Full Course Achievement in Rocket League

  • Full Course



    Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot

    How to unlock Full Course

    In an exhibition match, set the game mode to Dropshot. Now set the team size to 1v1, no bots, and in the mutator settings make sure the max score and max length are both set to unlimited. Once in the game, break tiles and score 18 times.

    The quickest way to do this, I find, is to hit the ball rather gently so that it bounces lightly on the same tile. Then you can just nudge it in.

    This does not need to be achieved in a single match.

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  • is this glitched for anyone else?
  • This is glitched for me, as well. I'm stuck at 33% and well over the 18 goals needed.
  • If anyone is having trouble with this achievement, make sure you're playing dropshot exhibition 1v1 with no bots. Instead of doing unlimited time limit, play a standard 5 minute match. By playing a few matches you might be able to lock-in those goals more permanently. If you've been playing with other players or bots, make sure you are scoring the goal and not someone else. Only your personal goals count, not goals by teammates.

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