- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10 (highly dependent on skill).
- Offline: 50/50 [1000/1000
- Online: 0/50 [0/1000 ] 
- Approximate amount of time to 100020-80 hours.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Electric Guitar, Rocksmith Real Tone Cable, Microphone Peripheral.
Is there DLC?: Yes

  • DLC: Bass Expansion
    • Difficulty: 7/10
    • Time to 25025+ hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Step 1: Play the Journey:
As you go through the Journey, you'll gain more experience and RSP (RockSmith Points). You'll need to play all the songs to find one that you can memorize for step number two. Playing through the entire journey will likely rank you up several times (earning you the associated achievements) and a few other miscellaneous achievements

Pause Method:
There is a method that helps make this easier for some people - if you pause the game to view upcoming notes, you can brace yourself for them better, thus helping you hit notes easier when you resume the game. We'll call this the pause method and refer to it when relevant in the guide below.

Step 2: Master a Song:
Pick a song that's short and easy for you to memorize (see the guide below for some recommendations). You need to memorize an entire song if you want to have the two achievements ("OK I Learned" and "Stage Ready"). This will be similar to a normal song, but all of the notes are invisible

Step 3:Guitarcade Games:
This is where you'll be spending a majority of your time in the game. You get one achievement per arcade game for just playing and another for beating a high score (which is usually very high and very hard to do). Take your time, learn the techniques the game is trying to teach you, and keep trying.

Step 4: Multiplayer:
Find a friend to play this game with. They must have their own cable and guitar. Doing so will earn you "Beneficial Friends."

Step 5: Wrap-Up:
Use the guide below to finish any other miscellaneous achievements you don't have at this point.

Overall, this is a very good game. Getting a 1K on this game is as difficult as trying to master an instrument, however. Be patient and practice, and you'll get this eventually. Happy guitar-ing!

DLC: Bass Expansion
(Full G&RM Located Here)

Welcome to the Bass Expansion DLC for Rocksmith! All of the achievements in the DLC are mirrors of main game achievements. The good news is that this DLC doesn't have any arcade games or mode, meaning that your completion here will be significantly easier (though still take quite a while or take a large amount of skill due to "Rumblesmith"). Without further adieu, let's jump in! 

Step 1: The Quickies:
By simply playing through the game through the first event with a guitar (instead of bass), you'll net "Bass Camp," "Databass," and "The Bottom Line."

Step 2: Score/Challenges:
Now you'll move into more difficult waters. There are three things you'll want to do here:

  1. "Bass Face" - Earn 100,000 points on a bass arrangement.
  2. "Ace of Bass" - Get Gold on all of the tutorial challenges.
  3. "Bass Head" - Collect all gear.

Do these in whichever order you want, but I ordered them by approximate difficulty.

Step 3: Rumblesmith:
Your only remaining achievement will be "Rumblesmith" - which is not difficult, but will require a lot of grinding unfortunately. Use the guide for the "Rocksmith" achievement from the main game to help get this as quickly as possible.

Congratulations on an additional 250in Rocksmith!

[XBA would like to thank Neverender Tarento for this RoadMap]

Rocksmith Achievement Guide

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There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Ducks

    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Beat 10,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Ducks

    It seems like you have to get to at least level 31 to break 10,000,000. I got to level 28 with a 101 streak and only managed 4.8 million. With some practice, this should get easier. If this is too difficult, resort to the pause method mentioned in the roadmap.

    If one of your strings is not registering notes correctly, try pausing and tuning your guitar during the game. Sometimes the sound check will let you get by without being completely on tune (though it usually does a pretty good job).

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Super Ducks


    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Beat 150,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Super Ducks


    This is the exact same game as Ducks, except with all six strings. Some ducks have like an atom orbiting around them. If you shoot them, all the other ducks on the screen blow up too. This game is heavily skill-based, and is probably the hardest Guitarcade game out of all (unless you resort to the pause method mentioned in the road map, then it's significantly easier).

    Not much else can be said to help you here. Either you'll need to be very skilled at playing guitar or use the pause method.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner


    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Beat 50,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner


    This is like Super Ducks, but only within a 4-5 fret range. It's also a scale (so the notes go up and down in sequence, rather than jumping around everywhere). 50,000,000 seems high, but your high score is a total of your high scores from all 11 scales. You'll only need a little over 4,500,000 million on average per scale to get this, making it significantly easier.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Harmonically Challenged

    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Beat 1,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Harmonically Challenged

    This game is like Simon Says, so you have to memorize the color and fret number of the game. However, playing Harmonics is strange difficult for some people to grasp; you have to touch the string at the fret, but the string cannot touch the fretboard. As soon as you strum, let go of the finger and let it ring. It may take practice, as it is one of the harder techniques in the game.

    If this is too difficult, resort to the pause method mentioned at the beginning of this guide. It also may help to write down the sequence, pause the game, and prepare yourself.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Big Swing Baseball


    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Giant!



    Beat 2,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Big Swing Baseball

    This game isn't too bad, but reaction time is important. The biggest problem with the game is its ability to recognize a bend. As of now, only a couple of people have actually reached the holy grail 2,000,000 mark. The game shows you what fret to play first, then a second later tells you what string to play and if it must be bent or not. 

