Surf's Up Achievement

  • Surf's Up



    Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing


    In order to vehicle surf, simply run in front of any civilian car in order to get it to slow down and stop, in the same way you would hijack a car. Instead of hijacking it, hit to jump on top of the car. Obviously, the car must have a roof and be low enough to jump on top of. Get on the roof and wait for the car to start driving. When the game prompts you to, hit to start surfing. If you hit any sooner, you will hijack the car. You will then start balancing on the roof of the car, and a meter will pop up a la Tony Hawk. You can hit again to do a handstand, but all that will do is make it harder to balance. Use to keep your player steady. It will take 15-20 seconds to get three gold stars, at which point you will have to throw yourself off to end the Surfing session and get the achievement.

  • Very easy achievement, just climb up on a car, crouch and press Y to begin surfing. Keep your balance with tapping the joystick. Keep at it for 30 seconds or less and voila.
  • What a fun achievement!!
  • easy
  • i have got three stars no achievment do u have to be in a mission?
  • If you do a handstand it goes even faster, just press y when it prompts you
  • to easy :p
  • hahaha quality, game is very funny
  • I did it with hand stand, three stars POP up then I try to get off the car. No achievement. What am I doing wrong?

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