Duke of Stilwater Achievement

  • Duke of Stilwater



    Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater


    In a car, you need to drive through all of the stunt jumps in Stilwater. This website seems to have the best guide for the collectibles.

  • i have 79/80 someone help plz (i got the one from pyramid scheme)
  • tyd this on 2 diferent characters now and stuck on 77/80 on bothe.
  • found all jumps got the car but didn't get the achievement.
  • stuck at 77/80
  • 79/80 >_
  • Google the Stunt Jump locations, guys. Jeez.
  • I followed the interactive map and I started with 16 jumps completed. It told about three hours to find all the jumps. About two hours for jumps 17 through 79 and the last jump I had to run down my list and I find it today in the trailer park, the first mounded of dirt so good luck your going to need it. I want a little crazy trying to find all of them.
  • Here is the correct interactive map... http://www.msxbox-world.com/xbox360/guides/102/saints-row-2/index.html
  • 79/80, i did new game and re did all and 79/80 AGAIN! (im done with the pyramid one)
  • @Ginteru if you don't want to read people asking questions maybe stay out of the achievement guide. You kind of don't have a right for the snark considering the fact that this whole thing is set up for advice on finding things for achievements. That map is not detailed enough. It's good for a start but when it comes to the last few of anything it's not so good
  • I just got this achievement and here's a word of advise from my dilemma. For the university's fountain ramp just in case make sure to use a slow car or motorcycle (went with the bike) and try going at a medium speed or so on ascension, hope this helps!
  • Of course there's 80 of them. Ugh.

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