Storm Trooper Achievement in Rocket League

  • Storm Trooper



    Equip a Very Rare Item and complete a game in an Arena with turbulent weather

    How to unlock Storm Trooper

    Very Rare items will be viewable from the Manage Inventory section. You can use the filter to find them or just look for items labeled with a purple font. There are several ways to get a very rare. They can fall as a random drop after an online game, you can get them by opening a crate or you can trade in five rare items for one.

    Once you have one and it is equipped, head into exhibition and make sure the arena you choose says STORMY. Now play a game. You can set the goal limit to one in mutator settings to end it quick.

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  • Does anyone know what arena has turbulent weather?
  • I'm guessing any that say (Stormy) after the arena name.
  • i wish i owned a very rare item lol

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