Where's My Car? Achievement

  • Where's My Car?



    Deliver all the cars to the chop shops


    Chop Shop, as well as Hitman, (see "Hello 47") is different from all of the other activities. When you go to a Chop Shop location, you will be given a list of eight cars people and where to find them. When you enter any of the cars, as long as you aren't in a mission or activity, the game will tell you that it's wanted in a Chop Shop.

    Simply drive the car to the nearest Shop to get credit. If you are in co-op, your partner must be in the car to get credit.

    For additional help, check this thread.

  • If you're like me and a massive car hoarder it'll be easy to fill up your garage with them even before you choose to do the activity. Before every mission I made sure I jack at least one or two cars and more often then not they are on the chop shop list
  • When playing in Co-op, make sure your partner is in the vehicle when you turn it in. They will get credit whether they have the chop shop list yet or not. Also a glitch where if the co-op partner delivers with the host in the vehicle, the host will gain money as if they had not turned in the car yet, as if money matters.
  • This glitched on me giving me no achievement. Any sggestions apart from starting over?
  • This glitched on me giving me no achievement. Any sggestions apart from starting over?
  • this one was a pain in the ass altho you get alot off cars needed given to you through out the game
  • I did it and no achievement
  • Any help on this? I've delivered every car and still no achievement.
  • If you use cars that you have personally stored I your garage, they are then removed from your garage.. You will have to steal another for yourself and store it again..
  • Seems to have glitched for me as well. All the lists are fully checked but no achievement... Any suggestions from others who had this happen?

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