Swap Meet Achievement in Rocket League

  • Swap Meet



    Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction

  • How to unlock Swap Meet

    By playing online you have a chance to unlock uncommon items, rare items, very rare items and crates. Some events grant you limited items as well. When in a party with another player, select their player icon at the menu and invite to trade. Each player must add one or more items in the box. Hit start to complete the transaction.

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  • Someone looking to do this? GT: ClumsyByFact
  • Anyone willing to trade? A simple uncommon Item is fine, just want to get this achievement then moving along.
  • Looking to trade GT jamesm903 send me a msg
  • Looking to do this achievement message me gt:rbirch89 gmt
  • Looking to do this. GT is username
  • Looking to trade for a very rare item. Got five crates I'm willing to give up!
  • looking to trade GT is Saint of Satan
  • Looking to trade for this. Have very rare items I'm willing to give away GT : Coxymus Prime
  • Looking to trade, GT: Whipllasher
  • If you got no friends (lol) you can easily do it on https://odealo.com/games/rocket-league/ marketplace. Even get some extra bucks if you got some valuable stuff ;)
  • Looking to trade. Have a certified item that I am almost done with too if anyone replies to this quick enough. GT: Eh Its Kowalski
  • ^Its also painted. Orange I believe.
  • I'm looking to Trade an item with somebody, please message me. My GamerTag is: theIronNapa
  • Trading a veteran certified object for a 'very rare' one (just for the other achievement) then can trade it back.
  • Looking to trade purely for the achievement. If anyone has a painter item that would be great also. I have a very rare item and I am jist about to get a veteran certified item. Gt - MURPHY1202
  • Looking to trade just for the achievement. We can trade back afterwards if you want, I don't really care about items
  • HI i still need this if any one wanna do a quick trade we can trade back after.message me on GT hawkeyex28.
  • Am completely new to this game. Downloading at moment lol. Am willing to help with any achievement on game for any achievement. Quicker the better. Do have mic if helps. Sorry if you see this post in may other threads just trying to get word around. GT :One Cel Juggaloo
  • Completed game!! Yay
  • Looking to get this achievement, will help with other achievements/games. Message GT: CmoneyRevenant
  • If anybody still needs this give us a message 👍
  • Still need this.
    Message me on Xbox
    GT = Harvey Spray
  • Still looking for this, GT: NewtonDuty
  • Looking for help with this, GT: Morley316
  • Trying to complete this before they shut down this feature in December. Gt: Shadowkills 10

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