Blue Collar Achievement

  • Blue Collar



    Complete all levels of Tow Truck, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Taxi diversions


    When you enter any one of those 4 cars, you will be given the opportunity to start a diversion. In this diversion you will have to do, well, whatever you would do if you drove the car for a living. Tow cars, put out fires, revive people, and take people from place to place, respectively. You need to go to the side of a normal street (not highway or dirt road) and call the corresponding numbers on your phone to get a car delivered.

    Tow Truck - This seems to be the hardest one. There is no known number to call, you just have to drive around until you happen to see one. Additionally, the diversion itself is a huge pain. Please see this post for help.
    Fire Truck - 555-FIRE
    Ambulance - 911
    Taxi - (555) 455-8008

  • The best advice I can give is that you should do the trail blazing activities first get a fire- resistant suit (ta da!) comes in handy when you do the fire truck diversion.
  • I only got the tow truck left (hard as hell!!)
  • Yeah same haven't quite got the hang of not running into shit XD
  • lol i been playin saints row for years, still run into shit >.
  • Well I finally got it! Found out you get reduced vehicle damage from doing insurance fraud totally combats my lack of driving skills
  • im 100% and still cant do the tow truck (i did it once before on a different gt and now im like "AWWWWWWW F**K OFF PIGS *BOOM* god damn it....."
  • just got it about 30 seconds ago and here's some tips: 1)be ready for a fight 2)if you have one star for cops get out and run it off near the truck, you need minimum damage to the truck 3)don't be stupid, upgrade the truck 4)use the rim jobs in the suburbs, its easiest 5)if your back tires get shot out, have fun trying to steer(it's a b*tch) 6)handling an ambulance sucks, stay at a steady pace and don't over steer 7)level 10 is a FBI so do it fast 8)if you have trouble with the tow truck on normal or hard make a file on easy because it transfers 9)most importantly GOOD LUCK
  • After 3 years I finaly got this one Those drivers are a pain in the *** Of all the vehicles they have to bump into mine and the final level with the FBI is really annoying, but with A LOT of patience you CAN do IT.
  • ooh I'm gonna try these tips today. :)
  • Guys here it is... STEPS 1. First Person (needing achievement) gets in the tow truck, starts diversion, and waits at the shop. 2. Second Person Spawns a Cab from his garage, parks it outside of the garage you are bringing vehicles to. 3. Second Person Collects Vehicles and brings them to garage using Waypoints given by First person 4. First Person loads vehicle onto truck and completes the delivery. Here's where you get notoriety. 5. Second Person gets in Cab and starts Taxi Driver Diversion. Immediately end it (Down twice on D-Pad). NO NOTORIETY for either player!!! Gang or Police, all your notoriety gets wiped. 6. Reach level 10. 7. ???? 8. Profit. **Note, this can be done with other diversions as well, we just used a cab. Example: Ambulance EMT, Fire Truck and Possibly eve
  • **Note, this can be done with other diversions as well, we just used a cab. Example: Ambulance EMT, Fire Truck and Possibly even a second Tow truck. Just pick one. This means there is a very very small window where you can actually get damaged. This method was found out by the Gamertags Tyler Kavanagh and Teybey. Your Welcome. ** Didn't realize i ran out of room.
  • the above method does not work i just tryed it
  • go on co-op and have ur partner bring the vehicles to you.
  • i was same just go to another district and it wont take you there
  • u also cud also hav ur co op partner start a race diversion (actual race, not time trial) ull get no notoriety no matter wat u do, the owners will still attack tho
  • edit ^ for tow truck diversion
  • tow truck division.... get at me gamertag YUNG x FAME
  • lmk if u wanna do tow truck GT: SmoothAsEgg5
  • Damn tow truck
  • I need help in this, add me to do it in coop
  • Anybody wanna co-op this with me?? Having issues with Tow-truck... go figure... =]
  • Well forget this taxi and tow truck sucks
  • Any help with the tow truck would be awesome! gt: HYBRID HIVE
  • Need help with Tow Truck. GT: Kayla5686
  • Any help with tow truck please GT: shacka dimas
  • Tow truck is so hard it seems glitched.
  • The ambulance missions are near impossible to complete. From the infinite bugs and glitches, to random explosions for no reason, to the unfathomably retarded AI just running people over, to the fucking shitty as fuck driving physics that flip the fucking ambulance over if you hit the slightest bump in the road. FUCK THIS SHITTY FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GAME
  • I'm with REfan001. The tow truck missions are terrible but I can't even complete ONE of the ambulance levels. As soon as I get to the first patient I have 5 cops there all shooting at me, which causes me to exit the stupid mini game. I still can't figure out what they want me to do with that mini game either.

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