Survivalist Achievement

  • Survivalist



    You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.


    Easily obtained through a bronze campaign. Simply stock many potions. I recommend a more defensive build that includes vitality and defensive skills if you want ease. If you do happen to die, press the guide button, and go to dashboard as quick as possible. The reason this works is because the autosave does not occur as soon as you die. By going to dashboard, you eliminate the save of your death.

  • I'd like to point out that the dashboard method doesn't always work. Twice while i was fighting The Nameless Guardians my character got killed just before i could heal with a potion and the game glitched and revived me instantly and saved before a dashboard exit was even possible.
  • Doing a bronze playthrough. I used to have a ps3 and died at the final boss -.- Def not doing more than one playthrough though, I don't get why anyone would want to, who really wants to play the same game twice.

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