Hospitable Achievement

  • Hospitable



    Host your first multiplayer game.


    In the main menu, just create a match of any type to recieve this achievement.

  • I canĀ“t get this one, my internet connection faded when I was about to get this one and now it wont show up at all. I have testet with other chars and new chars.
  • I'm not able to get it either.
  • If anyone wants to get any of these online achievements, add me on XBL. Won't be around for the next 2 weeks, but after that is fine.
  • Server is closed.
  • Today my friend hosted a match & invited me and he got it, so I think self servers are up. Like the fortress-craft indie game, maybe?!
  • i need 3 friends to help me get these 3 online achievements. my gamertag is chris98956
  • I need help with this one. My gt is PensiveOregonad

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