games/rocket-league/ and few of them could get me a item like this (on request ofc)
  • Am completely new to this game. Downloading at moment lol. Am willing to help with any achievement on game for any achievement. Quicker the better. Do have mic if helps. Sorry if you see this post in may other threads just trying to get word around.
  • anyone have a certified item to trade? can help w/ other acheevos if need be GT: Poat540

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