Velvet Rope Achievement

  • Velvet Rope



    Complete all levels of Crowd Control


    In Crowd Control, you run security detail for a celebrity and protect them from crazed fans. You get a cash bonus for every fan you put down, and you must get a specified amount of cash to beat each level. If you let the fans get to the celebrity for too long, you will fail the mission.

    The best way to dispose of the fans is to go up to them and hit to hold them as a human shield, line them up with one of the giant blue arrows, and toss them into it. This gives you a $750-1000 cash bonus, instead of the $250 you get for beating down a fan.

    If you do not get the required amount of money quickly enough, fans will start coming in with assault rifles, and you have no hope of stopping them from killing the celebrity.

    There are two Crowd Control activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

  • this one is extremely hard solo, i recommend doing it in co-op
  • If your cheats are enabled..does that affect getting achievements?
  • I suggest to go to co-op. one person throws the people for 1000 points and one pick up the bat and take on the people annoying the person. Cheats will not work and im sure you will not need. having the baseball bat is it. and when nobody is annoying the person you may can grab a person and throw em for 1000 points but go back to the person. At first I didnt know you could get the bat but just throw someone go over the bat and put it on and there you go
  • Hey Metaconcept. This ain't hard at all solo. If you knock out one of the people annoying the celebrity you get a baseball bat...well i got one anyway and then either keep throwing them in areas or keep knocking them out for i think is 250-750 dollars.
  • @2 Yes cheats disable achievements... this one is really hard for me i got one of my friends to do it for me...
  • this one is really hard it took me a while lol. by level 2-6 just grab a bat and hit me theres enough ppl to hit and get enough points. if you still need help ill be more than happy to help any1. just message my at SnpZ ROD S
  • i really need help with this activity..and with another one if anyone wants to help me add me as a friend :)
  • @7 I'm just playing for the first time. If you want to, will co op with you. lawdog1037
  • For the last few levels use the bat to take out the waves of attackers before they can reach the celebrity. Just make sure to leave one to throw into a trap for extra money.
  • This activity is extremely easy with a friend!

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