Crime Lord Achievement

  • Crime Lord



    Complete all levels of all activities


    Complete all of the levels of every activity in Stilwater, excluding Hitman, Chop Shop, and Racing. When you have fully completed an activity, it will turn gray on your ingame map. See the individual activity achievements for additional help.

    I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement.

  • this one is a pain
  • So much easier in co-op!
  • Hey someone please help me get this achievement. send me a message. :P
  • Hey, I'm really in need of a decent co-op partner who is willing to put some time in and be of some sort of help.
  • This needs to be done all on the same save file!
  • I'm really Happy I'm done with this achive :D
  • hey to anyone still looking for help i could use it
  • The hit man and chop shop activities are the easiest.
  • msg me if you want help

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