Group Hug Achievement

  • Group Hug



    Any Hero fighting alongside 3 other heroes in multiplayer mode.


    Obtained by having a full room of 4 people in a multiplayer game. This achievement had been unlocked by some, but it's giving others trouble, including myself. This strategy (which seems to work) is one way of unlocking it:

    Try to create a new char & join a 4p server - it should work then. If it glitched, then the char with which it glitched won't trigger it again. Note: As far as I know, your char - the other chars - don't need to be level 1.

  • Just join a game or create one and people should join fast especially with a lvl 1
  • need some people to help get the 3 online achievements for this please. gamertag is chris98956
  • all i need now is this achievement. so 3 people i need. chris98956
  • Add me for help because I need it too! Gamertag is PensiveOregonad
  • looking for players to get this one. Gamertag TruKarbon
  • Looking for 3 players to get this one done as well as the other 2 achievements. I also have a level 70 char with Niob access, should it help anyone. Thanks Darkyman2000
  • anyone looking players for this? GT:ReddishJanne
  • hey i'm looking for another 2 players to help me earn this achievement if anyone's interested please message me!!!
  • Still looking for this and other multiplayer achievements. Message me: Paw McCatney

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