...But It Sure Is Fun Achievement

  • ...But It Sure Is Fun



    Complete all levels of Snatch


    In Snatch, you must kill pimps and recruit their hos. After the hos are in the car with you, you must drop them off at your brothel. In co-op, you will also have the issue of a pimp attempting to take back your hos. The easiest way to do these activities is as follows. Please note that this is written with Level 6 in mind. Adjust for the other levels accordingly.

    Get a co-op partner, and get into the same 4-door car. Now, normally, you're not supposed to be able to recruit more than one ho at a time, but you can cheat this if the two of you syncronize. Go to the set of hos furthest from a Forgive and Forget. The driver should recruit first, followed by the passenger shortly after. This takes a little bit of practice, but your goal is to get both of the hos in your party and in the car. Watch out for enemy gang members, as they have a habit of pulling you out of cars. Head to the Forgive and Forget and drive through it. Then, calmly make your way back to the brothel, making sure not to get the attention of gangs again.

    You will again have to get hos, but a pimp could show up to try to take back the ones you already have. Now, head to the hos nearest the Forgive and Forget, pick them up, and head to the F+F again. Ideally, you should only have gang noteriety for several seconds, not enough time for a pimp to show up. Drop off your hos yet again, but this time, have one of you stay behind to defend the hos.

    If you kill a ho you already dropped off, it's an instant fail, so be careful. The driver should quickly make two ho-runs, which should land you with 6 recruited hos in more than enough time to finish the level.

    There are two Snatch activities with 6 levels apiece. I recommend doing this in co-op so you can work towards the "Confidence Men" achievement as well as "Crime Lord".

  • yea yea!
  • Level 6 is frigging annoying. Tank only i think.
  • did you people know "but it sure is fun" is the name of a snach level in the original saints row?
  • I did it all in the bear. Easy as
  • I agree with demonhaze level 6 is annoying

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