All-City Achievement

  • All-City



    Find and spray all 50 tags in Stilwater


    You need to find and tag all of the spots in Stilwater for this achievement. If you tag a location in co-op, both you and your partner will get credit, regardless of where the partner is. This website seems to have the best guide for the collectibles.

  • The website won't load up for me it just says page not found. Any suggestions?
  • shame you dont unlocvk anything for this, try this map the one i used
  • i know all of these by heart also the cd's anyone need help hit me up gamertag is X T R l G Z X or XI BEW4RE IX
  • Can u add me and tell me where all taggs are and cds?
  • u have got to be kidding me. i used the interactive map on msxbox-world and i'm now stuck at 49/50 with all my tags checked on the map. fml
  • i got this one pretty easily but cds are alot harder because with tags u can walk aroudn that area and atleast see if you had tagged it but cds you cant
  • Pretty easy but REALLY time consuming. Got this all thanks to brownmaine on youtube. He showed were all of them were. 10G is really not worth 2 hours of playing but its sumthing
  • I ran into the same thing as Smoothasegg5. I used a video guide and found them all but it only says 49/50! i cannot figure out which one I missed. I hope the cd's don't glitch

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