- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 45 [970]
- Online: 3 [30]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 100+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 [3 difficulty, 1 deity] 4-5 partial playthroughs [race specific]
- Number of missable achievements: 3 [Scrooge, Dedicated, Survivalist]
- Glitched achievements: 1 [Group Hug] possibly patched
- Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes!

I'm just going over a few things.. if you get into this game and don't build your character correctly, you will not survive. I lessened the number of playthroughs from 6 to 4 from the original roadmap; 3 will consist of Silver, Gold and Platin (you do not need to playthrough Niob difficulty, just start it), and 1 (preferably Bronze) for a light or dark campaign.
The original guide points a lot of links to the Wiki for Sacred 2; it no longer exists on the internet.

Main Character
I highly recommend the Shadow Warrior; he was a born tank. Just make sure you build him correctly. The following link has great examples of builds from the PC.
There are multiple great builds that will help you succeed in total destruction of everything in front of you. I personally went with this build and it's worked wonders so far.
I had originally started a Shadow Warrior on the light campaign not knowing what the hell I was doing with the build.. and it showed immediately when I was fighting bosses and graduated to gold. It was grinding and hard. So I restarted an entirely knew Shadow Warrior on the dark campaign with the above build.
Obviously you can choose whatever you want.. the following link has all the builds for each race.

Secondary Character
Choose whatever you want, use a build from the DarkMatters site and run through a campaign on Bronze difficulty on whatever light or dark affiliation you did not choose for your main character. You can run through a campaign in 10 to 12 hours.
Since I had screwed up my original Shadow Warrior, I went with Shadow Warrior again. With my previous knowledge of the game, and a proper build I knocked out Scrooge, Dedicated, Survivalist, Ancaria's Dark Lord achievements.

Missable Achievements
Scrooge: Don't buy anything during the campaign. Utilize the Hero chest (it is located in most towns, chest icon on the mini map) and put weapons, armor and most importantly, healing potions.
Dedicated: Discover less than 20% of the map. (this must be a new playthrough) If you follow the roads, don't venture out too much and skip basically all the sidequests; you should finish the campaign at about 17% discovered. In the larger Orc, Swamp and Desert regions just cut a straight path from one quest point to another. All other areas, use the roads and backtrack when you can.
Survivalist: Don't die during the campaign. With the help of a couple hundred stocked healing potions, and on Bronze difficulty, this should not be a problem. If you do die, dashboard immediately, you can check your stats in the 'overview' tab, it will display your deaths there.

Ascaron Fan Achievement
Follow this link as it has a perfect walkthrough of the entire quest, including (if you want to get the goodies) an interactive map to help you track your progress.
If you find all 98 of the 'employees' and get the 2 rings you will unlock Fashion Police.

Item Sets
Unfortunately a lot of the links on this site were linked to the Wiki, and that Wiki no longer exists. You can find some info scattered here and there; but a majority of it is gone.
For the Shadow Warrior the easiest set to acquire is the "Infernal Torment" set; all it requires is the chest, shoulders and helm pieces.

This site has a bunch of maps, for most of your needs.
Also this one on the original achievement guide.

So take whatever character you're going to build and start on Silver. Take your time with this playthrough and depending if you chose light or dark you should spend about 30-40 hours on this play. You will be getting all the story related achievements, level achievements for that character, whatever light or dark achievement at the end and a few other random ones. Explore 50% of the map and complete 200 sidequests for those respective achievements; during your exploration find all the towns and Houses of the Gods.
Once you've completed all that, start a gold campaign. The Gold achievement will unlock once you start the game. Run through gold as fast as you can building your character to spec. Once you finish gold, you will unlock Platin.
Same thing with Platin difficulty, get through it as fast as possible. Once you complete Platin, the Niob difficulty will unlock. For the Niob achievement all you have to do is start the campaign, you don't have to play through it.

For the 4th and final full playthrough, choose a secondary character and run through Bronze, discover less than 20% of the map, don't die, don't buy anything from the merchants. I finished my bronze playthrough having discovered only 17% of the map.. backtrack when you can and make straight lines when you can. You can only really make straight lines in the swamp, orc, and desert areas.. for most other places.. use the roads.

For your light and dark campaigns choose the same style of character (this is why I went with the shadow warrior). From my first (messed up) SW, i saved some of his lower level equipment and put it in the 'hero's chest' which any character can access. Stock up on health potions and store some in there periodically. This is a huge benefit, so take advantage of it.

Also, for all your subsequent playthroughs, if you save a lower level weapon with some smithing slots on it, you can take it to a smith on your main character.. the +'s to whatever stat will be much better and will make a lower level weapon god like.

[XBA would like to thank Xenolith666 for this roadmap]

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Your Temple Guardian reaches Level 15.