    A good trick to use is to wait until after the first two beeps, then resort to the pause method mentioned in the roadmap.

    Another Trick:
    If there is a bend, then try playing a note higher than the shown fret number. A bend would create a higher pitch, so depending on how much bend they want (There's 1/2 bend, full bend, and 1.5 bend which bends past adjacent strings) you want to move your finger to a higher fret - one fret higher for each step up.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Super Slider


    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Beat 15,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Super Slider

    15,000,000 is very high on this game. The best recommendation I can give is to try to make a long combo as many times as you can early in the game. By level 45, you do notice a bit of a speed increase, and there will be 18 frets to work with (but you always start at fret 10 that late in the game, so it's easier to work with). The level you want to reach is around 60, but depends on how high your combos were.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Quick Pick Dash


    Refer to "The One With Zombies."

  • Beat 5,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Quick Pick Dash

    This is a game based on tremelos and it heavily depends on your wrist action. You must be quick without much movement. Because of this, there aren't really any tricks; only with practice can you actually master the tremelo and this game.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Dawn of the Chordead

    For this achievement (and all of the ones that point to it), simply start the game mentioned in the description of the achievement and the game will pop. It's that easy.

  • Beat 1,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Dawn of the Chordead

    This is hard because of the barre chords (where you hold all the strings with your index finger, and finger other frets too). The best way to beat this game is to memorize all of the chords so you don't lose too much time looking at the fingering chart. Just practice and endure the cramping of your wrist. Perseverance will get you the achievement! The pause method from the roadmap might also get you the achievement.

  • Visit the shop


    Just go to the Rocksmith Shop and this unlocks.

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Single Note Arrangement

    If you find ar song you score well on while going through the Journey, then by all means use that. If not, most people find the easiest on-disc songs to attempt this on are "Go With the Flow" by Queens of the Stone Age, "Breed" by Nirvana, or "Song 2" by Blur. If you don't get it right away, keep trying - practice makes perfect (or at least close enough to perfection for the achievement)!

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Chord Arrangement

    This is somewhat harder than "Singles Rock," but the same songs are still the easiest for most people ("Go With the Flow", "Breed", and "Song 2"). If you have the tempo down from doing "Singles Rock" on one of them, the only adjustment you'll need to make is playing chords instead of single notes.

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Combo Arrangement

    Again, if you find a song you do well on through the Journey, use that. Otherwise, "Song 2," "Breed," "Go With the Flow," or "When I'm With You" are your best bets for getting this easily. There's not much to be said in regards to advice; this is skill-based.

  • Complete Soundcheck (Reach Rank 1)


    You should unlock after the first event

  • Reach Rank 2


    You need to accumulate 500,000 RSP. Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 3


    You need to accumulate 1,000,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 4


    You need to accumulate 1,500,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 5


    You need to accumulate 2,500,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 6


    You need to accumulate 3,600,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 7


    You need to accumulate 5,000,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 8


    You need to accumulate 7,500,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 9


    You need to accumulate 10,000,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 10


    You need to accumulate 15,000,000 RSP.  Refer to "Rocksmith" for tips on gaining RSP.

  • Reach Rank 11

    You need to accumulate 20,000,000 RSP.

    Tips for gaining RSP: 

    • Master events are the quickest (though hardest) way to gain RSP. By doing a four song setlist on master, 1,000,000 is very do-able.
    • Rehearsing songs before you play them nets you a nice amount of RSP
    • The more you play songs, the less RSP you get from playing them again. Try to freshen it up a bit with a constant rotation of songs and you shouldn't feel the effects of this.

    This will take some time, but it will also help you develop your skill significantly.

  • Play an Event


    You should unlock this as you go through the Journey. There are “perform event” sections you must play, with the Events near the beginning only containing two songs. Finish both and you get this achievement.

  • Qualify for an Encore


    If you do fairly well on the event, you will be given a third song to do. The achievement unlocks after you finish the encore song

  • Qualify for a Double Encore

    Just do well on the Encore, and you should get a second encore to play and this achievement.

  • Earn all Bronze Technique Medals


    Refer to "Tutorials My Axe."

  • Earn all Gold Technique Medals

    Go to the Main Menu and scroll to “Techniques.” There are 12 techniques that you must receive a gold on. Some techniques are easy (such as the sustains challenge) and some techniques might be a challenge (like the barre chords challenge). 

    It's very unlikely you'll get gold on the first try because you have to level up each phrase, so play through the entire technique four times and all the phrases should be at a high enough level to hit the high score. Just practice and practice. You’ll unlock this eventually. 

    Again, if some techniques are too hard, try the pause method mentioned in the roadmap.Also, save yourself some time, look at the list below. 

    Points needed for Gold.

    • Sustain: 78,000
    • Shifting: 61,000
    • Hammer-Ons & Pull-offs: 66,000
    • Slides: 74,000
    • Bends: 95,000
    • Harmonics: 65,000
    • Palm Mute: 80,000
    • Tremolo: 33,000
    • Chord: 32,000
    • Double Stop: 34,000
    • Power Chord: 39,000
    • Barre Chord: 56,000

    If you didn't reach that score, press  and Restart. You'll avoid having to tune the guitar again and avoid the loading screen.

