Dragonslayer Achievement

  • Dragonslayer



    Any Hero has slain five Dragons.


    Around 50% or so of the main quest, you will come across many dragons (normal enemies) that you can kill for this easy achievement. They will be in the long, stretched-out cave under the sea that you must proceed through.

  • If you don't get them playing the first time through, you can just play the campaign again and get the achievement. There are dragons also hidden around the world not in the campaign quest.
  • Actually there some in the campaign in the lava cave forget what the cave is called but even the mini regular dragons count so on your way through the cave you'll get this achievement..
  • This one you will have to wait till after you teleport to the island of the mounts. You can get to the island of the mounts by using a merchant with a start above his head in the north western corner of the map. After you get up there you can use the caves on the island to travel east to the other islands. After you get into the caves just kill five dragons and you will have this one in the bag.
  • Specific locations of the dragons??

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