    See "Blessed"

  • Your Inquisitor reaches Level 15.


    See "Blessed"

  • Your High Elf attaining Level 15.


    See "Blessed"

  • Your Dryad attaining Level 15.


    See "Blessed"

  • Your Shadow Warrior attaining Level 15.


    See "Blessed"

  • Your Seraphim attaining Level 15.


    You should obtain level 15 with any character at least halfway through the bronze campaign, doing the main quest, and killing all or most enemies in your path.

  • Any Hero attaining Level 35.


    You should be around level 30 with any character by the end of the bronze campaign, doing the main quest, and killing all or most enemies in your path. Then begin a silver campaign, eventually netting you level 35 in no time.

  • Ambler



    Any Hero reaching the Orc region and accepting a quest there.


    See "Discoverer"

  • Any Hero reaching the Dragon realm and accepting a quest there.


    See "Discoverer"

  • Any Hero reaching the Marshes of Hissil'Ta and accepting a quest there.


    See "Discoverer"

  • Any Hero reaching the Deserts of Bengaresh and accepting a quest there.


    See "Discoverer"

  • Any Hero reaching the Jungle region and accepting a quest there.


    See "Discoverer"

  • Any Hero reaching Dyr-Lain, the Isle of Dryads and accepting a quest there.


    See "Discoverer"

  • Any Hero reaching the Wastelands and accepting a quest there.


    Obtained through progression of main quest (always gold ring on map).

  • Any Hero completing the Light Campaign.


    See "Ancaria's Dark Lord"

  • Any Hero completing the Shadow Campaign.


    Both are obtained through completion of main quest with a "Dark" and "Light" character. The character's alignment is chosen on the character creation screen, and it cannot be changed.

    Note: there are subtle differences between campaigns.

  • Any Hero completed 20% of all sidequests.


    There are around 500+ side quests in the game. You must complete around 100+ of these quests.

    Side_Quest Information

  • You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.


    Easily obtained through a bronze campaign. Simply stock many potions. I recommend a more defensive build that includes vitality and defensive skills if you want ease. If you do happen to die, press the guide button, and go to dashboard as quick as possible. The reason this works is because the autosave does not occur as soon as you die. By going to dashboard, you eliminate the save of your death.

  • Any Hero completed the main quest without exploring more than 20 % of the map.


    Rather simple. I recommend not doing a single side quest until the main quest is finished on a bronze campaign. This way, you do not do any unnecessary exploring. Look at the map, find the gold ring, and go straight to it, taking any shortcuts possible. Also, make sure you do not equip any items that increase visibility range, as it can explore more unneeded areas. By the end of my campaign, I had around 17.1% explored. And, this was with a few screw ups with getting lost and exploring extra areas.

    Note: "Cartographer" achievements may pop at least .5% before they are supposed to. This possibly has a negative affect on the outcome of receiving this achievement if you explore within the 19.5% to 20% range.

  • Any Hero slayed 25 boss monsters.


    There are 10 main quest bosses (13 if all of the last bosses are counted) in the campaign. Mini bosses and quest bosses also count toward the achievement. These bosses all have a health bar that shows up at the bottom of the screen.

    Boss Information

  • Any Hero has explored 30 % of the map.


    See "Master Cartographer"

  • Any Hero has explored 50 % of the map.


    Get a fast mount (horse or unique) and go crazy exploring all of the gray areas that you haven't already explored of the map. Otherwise, while doing the side quest achievements, you should get this.

    Note: Both "cartographer" achievements have the possibility of unlocking before their set percentages (needs more confirmation).

    Horses and Special Mounts

  • Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves).


    When you first exit the catacomb that you start in at the beginning of the game(SW campaign), you will see graves. Just read them as you travel, and you should get this achievement. There are about 20/graveyard, and if the already used graves are renewed in each subsequent campaign, you should get this by just inspecting the ones outside the catacombs.

  • Any Hero has discovered all 20 temples.


    Found throughout the map of Sacred 2. Use the following guide:

    Temple Locations Guide

  • Any Hero has read 33 Books.


    Enemies randomly drops books that can be read. You can check what books you have read by looking under the quest tab.

    Note: If you read a single book more than once, they each will count. However, you will not know how many extras you have read unless you kept track as the doubles do not show in the quest tab.

  • Any Hero completed 40% of all sidequests.


    There are around 500+ side quests in the game. You must complete around 200+ of these quests.

    Side_Quest Information

  • Any Hero has found the secret halls of Ascaron.


    Obtained through doing the "An Empty Office" quest.

    Note: You do not need to complete the long part of this quest to get the achievement. All you must do is gain access to the halls of Ascaron which is shown in the link:


  • Any Hero has visited all 42 towns.