  • Create and save a custom tone


    Go to the amp section (hit  in the main menu), click on a tone, set a pedal and amp, hit save, and this achievement is yours.

  • Use the Amp


    As you advance in the Journey, you will be unlocking Amps. Push  to go into the amps section and pick an amp for this achievement.

  • Use the Tuner to tune to Drop-D

    In the main menu, scroll all the way to the right to Tuner, select Drop-D. Tune your guitar down to D, and this achievement is yours afterwards. You'll also get this naturally by playing through the Journy - several songs on disc are in drop-D.

  • Beat a 100 Note Streak


    Refer to "Just Awesome."

  • Beat a 750 Note Streak

    Practice, practice, practice. You need pick a song you are familiar with and practice it until you get 750 note streak. There really isn't much advice that can be given about this - it's very skill-oriented.

  • Beat a 5 Chord Streak


    Refer to "No Dischord."

  • Beat a 25 Chord Streak

    You'll get this (and "Strummer") fairly easily when you are going for Gold Medal in the Power Chord Challenge.

  • Half-K



    Beat a 500 Note Streak


    Refer to "Just Awesome."

  • Collect all guitars


    You get a guitar for each event you complete. There are 48 guitars. Play 48 events to get this achievement.

  • Collect 50 effects pedals

    Getting 70k points on a song (in any arrangement) will earn you a pedal. Do this on fifty different songs/arrangements in order to earn fifty pedals. By the time you've gotten most of the other achievements, getting 70k will be incredibly easy, so if this is hard at first don't fret.

  • Beat 200,000 points in Master Mode

    "Go With the Flow" or "Breed" are very easy songs to memorize and master. Once you can play songs on Master, this score will no longer be an issue.

  • Complete a Master Event


    This is unlocked after completing a Master Event, not just one Master Mode song. You have to have every song in you current setlist eligible for Master Mode, start the event, finish it and this should be yours. 

    A song is eligible for Master mode once every phrase is at 100% and you score 100,000+. An easy way to level phrases in a song is to use the Leveler in the Riff Repeater. Practice each phrase until you reach its highest level.

    You can change what songs are in your current setlist when you go to continue journey go left on the menu (somewhat hidden) to the Event Manager. 

  • Play multiplayer with 2 guitars


    Go to the Multiplayer, play with a song with someone, and it’ll unlock.Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer, so this must be done locally.

  • Using a mic, sing along and achieve Nice Singing


    Hook up a mic and sing during a song to get this. It must be a Rock Band/Guitar Hero/SingStar mirophone - headsets don't work here. If you play an actual song for this, you don't have to hit any notes on the guitar to qualify for this achievement. 

    Another alternative is to hook up a mic during a tuning section, because those count as songs for this achievement for some reason.

DLC: Bass Expansion

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Reach rank 11 on Bass


    This works the same way that "Rocksmith" does in the main game, and there's nothing different or additional to help for bass. Refer to "Rocksmith" above for some ways to help this go quicker.

  • Collect all bass gear


    Gear is gained the same way it is in Rocksmith - play an event for a guitar and earn 70,000 on a song for an amp, pedal, or cabinet.

    There are a total of ten bass guitars (meaning you'll have to play a minimum of thirty songs for All your bass). Pedals, amps, and cabinets are only available from the following songs:

    • "Step Out of the Car" - The Boxer Rebellion.
    • "Plug In Baby" - Muse.
    • "Mean Bitch" - Taddy Porter.
    • "Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    • "We Share the Same Skies" - The Cribs.
    • "Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups or "Slither" - Velvet Revolver.
    • "Run Back to Your Side" - Eric Clapton.
    • "Me and the Bean" - Spoon.
    • "Burnished" - White Denim or "Well OK Honey" by Jenny O.

    There are a total of fifteen items, but some of these songs unlock multiple pieces.

    Some of these songs are fairly difficult as well, so utilizing the Leveler in the Riff Repeater would be very beneficial if you're struggling.

  • Collect all basses


    Refer to "Bass Head."

  • Play a song with emulated bass using a guitar


    The Bass Expansion DLC lets you play the bass parts of songs while using a normal electric guitar. Take advantage of this feature on any song to earn the achievement.

  • Play a bass arrangement


    Play your first song on bass (either emulated with an electric guitar or with an actual bass) and this is yours.

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Bass arrangement


    This is pretty straightforward. "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon and "I Miss You" by Incubus are generally the songs most people have luck on in getting this.

  • Complete a bass event


    Events for the Bass Expansion DLC work the same way they do in the main game - just complete any one event.

  • Earn a bass pedal, amp, or cabinet


    Refer to "Bass Head."

  • Complete all Bass Technique Challenges to Gold


    This is a mirror of "Tutorials My Axe" from the main game. Refer to that for advice - there is nothing to add and nothing is different in the bass tutorials aside from some of the techniques (which will depend on skill).

  • Complete all Bass Technique Challenges to Bronze


    Refer to "Ace of Bass."

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