Rocket Genocider Achievement in Rocket League

  • Rocket Genocider



    Make 535 Shots on Goal

    How to unlock Rocket Genocider

    This will come naturally over time and is pretty self explanatory. To speed up the process, start an Exhibition match of 1v1 against no bots and just keep hitting the ball into the net off kickoff. You will get one shot on goal each time.

    Note: It seems as if you can only get up to 2 shots on goal to count per kickoff.

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  • W T F
  • just shots, not goals.
  • Anyone else having issues getting this to pop? It's been stuck at 99% I've made plenty of shots on goal and still not popping.
  • Anyone have one or more of these chevos not tracking? I got at least 2 that are currently broken. This vid goes into detail about it the guy is not the most confident sounding but at least he's drawing attention maybe they'll fix em
  • I have same issue. Been stuck on 99%
  • Tried several things and only one method has worked for me. Go to My Games and Apps, find Rocket League, press Menu and select Manage Game. Under Saved Data (on the left), select the one with your gamertag and picture. Select "delete from console." Head over to Settings (double tap the Xbox button and go down to All Settings). Go to Network and then Network Settings. Select "Go Offline." Load up Rocket League, select Exhibition and play a game with no bots. If you're at 99%, get 6 shots (or more if you're feeling unlucky) on goal. Otherwise, you must get about 6 shots on goal for every 1% missing. ** For example, if you are at 93%, then 100-93=7 and 6x7=42 so you will need about 42 shots on goal. ** After you've gotten the shots you needed, return to Network Settings and go bac
  • [continued from #6] After you've gotten the shots you needed, return to Network Settings and go back online. For me, the achievement popped up immediately. If you're stuck at a lower number, like 60 or so, you can try to see if getting 6 shots or so with this method unfreezes it. I have not tested it myself. :)
  • SilentNewfie, thanks a lot. Your method was the only one that fixed it for me.
  • Thanks for the solution. Works fine now. While here, anyone knows anything about the marketplace? Looks good but seems kind of new - getting tired of all the scams on fb groups so would rather try something else

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