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    Kill all Hitman targets


    Hitman, as well as Chop Shop, (see "Where's My Car?") is different from all of the other activities. When you go to a Hitman location, you will be given a list of six people and how to find them. You must kill all six at any time throughout the rest of the game to complete the activity. Therefore, activating the 5 Hitman locations should be one of the first things you should do. Once you have an location activated, you can view the list at any time by going to the Pause Menu and selecting 'Info' > 'Activities' > 'Hitman'.

    Since you can kill any target at any time with any weapon, you should accidentally kill a few people just by playing through the game. Also, if at any time you come close to a target, they will appear on your GPS as a small crosshairs. If you ever see the crosshairs, you should definitely consider dropping whatever you're doing and kill them.

    Hitman locations:

    - Hangman's Wharf, Stilwater Prison District. The southermost activity in the small island by the top left of the game map.
    - Elysian Fields, Trailer Park District. The activity just northeast of the activity that's all the way on the southwest corner of the top island.
    - Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District. On the top island, about 1/4 of the way in on the top right, there's a small dock with a shop on the tip of it. It's the activity just south of it.
    - Harrowgate, Saint's Row District. There's a large amount of bridges connecting the two main islands of Stilwater. By the lower left of the third bridge in on the right, there are two activites. The lower of the two is the Hitman activity.
    - Southern Cross, Barrio District. On the southern end of the map, just above the airport island, there is a lone activity around a bunch of stores. This is the Hitman activity.

    For additional help, check this thread

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