Legendary Perseverance Achievement

  • Legendary Perseverance



    Any Hero reaching difficulty level Niob.


    Beat platinum in campaign and start niob to unlock this achievement.

  • By far the worst achievement I've had to try for in this game. It's not hard, but it starts taking forever to level, and is time consuming. If anyone would like to assist, add me.
  • Yes likewise. If any Niob is kind enough to let me join there game it would be hugely appreciated. I would be more than pleased to help them with any achievements they need on any co owned games. Feel free to check my game list. I still own 80% of my titles. All the best D.
  • What they said.. last one I need and I really don't feel like grinding my way through again. So if anyone would please invite me to a niob game I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Same here! Anyone want to invite me to a Niob game? Bradtastic 2 thanks!
  • If anyone needs this add my gt i need the trading achivment can get this for that haha :D
  • I need this one too. Anyone willing to invite me? Gt darkenigma75
  • If anyone still playing this could invite me to a niob game I'd like that, GT: Gnera666

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