Welcome Back Achievement

  • Welcome Back



    Complete the Saints Revival prologue


    Simply complete the first few missions of the game. For a complete walkthrough, check this thread. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Partners in Crime" achievement.

  • Beat the 3rd Street Saints Missions. theres a couple of them and after you complete the missions you should get the achievement and unlock more gang missions
  • note dont even put in a cheat as it will disable your acheivements no matte rwhat
  • so, i was playing co op with my friend, and he was using cheats. so now i have cheats enabled on my profile so i can't get achievements :(
  • Just make a different save file Michaeel96.
  • easiest
  • i love how i cant do one of the missions because my trailer park is glitched up
  • don't use cheats until later if you want to get at least 5 points
  • i put the cheats in and didnt get any acheivements and i regret it but if u start the game again without the cheats could u get the acheivements? please reply back! :)
  • i always use cheats on saints row 2 but i dont care cus i got other games.
  • Hardest achivment in the game. I almost didnt shit for 2days from tryin to get this

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