    Obtained through visiting all towns in Ancaria. Follow these guides:

  • Any Hero fighting alongside 3 other heroes in multiplayer mode.

    Obtained by having a full room of 4 people in a multiplayer game. This achievement had been unlocked by some, but it's giving others trouble, including myself. This strategy (which seems to work) is one way of unlocking it:

    Try to create a new char & join a 4p server - it should work then. If it glitched, then the char with which it glitched won't trigger it again. Note: As far as I know, your char - the other chars - don't need to be level 1.

  • Host your first multiplayer game.

    In the main menu, just create a match of any type to recieve this achievement.

  • Hawker



    You successfully traded with another user.


    In a multiplayer game with another human, open up the trade screen (have to be standing next to them), and trade a piece of worthless junk (1 gold, or a potion).

  • Expert



    Any Hero has maximized one modification of one aspect.


    Firstly, you must have the right skills to obtain at least three points to fully mod one skill. By putting enough points into a certain class' skill "combat mastery" you will obtain more and more modification points used to modify the skills of that "combat art tree". Each class starts off with one skill already on the specific "combat art tree". Once that "tree" has been leveled enough in the skill screen (you level the skill by gaining levels), you can then spend modification points on say, the skill that came with your character. To do this, open up the "combat arts" menu, and press "modify skill". You will see 6 dots. 3 Can be chosen to modify the skill. Once the third is selected, the achievement will pop.

    Art Modifications

  • Any Hero owning 1,000,000 gold.


    Sell everything that you find that you do not need. By the end of the first campaign, you will have this.

  • Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time.


    Find or trade for the set pieces randomly dropped by enemeis (hard part), and equip all of them at once. Try wearing items that have the mod, "Chance to find valuables +X%", to have a better chance to find the set items. Also, the skill, "Enhanced Pereception", will increase you chance to find valuables by a good amount as well. Also a full set consisting of 2 rings can also be used to obtain the achievement much easily:

    Get "Benny's ring" from a quest - then do the 89 ascaron employees quest, which will give you another ring. These two rings form a set, and you will get the achievement (better than waiting for a random drop)

  • Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time.


    Blacksmithing skill is not needed for this achievement. Find a blacksmith, show him an item, and hope you have something that can be socketed into that item. You'll find socketable items from enemies, merchants, or even the blacksmith himself. Grey is probably the most common socket, which sockets things like "chunk of lava" which can be bought from blacksmiths commonly.


  • Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything.


    I recommend doing this on a silver campaign after a bronze campaign. After doing bronze, silver will be quite easy. Potions will stack higher and higher, and you will have no need of buying potions from the merchant as readily as you were in bronze. Also, it probably is possible to just go to your bronze campaign, buy potions, and load your silver campaign, causing no harm towards getting this achievement.

    Note: Buying from the merchants who sell the potions and equipement should only affect recieving this achievement. You can buy mounts and use the blackmith at will.


Secret achievements

  • Any Hero has consumed 1,000 healing potions.


    Will happen over time. Or, buy 1000 potions and drink them in one sitting to obtain this quickly.

  • You have used a teleporter for the first time.


    In the larger towns of Sacred 2, you will usually find teleporters. When you find one, activate it, go to the map screen, toggle a teleport, and teleport for this easy achievement.

  • Any Hero attaining Level 5.


    This is unmissable as you will level up fairly early on.

  • Any Hero traveled a distance of 200 miles on his special mount.


    After getting your unique mount, always ride around on it. Eventually, you will obtain this.


  • Any Hero has executed his first combination.


    In the "Combat Arts" menu, at the bottom of the screen you will see strange symbols. Select one and add 2 combat arts. Add the sybmol to a slot, and press the corresponding button to unlock this achievement.

  • Any Hero reaching difficulty level Gold.


    Beat silver in campaign and start gold to unlock this achievement.

  • Any Hero reaching difficulty level Platin.


    Beat gold in campaign and start platinum to unlock this achievement.

  • Any Hero rides his special mount for the first time.


    Obtain your unique mount and ride it for the first time.


  • Any Hero reaching difficulty level Niob.


    Beat platinum in campaign and start niob to unlock this achievement.

  • Any Hero slayed 10,000 opponents.


    Will happen over time. Should be unlocked after beating 2 campaigns at least.

  • Any Hero slayed 1,337 elite monsters.


    Will happen over time. Should be unlocked after beating 2 campaigns at least.

    Note: The elite monsters are the ones that appear as a triple arrow on the minimap. They are extra difficult.

  • Any Hero has slain five Dragons.


    Around 50% or so of the main quest, you will come across many dragons (normal enemies) that you can kill for this easy achievement. They will be in the long, stretched-out cave under the sea that you must proceed through.

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