Wrecking Crew Achievement

  • Wrecking Crew



    Complete all levels of Mayhem


    In Mayhem, you will be given a bunch of weapons and a location, and you must cause a certain amount of money's worth in destruction before the time runs out. For every item you destroy, you will get a certain amount of money. If you destroy objects in rapid succession, you will get a multiplier bonus.


    Your main target should be fences, as they go over easily and you get a multiplier credit for each panel you break. Anything else with similar qualities, like a outdoor dining area, will also do. Use grenades for the first two levels, and then your unlimited RPG for levels 3 and beyond.


    There are 2 Mayhem activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

  • shoot as many fences as you can gets ya lots of points
  • Use the satchel charges in Lv 5&6
  • get an atlasbreaker (4wd monster truck) from around the airport area (try look around the dirt road area's). take this car to a mechanic workshop. it only fits inside one of them. its too tall for the others. once there, upgrade everything, body, wheels, suspension, nitrous etc. then start mission and drive carefully without atrracting cops or gangs and without doing too much damage on the way.( if you have unlocked the ability to phone for a car delivered drive there in any car and phone for your atlasbreaker once you reach the blue edge of the map that shows you you've reached the area. try to drive around the map to find a good entry point that has fences or outdoor furniture. in the hotels and marina area you can drive through the thin tall trees in the middle of the road. speed is a
  • if u got the dlc just use the EDF Scout. Spamming with guided rockets fired from a mars military scour is always fun.
  • I used the satchel charges, Chinatown is the best place, just place them all aound the outside cafes until it won't let you place anymore(step away) and hammer the left trigger, I got roughly 600K in one go with ridiculous multiplier.
  • for a sure way to beat it on the one you start on the island go to china town just down from the forgive and forget. You'll find a trench with water in it and wooden fences either side. Run down about half way and place satchels on both fences in intervals. Then run over the road always keeping the camera facing the fencing and into the blue zone. Trugger your satchels SLOWLY to rack up the multiplier. This should give you around 180K of damage. Step out of theblue area and the timer stops. Grab a car, go to the forgive and forget, pay $200 and then drive back and the fence will be intact. Rinse and repeat. It's cheap but it works. If you don't get the mayhem level in chinatown simply kill yourself and opt to restart the mission until you do get sent there. Also for the other Mayhem insta
  • ...instance, get the harbour location and head to the railings overlooking the sea. Thos railing f=go for a long way and there's also lots of sitting areas. I racked up 1.5 million before the game regestered I'd won the levels because it's that quick! Easy stuff
  • Use a tornado and go for fences
  • For later levels with the satchel... Make sure you are going to the Hotels and Casino District and go inside of the Casino. Then plant satchels all over the casino machines on 1st and 2nd floor, then find a safe place and watch the money roll in!!! I got 600,000 in 30 sec...
  • thanks for the satchel trick. didn't even think of that. was using RPGs and it just wasn't working for me

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