Fashion Police Achievement

  • Fashion Police



    Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time.


    Find or trade for the set pieces randomly dropped by enemeis (hard part), and equip all of them at once. Try wearing items that have the mod, "Chance to find valuables +X%", to have a better chance to find the set items. Also, the skill, "Enhanced Pereception", will increase you chance to find valuables by a good amount as well. Also a full set consisting of 2 rings can also be used to obtain the achievement much easily:

    Get "Benny's ring" from a quest - then do the 89 ascaron employees quest, which will give you another ring. These two rings form a set, and you will get the achievement (better than waiting for a random drop)

  • Any tips on where to find set pieces? or are they just random drops?
  • They seem to be random. I have one or two pieces from five different Seraphim sets as well as having gotten a piece from sets for Inquisitors, Dryads, Temple Guardians and Shadow Warriors. Playing as a Seraphim for almost 60 hours. The advice to do the Employee quest seems the surefire way to get the achievement.
  • I've run countless playthroughs with all character types and have had no luck completing a set! I am missing a piece here and there for the different shadow warrior sets; that's the main character I roll. If anyone would be interested in trading set pieces, I'm willing to give up ANYTHING I have that might help you complete this as well. Add me at any time, send me a message saying fashion police, whatever. Just get ahold of me, please!
  • Pretty hard to come by unless you have Insane luck!! I'm missing 1 piece from one of the Seraphims sets Called "Blade Dancer". Spent over 90+ hours on this Character and still hunting for that last piece. Im gunna have a party when I finally get it! Good thing though is that I find alot of other set gear for the other classes as well. Ive got quite the collection, so if anyone would like to trade then drop me a line!
  • Just stuck a post in the forums here about setr trading :)
  • Is there anyone who could lend me a whole seraphim set (i'm level 69 i think)? I'll give it back as soon as I get the achievement. Not trying to rob you
  • if anyone still playing this I need the "Velarias Heirloom" head piece for the high elf, I'll give it right back if you want it back

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