Confidence Men Achievement

  • Confidence Men



    Complete all levels of all activities in co-op


    You need to complete all of the activities on the map in co-op. You both need to be in the activity, so when one person starts the mission, the other needs to join him with the on-screen dialogue box. You can't check which activities you've done in co-op, just the ones you've completed period, so it's best to just start up a new game and complete everything with a friend. You do not have to complete the Hitman, Chop Shop, or Racing activities to get this.

    Please see the individual activity achievements for additional help.

  • Does this include the "Blue Collar" diversions, like Taxi, Tow Truck, etc.?
  • No, they must be done in solo, but the tow truck diversion is way more easier in coop, check the forum for tips, that one u must do twice if u have a buddy to help then u must help him the same way
  • I need help GT:TheBeastBrandon
  • Does this include hitman and chop shop?
  • Red the description, dammit. It says "You do not have to complete the Hitman, Chop Shop, or Racing activities to get this.", jeez.
  • along with the missions, i need help with the co-op activities too. GT: Phooly Blacko
  • need help with this must have all dlc k thx gt: Powerlesscheese
  • You need to do this on a new save. I had already done all the activities solo. I just did some on co-op we was going to each one and doing from 1-6 but my stats still says 0/23 activities done in co-op.
  • Looking for a partner to do this with! GT: J0HNNY N000B (4 zeros instead of 3 O's)
  • does anyone want to get this achievement with me. gt Goodfella Simon send a message to if your interested.
  • Sum1 plz add me 4 this i need assitance an im on 24 hours for this gt : xLiL360PLaYa add me
  • I'm down for this achievement. my gt is b ballFanLAL91
  • Going for this one, message me anytime. GT: o iNFaMyy z
  • hey guys would anyone be able to help me out by going through the game with me co-op ide be happy to help anyone else out with any other game like fable 2 or fable 3 i have 100% on both of them plus skyrim and assasins creed revelations and brotherhood but i really wanna go through this game co-op my gamertage is chelsefc4eva11 just add me
  • msg me if you need help "eddshomie"
  • i just wanted to say that both people need to make a new character for this to work
  • I need this achievement! if anyone wants to boost for it add me!! I have both Saints row 1 & 2 if anyone wants to boost on either one. GT: WhiteIsRight951
  • Co OP partner needed. I wish that you have a mic, speak English and do not use cheats. add me on Xbox GT Knappster91
  • If ur looking for someone to do this with, hit me up! GT: CruderOrchid5
  • Need help with this. I somehow missed 2 so whoever needs help with doing all of them msg me. GT: HumorousObject no mic, wont join parties. We should get through it quickly depending how long we play. I don't have any of the dlc so if you have it make sure to delete it off your HDD before we play. I'll make the new save
  • Need help doing all of the activities and co op missions but if u only need activities that's fine I'll even do online boosting willing to help with whatever I'm free whenever also
  • Looking for someone to do all of the co-op achievements with, msg me if you are interested, I have a mic. GT- whoisdis93
  • I need a friend to complete all of the co-op achievements. I have an open schedule and a mic, and would be happy to communicate whenever to ensure successful completion. Message me/add on xbl for more info. GT: Delta3xray Please reply promptly as I need to do this ASAP.
  • add me if you have all the dlc theotherguy4576
  • I'm looking for someone to get all the co op and multiplayer achievements. My gamer tag is Burdy940
  • I just might go for this. GT: IamKamakura
  • I need this, the win 20 stunt jump co-op diversion, and the multiplayer ones. GT: Usedshark7863 I can help with the mission one
  • If anyone wants to team up for this achievement let me know. GT: Aronsky
  • I guess some people forget to message back -_- so if anyone is serious and wants to do this, or the missions, or anything my GT is KhaleesiHeart :3
  • I'd love to get as much of these as possible GT: Powerful Pixel
  • Looking to get all the coop stuff done. Someone hit me up. GT: Dining Car
  • Looking for someone to do coop. Add me: x2 HazRd
  • Looking to do coop. Message me if interested. GT: Aronsky
  • My gamertag is I Uzzy I I am looking to do the entire campaign, all activities and the coop achievements. I do not have mic but shouldn't be an issue. My time zone is uk Dublin
  • Anyone still playing this game? I have all the solo achievements and want to get co-op as well. I’ll also help with anything you may need. Feel free to message me my gamer tag is KevinCito45!

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